Reviews for Psychic Readings by Sarah Yip

Here are comments from hundreds of happy clients! Feedback on 360 Degree Readings with my husband is here. I also have feedback for Past Life Regressions. I’ve listed testimonials by Life Path – Find Your Life Path now.
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Vex King (33/6 Life Path) – Best-selling author and acclaimed mind coach

“I came across Sarah’s work many years before I was finally able to use her talents to support my career. Perhaps it’s my love for mathematics, but I’ve always been drawn to the magic of numerology. Sarah’s guidance and kindness has helped me see how powerful it really is. If you’re ever interested in looking into numerology, I highly recommend Sarah. Just showing love for her work as she’s helped me so much.”

Robin Bailey (30/3 Life Path) – 97.3FM Breakfast (see numerology post)

“Sarah has been a regular contributor to our breakfast radio show for a number of years and she has given us readings on and off during this time. When I suffered a family tragedy, Sarah stepped in with some specific readings for me which were mind blowing.

She was able to accurately tell me practical timings for things in my life like when I would sell my house (and she was right) as well as advice on how to show my children a different way of thinking and feeling, which have also been invaluable. Sarah knows her stuff and has a lovely caring way of getting that message across. Love and Light.”

Dymphna Boholt (30/3 Life Path) – I Love Real Estate Founder

“Sarah is a rare talent. Sarah’s presentation to the I Love Real Estate high level programme was enthralling, funny, educational and a real highlight to the conference.
After her talk on stage, she had a hovering queue waiting to speak to her for the entire break session. I would highly recommend Sarah as a speaker and educator at any conference regardless of the topic.”

Life Path 1 - The Pioneers

Francesca Whiting (37/10/1 Life Path), Francesca’s Flowers Brisbane

“I’ve had readings from Sarah a few times and every time I am honestly so amazed at what comes up. This is a girl who is the real deal.

She is connected to Spirit and sees what only a truly gifted genuine psychic could know. I’ve been to others who claim to be psychic but then just give you fluff and are not really helpful. Sarah is deeply insightful and knowing, she is aware of things I’ve never told everyone, she can see forwards and backwards and her guidance and forecasting is spot on and very helpful!

She is so well trained and has so many modalities to draw from every experience is a total delight. Sarah’s numerology is profoundly insightful and I found it a powerful experience to learn more about myself.

I am still seeing connections from her 12 month forecast. Sarah is not the cheapest or the easiest to get in to but She is well worth the money and the wait! I highly recommend her.”

B. (37/10/1 Life Path)

“Thanks for the amazing reading this morning. It came at the perfect time. I was really anxious about the knee arthroscopy but the reading with you has helped put me at ease ( together with having dialogue with my knee!)

I found the palmistry to be incredibly fascinating .. can’t wait to learn more! 
And yes, now I am super-excited about moving forward with my business ideas and the name! You have given me a catapult out of my ‘frozen’ space and hope that the superhero in me will come out to play! Thank you thank you thank you! Always so enlightening and encouraging!”

V.L. (37/10/1 Life Path)

“I really enjoyed my reading and all the wisdom you shared, it was very helpful. I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said and integrating/processing all the fabulous information you provided. You confirmed things I’ve been wondering about but was doubting (purpose, career and name) and shined light onto other things I wasn’t fully aware of yet (parents).

I feel really good after the reading and can’t wait to move out and on with my own life. Thank you so much! Yes I would like a reminder in 12 months for a follow up. Looking forward to reading those suggested articles, they are always filled with great information. Keep in touch… the clock keeps showing 11’s, so exciting.”

Leanne (37/10/1 Life Path), The Barefoot Medium See our interview 

“As a fellow Psychic and Medium, I have not only worked with Sarah on a professional basis, she is one of the only people I will go to when I am wanting guidance, support and a check-in on my path and purpose. Sarah’s readings are amazing as she brings a combination of palmistry, numerology and humour to her sessions to support you in understanding purpose and supporting you in walking your path. I highly recommend Sarah!

