Cyntoia Brown (Master 38/11 Lifepath) – 11 Thoughts on Her Horrific and Inspiring Life Story

Good news! On 8 Jan 2019, Cyntoia was granted clemency. She will be freed from prison in August. She entered her Personal 5 Year of Risk and Freedom this month, what perfect timing! 2019 is a 12/3 Universal Year of Inner Child Healing so Cyntoia’s release speaks to all of us who judge ourselves too harshly for innocent responses to chaotic situations beyond our control.

Governor Haslam is a Lifepath 9 Old Soul, I always say you meet a 9 at a finish line. Together their lifepaths are 911, the Spirit Code for healing and rewriting history…

Wishing Cyntoia a very welcoming community and new life. FYI I posted her this blog. Thank you, Spiritual Messenger. Note: Thanks Shay Yuval for the tip, off, I love that you’re also a Master 11 lifepath!

Cyntoia Brown was only 16 years when she shot a man in self-defence. She was tried as an adult, found guilty and given life in prison. None of her sad history (including years of abuse and forced child prostitution), was taken into account, even though this would have surely resulted in a lighter sentence. At 29, Cyntoia is back in the news, mainly due to Kim Kardashian’s interest in her case. Here are 11 thoughts on her journey, based on my experience as a numerologist and psychic reader:

This post is dedicated to all the Master 11 lifepaths, sensitives, empaths, healers and Old Souls out there, who put their bodies on the line to bring peace to the planet. Together, we got this.

October 2018 – Cyntoia’s case is before the Tennessee Federal Appeals Court. Did you know that, after her sentence, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that giving juveniles life sentences without parole was cruel and unusual in most cases…her case was a watershed moment. 2018 is a Universal 11 Year, and Cyntoia is an 11 so this could be a breakthrough time for her.

December 2017 – Lawyers plan to file a clemency petition with the Board of Parole for Cyntoia before Christmas. Glad to hear this!

1) Cyntoia Brown’s DOB, 29/01/1988 gives her a 2+9+1+1+9+8+8 = 38/11, or Master 11 lifepath, aka the Spiritual Messenger. I am also an 11 lifepath, who researches famous 11 lifepaths. Today, 29/11, is my numerology ‘path day’. No surprise that I came across Cyntoia’s case on facebook just now (thanks, Stephanie Sinclaire). It takes a double one, to know a double one. Find your lifepath

2) It’s hard work being a Master 11! We’re here to generate change, through double beginnings and creativity (1 energy even looks like a blade of grass/ infinite growth). That means we need to navigate twice as many disappointments. Which takes heart. I receive lots of emails from around the world. Recently someone said, ‘I love your work and… I’m also glad I’m not an 11’. Hm. Backhand compliment. Both Cyntoia and I have the Black Sheep/ Line of Frustration in our numerology charts (missing 4-5-6 from our DOBs), making it more likely we’ll go through dramatic ups and downs. See this post about my son Charlie and this formation

3) Master 11’s often have challenging births and childhoods. 1 represents the Root Chakra (family, home, physical body), so we’ve chosen intense evolution in those areas. In Cyntoia’s case, she was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and her drug addicted birth mother took her from her carer at 18 months, causing her to exhibit signs of trauma by two years old. She came from three generations of tragedy – she, her mother and grandmother were all raped. Just writing that makes me want to cry, as I have two little ones, and they are so conscious, it hurts. We remember everything that happens to us, even when we’re pre-verbal. Never assume your kids are blank slates. They’re Souls.

4) Master 11’s (and indeed, all people with Master Number numerology in their names, etc.), ALWAYS attract the spotlight, because they’ve volunteered to be role models in this lifetime. That’s why I said in my house numerology post, that you shouldn’t commit a crime if you live at No. 11, because you will be caught. Even the number 11, looks like wires in a lightbulb, ready to electrify and illuminate. Words like ENERGY, CHANGE, LIGHT, HEALING, ENLIGHTENMENT,  and PSYCHIC have an 11 vibration (see the system), giving you an idea of the highly-strung idealism we carry.

