This page contains around 99 testimonials from my Brisbane, Australian & overseas psychic clients. I also enjoy reading for VIPs, see a listFor video testimonials from 2013, please click here

Robin Bailey (30/3 Lifepath) – 97.3FM’s Breakfast Show with Robin, Terry and Bob
See her psychic reading
“Sarah has been a regular contributor to our breakfast radio show for a number of years and she has given us readings on and off during this time, however a year ago I suffered a family tragedy and Sarah stepped in with some specific readings for me which were mind blowing. She was able to accurately tell me practical timings for things in my life like when I would sell my house (and she was right) as well as advice on how to show my children a different way of thinking and feeling, 
which have also been invaluable. Sarah knows her stuff and has a lovely caring way of getting that message across. Love and Light.”

Carol (35/8 Lifepath)
“I’ve just had a reading from Sarah Yip and immediately I was excited at what I was hearing, it touched me in so many ways and I felt myself opening up for the first time in years. That very night I had ideas popping through my head and emotions coming up that seemed dead in me. Sarah pointed out my strengths and what career paths would work the best for me. I’m excited and passionate for the first time in years. Thank you very much Sarah you’ve opened the door that was once shut tight. God Bless you, you’ve helped immensely.”

Tania (33/6 Lifepath), June 2017 Skype Psychic Reading
“It’s 4 weeks today since my reading…Wow, I certainly did enjoy the reading and am still processing everything Sarah! I transcribed the whole reading into 12 pages and then read through it again with a highlighter and ended up highlighting virtually every line…haha…there’s just so much wonderful information and so many gems in there for me to follow up on…I’ve been so inspired and following spirit promptings ever since…I started to look for other Master Number people in my life…wow, I am amazed at how many there are…The main mentor I’ve had for the past 7 years is Carol Tuttle a 33/6…(also) Bob Proctor 29/11, Carolyn Myss 22/4 and recently Judith Orloff 29/11. I have 9 Master Number family members and 14 Master Number friends, 10 of which are 33/6’s…I got out my Foot Reflexology Charts and started doing self-reflexology using my handheld massager 2-3 times a week and it’s working a treat!…it’s interesting I find the brain points are quite tender points and there’s been no (further) migraine to speak of…Thank you again and keep up the wonderful work you do Sarah xo”

Sue (23/5 Lifepath), United States, Feb 2017 Skype Psychic Reading
Thank you so much for the reading. It was spot on, and the fact that you started out with Freedom as a major motivator/need for me is amazing. The same day as my reading, my girlfriend and I been working on a Desire Map Workshop and after working through the process, and refining multiple times to get deep, the number one item on my Desire Map was Freedom. I finally realize that this desire, want and need for freedom runs deep.  I also want to let you know that no one has ever told me that I am smart. You spoke directly to what I believe are my strengths. I stand with more confidence in life – thank you from my heart!”

Stephanie Sinclaire (31/4 Lifepath), New Zealand, August 2017 Skype Psychic Reading
“”My time with Sarah was a privilege. She is so thorough and generous and comes to the session already having gone through many aspects and sews them together during the session. I gained a lot of clarity around certain issues and healing on some others with some wonderful advice including generous follow-up advice. Her balance between Spirit, heart, and mind is excellent and her energy is pure and fine. I will definitely have another session around my birthday. It’s like internal housekeeping!”

Elissa Freeman (36/9 Lifepath) Life Coach, Elissa Freeman Academy

“My reading with Sarah Yip blew my mind. How could she know so much about my history and inner world? She’s psychic for sure. Sarah gave me some very powerful messages that had me deep in thought for a week after the reading. These messages helped me to move on from the past and to better plan my future. A future I’m excited about. Everyone needs a team, and with Sarah in my corner I know she will continue to help my direction and life path. I’m excited to continue having her readings. If you would like some clarity from confusion and would like some direction and deep insights, I highly recommend Sarah’s readings. She certainly is a stand-out reader.”

Andrea (29/11 Lifepath), In-person Psychic Reading, April 2017
“I finally got to replay our session and I had a laugh as the forecast for this month was spot on!!!! You said I’d feel like I’ve put a lot out there and that maybe I thought I should have stayed in the box. This is exactly what happened last weekend in my personal life with some friendships I have…after deep thought and some emotional pain, it occurred to me that perhaps I couldn’t be my try self with these friends and if I want to create a business I need to listen to my heart and get advice from other friends who are similar or who I don’t question myself with. Powerful stuff!”

Shauna (35/8 Lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading
“It was such an honour to meet and have a reading with Sarah. I was blown away from the moment I saw her observations on paper and when we spoke I immediately realised she is one very special, genuine and gifted person. All of her observations were spot on and she has given me a new lease on life. Thank you for bringing so much light, love and clarity to my life, you truly are amazing.”

Lisa (34/7 Lifepath) In-person Psychic Reading, July 2017

“Sarah thank you so very much – I (have) already… started the wheel in motion as I did when I last saw you in 2014. You have helped me tremendously more than you will ever know on both occasions.  You are worth every penny and more. I will definitely be back to see you.”