Kerry (28/10/1 Life Path)

“I recently had my first reading with Sarah but I’ve followed her site for years and enjoy reading her spiritual insights and words of wisdom on life, numerology, palmistry and of course, all things 11:11! I love the honesty and openness that comes through in her writing.

Sarah radiates such a lovely energy in person. My reading was very interesting, positive and thought-provoking. She gave me lots to think about! Sarah is a creative thinker who speaks from her heart (and Soul) and importantly, with love, kindness and care. I felt an instant connection with her and will always treasure Sarah’s valuable insights into my life and soul path. Thank you Sarah. You’re amazing!”

Life Path 2 - The Peacemakers and Life Path 11 - The Spiritual Messengers

Andrea (29/11 Life Path – Note: I am also a 29/11 Life Path)

“I finally got to replay our session and I had a laugh as the forecast for this month was spot on!!!! You said I’d feel like I’ve put a lot out there and that maybe I thought I should have stayed in the box. This is exactly what happened last weekend in my personal life with some friendships I have…after deep thought and some emotional pain, it occurred to me that perhaps I couldn’t be my true self with these friends and if I want to create a business I need to listen to my heart and get advice from other friends who are similar or who I don’t question myself with. Powerful stuff!”

Asal (29/11 Life Path) 

“Thank you for spending all this time and inspiring me. There were only few times when I got surprised by what you mentioned. Everything you shared just made sense. From experiences, to talks, to writings, to even drawings I’ve been doing in the past few weeks or months, your words matched up completely to them. As if you’re a slightly older sister who knows me inside and out and we were having a hear to heart. Thank you sincerely for the work you do and the honesty you convey.”

Becky (38/11 Life Path)

“Thanks so much for the amazing reading Sarah. I had vivid dreams last night about levitating so I think you awoke something in my spirit!

Robynne (38/11 Life Path)

“Many thanks to you gorgeous girl! You’ve got me into my true feeling space and for this my heart is grateful! xxx”

Honor (38/11 Life Path)

“I really enjoyed the reading and recording! There was a lot of good information and I’m excited I have exciting and fun things ahead, I don’t want to miss it that’s for sure! I could really relate to the way you explain things and make it easy to remember, for example not ejecting from the plane too early! Makes it very easy to understand and get! Thanks again, I’ll check out the articles too!”

Katie (38/11 Life Path, 17yo)

“Your reading was very helpful to me. I enjoyed the videos and articles you sent through, they were useful in understanding the information you gave me. Thank you! It was an interesting and fun experience. I’m sure other teenagers would benefit from your readings, especially in regards to plans for the future.”

James (20/2 Life Path)

“Thank you for the help and wonderful reading last month.  I created a vision board just as instructed on my birthday, and I had the greatest time doing it.  I look at it every day and it still makes me smile (partly because it was so much fun creating!) 

 You helped change the focus back to moving forward instead of one focused on fear.  That was more helpful than words can express. Anyway, thank you for your time and assistance and I wish you and your family blessings.”

J. (20/2 Life Path)

“I appreciated your insights and the clarity you gave to a number of questions I had about myself, my past, my relationship, lots of things! I have noticed ‘life’ is flowing much better/smoothly since (we talked), and even some messages have popped in to my head. 

Instead of second guessing, I ‘know’ it’s a clear message and for that alone, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, as that is something my thinking has always sabotaged. Love what you are doing Sarah – blessings to you and your beautiful family.” 

Kim (29/11 Life Path)

I enjoyed every minute of time with Sarah. She made me feel comfortable, and open even though I have never met her and she lives halfway around the world. The three call format was beneficial for me, as I was a bit overwhelmed after the first call, and more information may have been too much.

Sarah feels like an old friend and helped me to understand myself and where I am in my life much better. Her follow up emails after each call, and the blogs that she sent along felt like she wrote them for me (even though the date stamps tell me otherwise). I cannot recommended Sarah enough if you see repeating numbers, are ready to make a change or you’re just curious about numerology in general.”

