Trusted Psychic and Healer Colleagues

Below you will find a list of my trusted psychic and healer colleagues. I have seen all of them personally. Many offer distance sessions. If you book in, please mention that I referred you. Thanks for supporting our 11:11 community.

Name Psychic Reading Specialities Links

Kris Anderson

Tarot, numerology readings and Reiki. My husband & Twin Flame. 

Caroline Byrd

Intuitive therapy, spiritual counselling, Reiki, channelling. My mentor since 2009.

Jo Hayden

Hand analysis, palmistry. Soul readings. Highly recommended. 

Tiarnie Vidler

Astrology including book/ courses/ kits.

Vicki Haspels

Tarot, mediumship, past lives. My mentor since 2011. 

Leanne Barefoot
Mediumship, Twin Flame connections, spiritual biz coaching. My mentor since 2013.
Name Healing Specialities Links

Alison Lee

Counsellor and art therapist. Helped me recover from anorexia to fall pregnant.

Deniz Akan

Dimensional, crystal and sound healing, Reiki, light codes, house clearings, baby and animal healings. I have sent 100’s of clients to her over the years.

Jane Sleight-Leach

EFT, Energy Healing, specialising in domestic violence recovery.

Dr. Mahdi Mason

Land and house healer. Excellent property clearings that include crystal grid layouts.

Savitri Wiednya

Acupuncture (Gold Coast).

Tia Yoong

Acupuncture (Brisbane).

Toni Reilly
Australia’s #1 internationally recognised Past Life Regression Specialist.

Further Recommendations

Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences, see video interview
Tribe of the Tree Flower Essences
Ilana van Geijn – Web Vision Solutions (designer of this site!)
Andy Henderson – In A Day Website Training and Consulting, see this blog
Numerology Books and Blogs I Recommend for 11:11 See’rs
Conscious Parenting Resources

Disclaimer: I do not receive commissions for referring you to my colleagues, just hugs and appreciation!

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