Anna (33/6 Lifepath), Skype Reading, November 2017
“As a 33/6 I had some specific questions about my life path…It turns out I am on the right path! And it just was incredibly reassuring to hear that, and to have Sarah give me some insights into how I could better take care of myself, she really hit on things I think about – but I haven’t ever really said out loud – mind reader!:) I highly recommend her, it’s well worth the investment and you receive notes and great follow up. Very professional, I’m looking forward to my next session already! Thanks again Sarah, you have really lifted my heart today – I feel different just walking around knowing I’m on track, like the pressure has lifted.”

Carrie (25/7 Lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading
“Thanks Sarah for a very meaningful reading today. I loved the energy and guidance given and to know that I am where I am meant to be with the promise of so much more (if I can just relax and enjoy the unfolding).

Marie-Laure (33/6 Lifepath and Psychic Channel) Skype Psychic Reading
“”17000 km have never been so close! Having a reading with Sarah was a real turning point. Sarah is precise, knows her business, and she really speaks the same language with weird people like “us”. The feeling of “not being alone” has been a real gift. Thank you so much ! I feel “now-no-shameful-and-ready-to-shine.

Caroline Byrd (32/5 Lifepath) Soulbyrds
“Sarah is an awesome speaker. At the August 2016 Gathering she had the audience entertained with her inspiring and funny synchronistic experiences. Her knowledge of numerology and her ability to change from intuitive presence to psychic is outstanding, a must to experience.”

Katya (29/11 Lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading
“I had a reading with Sarah in May and she gave me a monthly forecast for the year ahead. We are in October now and so far her predictions have been pretty accurate. The reading was exactly what I needed at the time. Sarah’s energy and voice is very pleasant. I keep going back to my session recording for inspiration and support! Thank you.”Frances (31/4 lifepath) In Person Psychic reading
“Thank you for seeing my daughter, thank you for being open minded to the idea of working with a 13 year old. The session really helped by providing clarity and peace in a number of domains in her life, so more than anything, thank you…I saw the light in your face when you were reading with her. How fantastic you can work with purpose and passion.”Candice (30/3 Lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading, from The Blessed Path Within

“Sarah thank you so much for your reading today! I’ve never had a numerology reading and (it) was so much fun… It was the little things you said that made so much sense like enjoy the journey to finding your purpose that made me see things in a different light! I’ve been searching so long for my purpose and know it’s out there and I will be enjoying my journey to getting there!…Thank you for making me talk to myself as there was a lot of healing there that I needed to do and still do! It was so empowering and healing for me! That exercise reminded me so much of how much I do truly love myself and should love myself just as much as I love my kids and to take care of myself as much as my kids! I feel uplifted and feel a sense of purpose, direction and excitement with what the future brings! Thank you for shining your light on my path!” Update October 2015: “Hi Sarah, I finally started my (psychic readings) venture due to the confidence and clarity I received during your reading! Thank you! xox”

Toni Reilly (23/5 Lifepath) Australia’s foremost Past Life Regression Therapist
“Sarah has read for me several times and recently she read for my life long friends and we all received insights which she delivered in the perfect timing for each of us.  Sarah is generous beyond expression, as she shares her wisdom for all to devour and learn from through her incredible writing style and articulation of the way that she reads your energy. Love your work Sarah. Thank you for making such a difference in our world.”

Kristie (Master 11 Lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading 

“Common feelings of walking this number 11 life path have been confusion, pain, desperation and loneliness…sometimes all consuming. After the reading with Sarah I feel at peace with my life and where I am today, I feel in a state of awe at myselfas a divine piece of this glorious Universal puzzle that is life. Thanks Sarah, blessings.”

Asal (Master 11 Lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading

“Thank you for spending all this time and inspiring me. There were only few times when I got surprised by what you mentioned. Everything you shared just made sense. From experiences, to talks, to writings, to even drawings I’ve been doing in the past few weeks or months, your words matched up completely to them. As if you’re a slightly older sister who knows me inside and out and we were having a hear to heart. Thank you sincerely for the work you do and the honesty you convey.”

Gina (30/3 Lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading
“Sarah’s readings make you feel so comfortable and at home, it’s like you’ve known her for years. Her readings are precise, true and fun. I have recommended Sarah to friends and family and I will continue to do so as the session I experienced made me feel uplifted and confirmed so many things. Thank you Sarah!”

Kari (30/3 Lifepath) Past Life Regression, August 2017
“This was my first ever Past Life Experience…The clarity with which I saw, felt, smelt and heard things happening in all 3 visits (dimensions/ lifetimes explored) was incredible. The way you guided me…was so comforting and reassuring. At no time did I feel out of control or unsafe. I was really apprehensive in the lead up but as soon as we started talking I was sure I was doing the right thing for me. I know I made the right choice with you, the way our appointment just came together was truly guided…I certainly did not think I would get such solid confirmation on my Starseed question. (It) happened at 33.33 mins, I had 3 visits and I’m a 30/3…

I feel a definite shift in my psychic ability. Things in my life seem a lot clearer and my fears around (a specific personal issue) have all but dissipated. I will be eternally grateful to you for assisting me with this one. It was very distressing and causing me a lot of anxiety which I had tried to bury. So, THANK YOU Sarah, from the bottom of my heart for shifting it. With deep felt gratitude and blessings to you and your family. The more people who see you the better for the world.”