Arianna (29/11/2 Lifepath) December 2022 
I have been seeing 11:11s consistently since speaking to Sarah. So much has been percolating from the reading. Sarah’s intuition is simply astonishing but maybe even more important than  her insight is the way she shares her gentle guidance with humour, delicacy and a light touch. Sarah revealed profound truths to me but in a digestible way. I feel she took great care to make sure I felt grounded and safe and encouraged. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.

Katya (29/11 Life Path)

“I had a reading with Sarah in May and she gave me a monthly forecast for the year ahead. We are in October now and so far her predictions have been pretty accurate. The reading was exactly what I needed at the time. Sarah’s energy and voice is very pleasant. I keep going back to my session recording for inspiration and support! Thank you.”

Kristie (29/ 11 Lifepath)

“Common feelings of walking this number 11 life path have been confusion, pain, desperation and loneliness. Sometimes all consuming. After the reading with Sarah I feel at peace with my life and where I am today, I feel in a state of awe at myself as a divine piece of this glorious Universal puzzle that is life. Thanks Sarah, blessings.”

Hannah (29/ 11 Life Path)

“Speaking with Sarah was truly a blessing, and a timely one at that! As a 29/11 who is just wrapping up her 29th year, it’s been an incredibly intense period in my life and I am so grateful that I was introduced to Sarah in the midst of it. I had been seeing 12:34 for years and it had more recently transitioned into 11:11 and other various repeating numbers. I mean…so many! When I began to read her work, I felt I had been led directly to her.

Lo and behold, having a reading with Sarah helped me to make sense and illuminate the path I have been seeking so earnestly for so long. She came in like a Divine guide during a time in which i felt like I was simultaneously being lost and found. Her ability to communicate these truths with kindness and honesty in a straight forward manner helped me to have even more confidence her insights. In short, having a reading with Sarah is akin to having a heart to heart with a very close, extremely wise girlfriend. She helps reveal the truth of you to yourself when it’s hard to see. I am so grateful for her time and her gift. Thank you, Sarah!

Also, I enjoyed the two part call. It was good to be able to have the opportunity to prepare. Thank you!”

Suzanne (29/11 Life Path)

“It was such an in-depth reading. Thank you for putting me at ease before we started. It was SO ACCURATE, I didn’t feel like you were taking cues from me, to give me answers or information, like I have experienced in the past (which has left me annoyed and disappointed). I didn’t leave thinking “I already knew that.” There was no “general” information, it was all spot on.

I have thought a lot about my appointment with you, and have got stuck into my business assignment – which I have you to thank for –(motivating me to get it done) so I can achieve my diploma, and move closer to living the life I was put here for. You are very easy to talk to, and listen to, and you have a great sense of humour. The information you provided me through numerology and palmistry was excellent, and very, very interesting. And I also felt it was all of those things, plus life-coaching and counselling!

There is so much I have to look forward to, I just have to tell that watermelon baby its ok, its gonna be amaze-balls!! Thank you so much for my reading. I am so glad I met you at the numerology workshop.”

Leah (29/11 Life Path)

“After the reading I have felt a lot more clear about who I am and I am unique and I refuse to apologise to anyone for who I am anymore. I have felt up and down with energy and mood, one day ‘joy, enlightenment’ next day ‘fatigue and nausea’, BUT I am following your advice and resting and allowing- this is the least stressful path forward I am finding. There have been major shifts in some of my relationships for the better. Last night I was at an intersection pulling (in) to do some communication training (and) three cars in a row had number plates 111, 333, 444 !!! I was like “aaaaaah I am SO MEANT TO DO THIS TRAINING!” Thank you Universe and angels. I am definitely on an exciting journey. Thank you Sarah.”

Maree (38/11 Life Path)

“I’m very grateful for your guidance and your considered follow up. Your reading has affirmed my unique and as yet untrodden path and helped me to appreciate my purpose. It has also led to a further release of resistance, as I better come to understand myself. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. I would be privileged to join you in a podcast, and trust that you would find useful responses through your questions.  Thank you also, for the links. I am excited about exploring the possibilities. And finally, thanks for briefly sharing Charlie (your baby).”

