Psychic Reading for Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of Eat Pray Love (and 41/5 Rebel Lifepath)

This is the first of five ‘successful author’ readings I’ll be posting over March/ April 2014. All photos have been taken with the writer’s consent.

Elizabeth Gilbert has beautiful hands. How do I know this? Because I had the luck to see them last Wednesday in Brisbane, while she was signing my copy of Eat Pray Love. As a teenager, I desperately wanted to be a gossip columnist or a journalist. Later on, I realised that being a psychic could give me the same access to people’s stories, in an equally (if not more) profound way.

So, what did Elizabeth Gilbert’s hands say about her personality?
-Liz has long, spokeshave thumbs with tapering tips.  Her thumbs reveal someone with past lives as a pioneer or leader. She’s also very independent and someone who can persuade others of the big picture. Watch Liz’s TED talk on genius to experience her lyrical and humorous speaking style. For more on thumb interpretation, click here.

-Pink fingertips indicate a love of people and a willingness to share her energy. Princess Mary of Denmark and many other ‘happy’ celebs have this feature as well.

-A long, low set Mercury (pinky) finger is a classic feature of writers. It shows someone with intense feelings as a child, who may have felt misunderstood. This combination makes them more likely to put pen to paper. I always encourage clients with this formation to keep a diary so their head doesn’t explode. See my blog on Are you a wordaholic? Markings in writers’ hands for details.

-A ring on her right Saturn (middle) finger shows a desire to balance her inner and outer worlds (i.e. keep a firm grip on her home life).

-A long, chained heart line shows that Liz incarnated this time around to ‘touch many people’s lives’ and to ‘be touched by them’. This heart line suggests someone who is objective and humanitarian but can find intimacy confronting. No wonder she wrote a book called Committed about her hesitation to get married.

-A straight, clear head line indicates good willpower, focus and logic. In Liz’s talk in Brisbane, she was extremely honest about having to start from scratch over and over again to get her new book out. It’s called The Signature of All Things and took many years to produce. I was glad she mentioned this because it’s such a great reality check for people like me who are impatient with themselves as writers.

-She has a Mars line shadowing her super healthy Life line, giving her a competitive spirit and passionate nature. This is someone who can recover from failure and enjoys a challenge.

-Liz has a slight Girdle of Venus, which is a sign of sensitivity and a vivid imagination. She’s also hurt by unfair criticism. I wasn’t surprised to see this, given her ‘warts and all’ approach to writing. You can tell her books are quite cathartic and have helped her to process huge amounts of shock and grief. People with Girdles of Venus give everything voices, trees, rocks, pigeons…it’s a sign of spiritual compassion.

Liz’s date of birth is 18/7/1969, which makes her a lifepath 41/5 in numerology. That means that her life purpose is The Rebel! She’s here to show people how to ‘escape the box’. Find your lifepath

Our lifepath age is always a turning point – around 41, Liz’s book was released as a movie starring Julia Roberts, catapaulting her to international fame (!)

41/5 is the vibration of words like Peter Pan and Yin Yang. No wonder Liz looks years younger than her age and is careful to write in a balanced way. Life path 5’s are clairvoyant and Liz  gave many examples where her intuition had helped her in the past. Hearing Liz Gilbert talk about synchronicity was fantastic, because when someone at her level talks about Divine Order, many people’s souls shift.

Looking at Liz’s numerology, I believe that her juiciest creative work is yet to come and that 2014 will be one of the biggest years of her life (especially September 2014). She’s an artist just getting into her groove and I see her being a teacher in her later years.

I hope you have enjoyed this special article. Being a psychic reader is so much fun and I really appreciate your support.

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