Book Review of The Mother Wound by Amani Haydar (plus a Comic of Baby Ziggy)

This week’s new moon in Cancer highlights mother healing. I just read The Mother Wound. Here is a review! (I was preparing for my webinar on family numerology – Why You Chose Your Mother on 14 August 2021).

Please note: this post mentions domestic violence.

Amani Haydar is a Lebanese-Australian lawyer turned artist. When she was 26, her father murdered her mother in an attack so horrific it was front page news. Here is my review.

What I got from this book: Renewed grief and curiosity regarding my grandmother and great-grandmother’s violent deaths. An understanding of the reasons migrant families rarely get help. An insight into Muslim culture – its beauty and shadow. Inspiration from Amani’s lyrical writing. Clarity around the power of books to liberate women. An urge to tell my story* and paint. My sister is an incredible artist. *Stay tuned for my collaboration with Tammie Pike from Empowered Publishing.

What was confronting: The details of Amani’s mother’s death and painful questioning by media, lawyers and her relatives. Her father’s coercion. Amani’s anger and refusal to play into stereotypes of victims.

Who I recommend this to: Anyone with an interest in women’s rights, justice, domestic violence, Muslim-Australian culture and activism/ law reform.

Quotes: “There is a pressure on second-generation kids in migrant families to somehow fix the past…Our parents made sacrifices. We’re supposed to reach back across time and space and make it all worth it.”

“Al-Ghazali said Allah gave us anger so we could identify injustice and work to remedy it.”

“I treat my trauma one neuron at a time. But the wound is not just inside me; it cuts across society. I can’t treat one without treating the other.”

Numerology: Amani Haydar has a 50/5 Destiny name, so her career heals the throat chakra (truth, intuition, the voice). 2021 is a 5 Universal Year and those with 5 energy are coming to the fore, esp. in September.

Amani’s daughter (who was in utero when her grandmother died), is a 19/10/1 life path Pioneer/ Phoenix, here to heal her root chakra (family tree and body). 19 is The Sun in Tarot, it’s about hope. Find your life path

Thank you Amani for this profound book. Wish you well with your (he)artworks.


Followup post: Baby Ziggy as a comic! I drew this at 4am after posting on The Mother Wound by Amani Haydar. Look up her art, it’s amazing (particularly ‘The Dome’ – see video below – I’m hoping to order a print).

This portrait has 11 words I associate with Ziggy: Sincerity, Virtue, Wow!, Joy, Risk, Peace, Om, Love, Kindness, Hope and Miracle. I’ll colour it in soon.

Reasons I have Ziggy: I changed career (and religion, pretty much) from science to palmistry at age 29-30, allowing me to meet Kris @fractaljester on TV, leading to our 11:11 Twin Flame relationship, which helped me heal from disordered eating and huge trauma, and birth our 3 boys under 5.5yo.

Things that almost stopped me from having Ziggy: Fears of being an old mother (I’m 40), of him having health issues, of not being able to afford a good life for the kids, of going mad from lack of sleep, of ruining my marriage, of tanking my business, of bringing a child into a world of lockdowns and panic bugs.

What Ziggy has told me telepathically: He loves our circus of a family (the Anderson clan), the thousand smooches a day from his brothers, parents and carers. He’s got no fear of the future or poverty because he has a perfect connection with the Divine.

What a cool dude, huh?

In numerology, baby and art have a 12/3 vibration, they heal our solar plexus (3rd) chakra – imagination, ego and courage.

July 2021 is a 12/3 month in numerology and everywhere I go people are talking about kids, work/ life balance and self-expression.

2022 is a 6 Universal year of Vision and Nurture (note the number’s baby belly / full tummy). It will be a good time for home improvement and reparenting ourselves after so many shocks…


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