Why You Chose Your Mother – A Family Numerology Webinar


Want to know why you chose your mother at a Soul level?

Love to further heal your relationship (whether she's alive or in Spirit?)

Looking for specific, practical insights to transform your body image?

Seeing 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777 and/ or other repeating numbers?

Then this webinar is for you! Join us from 9.30am AEST on Sat 14 August 2021

Why join us for this class?

2021 is a Universal 5 Year of Throat Chakra healing in numerology. A global portal for healthy change, freedom and growing/ taking risks…

So often, we carry the beliefs and growth rhythms of our parents into our adult lives. Healing our connection with our mothers can improve our:

-mental, emotional and physical health (including creativity and fertility) 
-self-confidence (especially body image)
-attachment style in relationships
-views of ourselves as both sexual and spiritual beings 
-ability to receive help (support and money) and
-connection with ‘Mother Nature/ Earth/ humanity

Not to mention, our trust in our inner and outer voice (intuition) – basically, our ability to protect and nurture ourselves and our ideas!

Give your future self the gift of ease and grace around your mother.

Who is this class for?

Anyone looking for greater peace around their mother and what she represents to them, internally and externally.

This webinar is suitable for ages 16+ and requires basic knowledge of numerology and life paths (which you can explore for free under Find Your Life Path). 

It would be great if you have watched Why Your Child Chose You as preparation, however this step is optional. Some of the themes overlap. You will be offered this class for half-price ($33) at checkout when you book for Why You Chose Your Mother. 

Note: Attendees will receive confirmation of their life path and their mother’s life path (based on your DOBs) by email before the call. Please ensure you provide accurate information in the booking form and check your emails before we talk. Thank you.

Note: A replay will be sold from my Classes page from August, however this won’t include some of the group discussions or the opportunity to provide survey feedback and win a free mentoring session with me. 

What will we cover in the class?

Unrecorded – Sarah’s welcome and introduction

SECTION ONE (recorded)
-How we choose our families before birth 
-Attracting a mother to match our purpose and intended journey
-Crystal grid for the group with 
Deniz Akan – she will open up the frequencies for distance healing past, present and future. 
-Group guided meditation (body image theme)

SECTION TWO (recorded)
-Understanding your mother, based on her life path in numerology
-Mother-child compatibility – the various factors and impact of free will
-Group meditation 2 (inner harmony theme). PLUS 
Unrecorded Q&A.

Follow up discussions will take place in my 11:11 Patreon groupPlease note: class order and topics are subject to minor change on the day. Also – I tend to run overtime (but you are welcome to leave whenever you like). 

How do I book and what is the cost?

Why You Chose Your Mother is $121 for the 2.5 to 3 hour video call with Sarah. EARLYBIRD price is $110 (save $11) if you use the coupon code HEALMUM by 1 August 2021.

You also receive an extensive, illustrated notes package and helpful numerology template. These will be emailed to you with the replay link, 1-2 weeks after the class. Book now!

The price is in AUD and includes G.S.T. The date (24/7) has been chosen due to the continuous nature of parenting and the need for us to keep choosing love!

Patreon price is $99: Save $22 by using the coupon code posted in the group on 5 July 2021. Not a Patreon member? Join our 11:11 learning community for $27.50 a month (no contracts).  Hint: it’s best to join from the 2nd of the month as the membership is taken out when you join and then on the 1st of the month. 

With my psychic readings priced from $550-660+ (and constantly booked out months in advance), this class is an affordable and convenient way to connect with me and upgrade your energy in a safe environment.  

Join Why Your Chose Your Mother - A Family Numerology Webinar

Just $110 (save $11) if you use the coupon code HEALMUM by 1 August 2021 or $99 for Patreon members

Things to be aware of

Please note: full payment is required to save your spot. Credit is valid for 12 months after purchase, if you give me 72 hours notice via email of postponement or cancellation. No refund is given for postponement or cancellation within 72 hours of the webinar start date and time, however exceptions may be made at Sarah’s discretion for genuine emergencies (e.g. serious medical issues). In these cases please allow 3-4 weeks for the transfer.

-Please do not turn video on after we have started recording (unless otherwise advised). You’ll also need to mute yourself during the webinar. It’s best to download Zoom and familiarise yourself with the dashboard (and chat messaging function) before the event. It’s ok to arrive late/ leave early if needed. 