Robyn Torre (29/11 Life Path)

“I loved it. I got so excited about the reading that I forgot to pay at the time (sorry Sarah). I found out a lot about me and my past and future – just amazing – I am a 29/11 but with a twist, it seems I’m unique even for an 11 and that’s really cool considering I’ve only recently found out I was an 11 but always thought I was different and always saw 1111, 111, 11 now I know why. Sarah was very kind and caring and very thorough and knows what she’s on about and that’s what I wanted. Thanks Sarah – you rock xx”

Shay (29/11 Life Path)

“I knew something was different when I could feel what someone was thinking and often finish their sentence with them. I do this with dogs too it’s now what I do for a living. However, it wasn’t until I read Sarah’s blog that I gravitated feverishly to understand more about the how and why. This is the best gift Sarah can offer, the peace of mind of understanding yourself for the uniqueness that you are. You are not your family or your friends and understanding the complexity that makes you you, in fact, raises your life force and gives you the tools to pursue your best, out of the box, self you didn’t know you’d love so much. I radiant with a new quiet confidence, I feel so alive. So grateful for Sarah’s gift and sweet and caring demeanour.”

Veronica Rose (29/11 Life Path)

“I was fortunate to be guided to Sarah as my psychic during the 2010 Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane. Using a combination of numerology and palmistry, her reading was the most accurate and in-depth I’ve experienced. She not only validated and confirmed guidance from previous readings and healings, she took that guidance further to give me better direction towards my life path. She then used oracle cards and direct messages from Spirit to enhance and clarify what she had already given me. The whole experience was motivating, rewarding and magyckal. A truly uplifting, positive, fun and meaningful experience. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who requires an accurate, empathetic reading.”

Lorelle Crawford (38/11 Life Path)

“Without a doubt the most in-depth, accurate and clear readings I’ve ever had have been from Sarah. She seems to come into my life in the moments I need her most, like an angel of sorts, and always leaves me feeling exhilarated, excited for life, and with a clear feeling of what to do next. I’ll forever be a regular client.”

Life Path 3 - The Artists

Mel (21/3 Life Path)

“For a while I started seeing 11:11 but I wasn’t too sure what it meant. I felt it was important and needed to find out what it meant, was someone trying to send me a message, did I need some sort of healing? When my friend told me about Sarah I knew I had to see her.

After having an appointment I was blown away. Sarah answered things for me that I had sensed for a while but was perhaps scared to believe. She knew things about me just by reading my numbers, and honestly put things into perspective for me. I now have a better understanding of the journey I am on and I cannot wait for more opportunities to arise and explore!”

Candice (30/3 Life Path) 

“Sarah thank you so much for your reading today! I’ve never had a numerology reading and (it) was so much fun… It was the little things you said that made so much sense like enjoy the journey to finding your purpose that made me see things in a different light! I’ve been searching so long for my purpose and know it’s out there and I will be enjoying my journey to getting there!

Thank you for making me talk to myself as there was a lot of healing there that I needed to do and still do! It was so empowering and healing for me! That exercise reminded me so much of how much I do truly love myself and should love myself just as much as I love my kids and to take care of myself as much as my kids! I feel uplifted and feel a sense of purpose, direction and excitement with what the future brings! Thank you for shining your light on my path!” 

Update October 2015: “Hi Sarah, I finally started my (psychic readings) venture due to the confidence and clarity I received during your reading! Thank you! xox”

Gina (30/3 Life Path)

“Sarah’s readings make you feel so comfortable and at home, it’s like you’ve known her for years. Her readings are precise, true and fun. I have recommended Sarah to friends and family and I will continue to do so as the session I experienced made me feel uplifted and confirmed so many things. Thank you Sarah!”

Kari Crick (30/3 Life Path), Psychic Medium in Brisbane

“Had the most amazing experience with Sarah. I can’t say it was a conventional reading. For me it was a life experience. What we covered was deep and yet fun. Loved every moment and will be returning to this experience often. You rock Sarah!”