5) Master 11/22/33/44 holders, also attract each other. It’s a case of strength in numbers. This is fortunate, as few of us would survive to middle age if we didn’t receive support. Most of us are late bloomers, and need the faith of friends and partners to overcome our insecurities. We’re like baby turtles in that way – here to overcome extreme odds. Note, I didn’t say we need the help of our families as this is commonly absent, and tends to only arrive (if ever), once we are firmly on our purpose. Thoughts on forgiving your parents Weirdly, my worst facebook trolls have ALSO been 11 lifepaths, I guess I rub their wounds all too well.

6) Cyntoia’s celebrity supporter, Kim Kardashian West is a Master 22/4 lifepath, aka the Master Builder, here to heal hearts through double magnetism and diplomacy. No wonder she resonates with Cyntoia’s story – she’s from the same tribe of highly sensitive people. Paris Hilton is also a Master 11. I note that, at 22, Kim filmed a the video with Ray J that later made her notorious (these interviews suggests she did not plan the leak). Our lifepath age is always a massive turning point.

Think of Master Numbers as the mark of a potential superhero.  People with Master 11/22/33/44 lifepath, can live at the higher or lower vibration* of our purposes, depending our age and lifestyle. Usually, we coast at the lower vibration until our ‘lifepath age turning point’. It’s like we’re students, who graduate at a certain point, and then have the chance to give back. As a 29/11 lifepath, my turning point was 29 years old. That’s when I picked up numerology. As a 38/11 lifepath, Cyntoia’s turning point is 38. Perhaps she’ll be starting a new life then?

*Cyntoia can choose to live as a 2 lifepath, which is about belonging and serving others, or as an 11 lifepath, which is the personal growth pioneer and disruptor (Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, both Obamas, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna are famous 11 lifepaths). It’s good to balance both sides as one is active and the other more restful.

7) Based on her 29/01 birthday, from birth to the age of 34, Cyntoia is learning about wise choices and positive thinking (2+9+1 = 30/3* Pinnacle) from age 0-34 years old. She’ll accomplish this, by surviving many shocks and rebirths ((2+9)-1 = 10, or 1 Challenge). Interestingly, her other famous supporters are 3 lifepaths (Rihanna, Snoop Dogg) and 1 lifepaths (LeBron James), which is no coincidence. Cara Delevigne is also involved – she’s a 32/5 Rebel lifepath. They can’t stand injustice. Angelina Jolie, Ellen and J.K.Rowling are other famous 5 lifepaths, known for their outspokenness.

*3 energy is about healing the Solar Plexus Chakra (our navel). Lessons here, revolve around escaping the hero-victim cycle to reclaim our power. As I once heard at a Brahma Kumari talk, ‘the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creativity.’ I don’t see Cyntoia as a victim, despite her sad past of violence and sexual abuse. I see her as a simply another person, albeit one who’s survived many spiritual tests, which would have destroyed a less resilient being.

This is not to say I agree with pardoning murderers. I simply believe that, we should never resort to dangerous blanket decisions like ‘all killers should get a life sentence’. The reality is, they don’t. In fact, they often get re-elected or sent back to work. See my post on Justine Damond’s death.

8) Cyntoia’s life is full of synchronicity, which is typical of many 11 lifepaths. For example, while she was earning her Associate’s Degree from Lipscomb University, she discovered that her teacher, Preston Shipp, was the man who helped keep her in jail. This completely altered Shipp’s destiny. Not only did he quit his role at the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office, he is now a criminal justice reform advocate. No double he also carries Master Number numerology, although I couldn’t find his DOB. Here’s a post from him on Cyntoia’s case  This post from Nashville Scene is also a must-read

9) Cyntoia’s name reveals her innate gift for opening minds. Here’s her known name, broken down in numerology:
3752691     29655
33/6            27
/933+27 = 60/6 Destiny. Words like WAKE UP CALL add to 33/6, while words like LEADER or WITCH add to 27/9. You could say that Cyntoia was born to shake up the world. BTW, I consider WITCH to be a compliment – it’s just the tag that authorities use to shame healers into submission. Think of a WITCH as a Woman In Total Control of Herself and then you’ll understand what it truly means. Pretty sure Denise Linn wrote that in a book.

So, Cyntoia’s career (how she will ‘make a name’ for herself) is about healing the 6th Chakra, or Third Eye. This is our site of inner and outer vision. John Lennon and Steve Irwin were famous 6 lifepaths. This energy is about showing people the consequences of their actions, so they can imagine and create a better world. It’s the number for environmental activism and believing in love. See my post about 666 and trusting your Sixth Sense

We are a product of our surroundings, 11’s even more so (the number itself looks like a channel or pipeline i.e. what goes in, must come out). It’s fascinating how Cyntoia has turned her life around since she’s been in prison. Not only has she achieved a 4.0 GPA, she’s working towards her second degree and volunteers with the Juvenile Justice association.