-This webinar will be sold from my classes page as an online product. Your voice may be heard if you ask a question during the recorded sections. By booking, you agree to hereby release Psychic Readings by Sarah and Sarah Anderson nee Yip from any infringement or violation of personal and/or property rights of any sort whatsoever based upon the use of the recording. If you have any issues with these terms, please let me know before booking in.

-You will be sent a link to view a recording within 1-2 weeks of the event, barring any technical issues which prevent a recording being made. A copy of the slides will also be sent to you for reference. Thanks for your understanding and I look forwards to seeing you soon.

-Expect many synchronicities once you connect with this work! From an increase in 11:11 sightings, to goosebumps, finding feathers, having heightened dreams, seeing animal messengers etc. it’s all part of the awakening process and group healing that makes up the magic of this special event. 

Why study with me (Sarah Yip)?

I am a scientist, ex-fundraiser and UN worker, who has created a successful business in the notoriously flaky psychic industry. Since 2007, my readings and classes have directly assisted over 4, 200 people (especially business leaders, spiritual healers and parents), and my blog and media work have reached millions more.

Apart from helping clients to find their purpose and path to abundance, I assist those who see 11:11 and repeating numbers to find their tribe.  I am a Master 29/11/2 Life Path who picked up numerology at age 29. I have studied Holistic counselling, palmistry, numerology, mediumship and much more. 

My Tarot reader husband Kris and I have 3 young sons (Ziggy arrived in Feb 2021). We have built our lives around their wellbeing and spiritual development. For us, people come before profit, and they always will. 

My mother and I (see photo) are strong women who have had to fight for every freedom you can imagine. I dedicate this webinar to her bravery. 

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You Can’t Not Belong – Four Ways to Forgive Your Family (Especially Your Parents)

Quote: “When I judge a family’s wellbeing, I look at the mother’s health first. She reveals the true state of how things are going. Few families bloom without a mother’s sacrifice and labour. Look outside. Our planet gives us flowers, trees, birds, air, wind, water, oceans, seashells, sunsets, fertile ground for us to flourish. Things that we could never replace or make ourselves – intangible astonishment. What she doesn’t give us is eternal self-love, compliments or money – these are things we need to self-generate, especially as we mature. 

Your mother’s job wasn’t to give you all the love you wanted, it was to inspire you to create a happier life than she did. She was the water, you are the fish. Her gift to you was possibility – a chance to swim upstream. Your mother also taught you about true power. As someone who recently gave birth to a son, without drugs, I can tell you for sure – men definitely come from women, not the other way round! Women are not weak, they’re just differently strong to men. When they reclaim their CREATOR status, they stop having to be a REACTOR (note the anagram).

When we forgive our mothers, we start appreciating our creative power, and take better care of our bodies and the planet. We become willing to wait for other people, and open our heart’s pathways, which inevitably improves our love life and love of life, as we embrace our softer side.”

Happy Mother’s Day 2021!

Quote: “We set our sights on getting Father Sky’s approval but think of Mother Earth so rarely, perhaps only when she blows up or floods. Same thing happens with pleasing our inner critic/ ego vs nurturing our body. What if you awoke each morning, went outside and thanked your Soul, planet, family, body and brain for birthing you into a new day? Then kissed yourself and did a happy dance*? You might find it a lot easier to enjoy the journey. We aren’t competitors in the human race, so much as partners in the dance of life.”

Happy Birthday Mum! My 26/8 Lifepath Spiritual Boss and Teacher 

Quote “Our numerology grids are almost identical, and our relationship has always been intense. For sure we have had past lives together. It seems to be a 29/11 lifepath thing, constant transformation with your mother. ⁣ So thanks Mum. Together, we have a 55/10/1 relationship (26/8 + 29/11 lifepath), which is about root chakra and family healing. 55 is the vibration of Integrity and Mother Mary and you have taught me how to embrace my dark side. Plus, you gave me psychic powers!⁣ Our ancestors may have been crippled by bound feet and social expectations, but because of your epic journey, our kids will always live, love & walk free. Thank you. ⁣

*NEW* Review of The Mother Wound by Amani Haydar (plus a Comic of Baby Ziggy)

Quote: “There is a pressure on second-generation kids in migrant families to somehow fix the past…Our parents made sacrifices. We’re supposed to reach back across time and space and make it all worth it…”

Also see Conscious Parenting Resources – this lists all my family and children posts

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