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Welcome to the 11:11 Awakening

I’m unique in the psychic world, because I was a scientist who worked for the Australian Government, U.N. and in high-level fundraising. My background in ethical leadership, business and personal growth, gives me a unique ability to return you to your power and connect you to your Soul in seconds.

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As a professional numerologist and psychic in Queensland, Australia, I help leaders who see 11:11 and repeating numbers to navigate the 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening. I do this via through readings and online classes.

You can also check out my 11:11 World Changers women in business program and Patreon study group. Plus I love stand up comedy!

On a side note, I have 3 psychic sons. I also have ASD and giftedness and work with many neurodiverse clients.

Since 2007, I’ve helped approximately...

clients and students (and millions of blog readers) to:

Where my path has led me

My clients include Australia’s top entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes, fellow psychics, lawyers, doctors, accountants, teachers, healers, counsellors, life coaches, scientists, authors, students and countless other seekers of the truth. See 99+ testimonials

I’ve recovered from enormous life challenges including workplace bullying at the U.N., family traumaan eating disorder and religion and career changes to become the mother of three sons (Ziggy landed in February 2021). I have autism and giftedness (twice-exceptional) which makes my achievements even rarer. 

Ready for your bravest, most fulfilling year yet?

Qualifications and Experience

Media & Membership
  • Psychic-in-residence, 97.3FM Breakfast (2013-2021) (see interviews)
  • Numerology expert, Yahoo Australia (2020-2022) (see articles)
  • Premier Member, International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)
Events & Appearances
  • Conscious Life Events & Festivals (2015-2022)
  • Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival (2008-2015) Sydney & Melb
  • Selena Hill Psychic Fairs (2012-2014)
  • Gold Coast Health Harmony Soul Expo (2013-2014)
  • Adelaide Body Mind Psychic Expo (2012-2014)
  • Queensland White Light Expos (2008-2013)
Studies & Training
  • Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) (Hons), UNSW
  • Cert. Holistic Counselling, The Awakening Group
  • Trained Past Life Regression Facilitator, Toni Reilly
  • Trained Facilitator for Red Tent Australia
  • Trained Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie
    Selected Nutrition Subjects, AIAS Brisbane

My Heart

Now that you know who I am, let’s find out:
What’s your life path?
How you can succeed, and 
What’s in store for you in 2024 and beyond? Ready to connect?

Sarah Yip supports charities, including: Wayside ChapelWWF-Australia and Bravehearts as a monthly donor.

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