10) We all live in 9 year cycles in numerology. What were you doing in 2008? You are now building on those choices. Cyntoia was in a Personal 11 Year of Spiritual Growth, when she was given a life sentence in 2004. Notice how that matches her Master 11 lifepath? To me, that suggests that she was always going to experience massive awakenings then.

She’s now in a Personal 4 Year of Heart Healing, a prime time for finding new supporters and reaching for the stars. I expect good news for her around May/ June 2018. A few indicators in her chart suggest age 30 is a positive shift. There’s a series of new beginnings and greater independence at 34. While numerology cannot predict exactly what will happen (due to free will), it can reveal the themes we will face. Find your personal year

11) Cyntoia’s journey has come to light at the exact right time for Earth. 2018 is a Master 11 Universal Year for the planet, highlighting double standards, intradependence vs codependence, and collective evolution. All the 11 lifepaths (including myself) will be feeling called to duty, and are likely to be drawn into public works and controversies. To be an 11 is to be an ambassador for oneness. In fact, many 11 lifepaths (and other Lightworkers) see 11:11 and repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333 when they are at a major turning point – read more. I’m betting I’ll be flooded with even more 11:11 stories soon.

Now the news stories about sexual harassment (and #metoo)  make sense – what the Weinstein Brothers, Kevin Spacey, Don Burke etc. have in common is that they represent the hyper-entitled masculine, which has dominated society for centuries by exploiting Mother Earth and women in general. This is not about gender wars. Every human is a combination of energies. Each time you let your head rule your heart, your ego suppress your intuition, or your fear stampede your love, you reinforce the suffering. How do we heal the breach? See this article on Why it’s Futile to Fight the Patriarchy, by Tanishka

As a Master 11 lifepath, Cyntoia has double stamina, enabling her to recover from crises quicker than most. I’m glad she’s putting her strengths to good use. She’s proof that people can change, and that we should give them a second chance if they show a commitment to reforming. When I worked briefly at a rehab clinic, every therapists was a Master Number lifepath and ex-addict, who had been ‘clean’ for at least seven years. Why? Because when it comes to difficult issues like addiction, all the counselling degrees in the world, can’t replace real-life experience. I see Cyntoia helping thousands of people, once she is released. She’s already been the subject of a 2011 documentary, Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story

Not only did this movie result in a lawyer taking on her case pro bono to demand a retrial, it reportedly led to a change in Tennessee’s laws for children like her. Now, anyone 18 or younger can’t even be charged with prostitution. And yet, Cyntoia is still in jail for a minimum of 51 years. Compare this to the 6 month term given to Brock Turner, the college rapist – he was released after serving only half this sentence. While he did not shoot someone, the sheer aggression of his crime makes his punishment seem laughable in comparison to Cyntoia’s.

Cyntoia is clearly a complex, intelligent and gifted woman. With an IQ of 127, and such a tragic past of domestic and spiritual violence, let’s wish her, a much happier future. May she receive the compassion and justice she never received as a child, quickly, while she is still young enough to enjoy all the things we take for granted.

Two men looked through the prison bars
One saw mud, the other stars

11:11 – Prison Bars or Freedom Path? See my cover photo, can you spot the 11?! New beginnings can appear negative or positive, depending on how you enter the Vortex (see Abraham-Hicks’ work). As Cyntoia says in this video (which has a language warning), her life until now has been full of men wanting approval and money, who didn’t care about her. Here’s hoping she will emerge from jail soon, in full flight, in full light.

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To be clear – I don’t do psychic readings or write articles to embarrass or to judge people. On the contrary, I share my knowledge to help others experience freedom from fear and self-love. Numerology is the language of the Universe, and when you understand it fluently, all kinds of magic will manifest in your daily life.

I sincerely believe that everyone has a right to know that they are a Soul in a body, and that they chose to come here to fulfil a specific purpose. By providing case studies like the one above, I hope to achieve my mission of ‘transforming the public’s perception of psychics, and their own intuition, from scepticism to trust’.

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