Recommended Colleagues

Here are my trusted psychic and healer colleagues. I have seen all of them personally over the years. They offer distance and sometimes in person sessions. If you contact one of the amazing people below, please mention that I referred you. Thanks for your support.

Kris AndersonTarot and numerology, Reiki. My husband & 11:11 Twin Flame. Background and website
Caroline ByrdIntuitive therapy, channelling, Reiki. My spiritual mentor since 2009. Background and website
Vicki HaspelsTarot, Reiki, mediumship, past life regression. A mentor of mine.Background and website
Deniz AkanDimensional, crystal and sound healing, Reiki, light codes, house, baby and animal healings. I have sent 120+ clients to her over the years.Background and website
Dr. Mahdi MasonLand and house healer. Excellent property clearings that include crystal grid layouts.Website
Jo HaydenHand analysis, palmistry. Highly respected.Website
Alison LeeCounselling. She helped me recover from anorexia and is a mentor.Website
Veronica FarmerIntuitive healer and craniosacral therapist. See our bushfires meditation video series.Website
Linda ThackrayFace reading, psychosomatic therapy. Helped me with my self-confidence and acceptance. Website
Julie LewinMedical intuitive and holographic healer. Currently working with her on my health. Website
Ellie BurscoughBusiness coach. I am in her Legacy program. Facebook
Karen JoyPast life and Life between lives regressionWebsite

Further Recommendations
Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences, see video interview
Karen Joy, Past Life Regression, see video interview
Red Tent Women’s Circles in Australia – I have trained as a facilitator
Salvatore Battaglia, Perfect Potion Aromatherapy, see reading
Tia Yoong, Pulse Acupuncture Brisbane, see video interview
Transference Healing
Tribe of the Tree Flower Essences

Numerology Books and Blogs I Recommend for 11:11 See’rs
Conscious Parenting Resources

Disclaimer: If you book sessions with the therapists above and let them know that I referred you to them, I may receive a small credit and/ or commission as a result. Thanks for your understanding and support.

With best wishes,
Sarah Anderson (nee Sarah Yip)

Professional Psychic and 11:11 Blogger

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