Melanie (34/7 lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading – October 2016
“The first time I found Sarah’s website and began reading her blog, I looked up at the clock and noticed the time: 11:11!! I thought this was excellent marketing (lol!) and took it as a sign to book my first session with her. I am so glad I did – Sarah’s approach is very grounded, warm and good humoured. Her reading was amazingly detailed and helped me to reflect on my life at this point, giving me plenty of food for thought about which direction to turn next and where to focus my energies. Thank you Sarah!”

Beth (31/4 lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading – Sept 2016
“Wonderful to work with you too! I really love the ideas you have for visualizations to help me release trauma. ..little Beth. I also loved the feeling of stretching and spreading out my wings.  So interesting. I am doing that as well. Thank you for all of the links that I will enjoy reading!  I will keep in touch with you. Your guidance is right…but also brings such a sense of peace :-). I knew from what you were describing with the thumbs that my husband might have a similar thumb as mine. ..haha…he does but his thumb does have a little bend where mine does not. Take sweet care!”

Katie (Master 38/11 Lifepath – 17 years old) Skype Psychic Reading – Sept 2016
“I wanted to let you know that your reading from a few weeks ago was very helpful to me. I also enjoyed the videos and articles you sent through following the reading, they were useful in understanding the information you gave me. Thank you! It was an interesting and fun experience. I’m sure other teenagers would benefit from your readings, especially in regards to plans for the future.”

James (20/2 Lifepath)

“Thank you for help and the wonderful reading last month.  I created a vision board just as instructed on my birthday, and I had the greatest time doing it.  I look at it every day and it still makes me smile (partly because it was so much fun creating!).  I’ve started to get my ducks in a row so that I can return to University to pursue becoming a librarian, and now I’m learning how to manifest the money I need to pay for my education associated with it.  Although I’m still unclear how to do this exactly I believe I can do it and that the only obstacles I face are the ones I place before myself.  You helped change the focus back to moving forward instead of one focused on fear.  That was more helpful than words can express. Anyway, thank you for your time and assistance and I wish you and your family blessings going forward.”

Claudia (Master 29/11 Lifepath) – June 2017
“Thank you Sarah it was such an honour to have another reading from you today and my feedback is always ten stars.Good luck with the birth its such an awesome experience to witness the power and sacredness of what the body can accomplish and the moment of bringing another Soul into the world is mind blowing, glorious and out of this world. Thankyou for being such an inspiration and for raising the bar high in all areas, it is such a great example for me to witness and follow.”

Sonia, Past Life Regression
“I went into the session with Sarah sceptical of being hypnotised but with a curiosity about past life regression. Immediately I was at ease with Sarah and settled into hypnosis from the moment I closed my eyes. What I then experienced was a deep profound view of two past lives, I was amazed. The feelings experienced during this session were intense with crying, laughter, sadness and also peacefulness and also a few cryptic messages thrown in which I have yet to decipher. For approximately four days after the session I had more amazing experiences with vivid dreams (about) current family members. I have been feeling more intuitive and protected by upstairs and my guardian angels. I highly recommend this therapy as the process helped to basically cut to the core of a lot of my present issues and give me a deeper understanding of who I am today. Thank you Sarah x”

Isabella Karan – long-term client 2013 – 2015

“I am so impressed by Sarah’s uncanny ability to reach into your inner core and interpret exactly what you need to know about yourself to grow and evolve. Whether it is through her numerology, psychic ability or palmistry, Sarah has a innate ability to give what your soul needs for healing and transformation. I would highly recommend anyone to see or train with her.”

Ian White, Founder, Australian Bush Flower Essences – see his psychic reading
“I was very excited and looking forward to meeting Sarah when I knew she was coming to my workshop. (I) was very impressed with how Sarah brings so much of her own insights and intuition to her Numerology as well as all the experience she has gleaned from the thousands of people she has done charts with… I am looking forward to having lots of ongoing numerological chats with Sarah.”

Deva Premal, Mantra Singer & Musician – see her psychic reading

“Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for the reading. I am so touched you would take the time to dive so deeply into my life situation! And you put a load of research into it…I could see myself in your reading (which wasn’t difficult because you said such beautiful things about my life. And this is what I feel about my life as well). I hope we get to see each other this time when we come…Would be great! WIth love and big hugs to you from us both, Deva.”

Marnie T. River 94.9FM

“It was so lovely to meet Sarah and have her read for me. It had been nearly 12 years since my last reading.. and this was awesome! Sarah put me at ease & revealed many things that were happening in my life at that very time. [Sarah was] fantastic at explaining cards and I was amazed at how it all broke down on paper. Great idea to record because during a reading there’s much to take in. Insightful, thoughtful and great energy. It was a pleasure to meet you!”

Tanya Targett – see her psychic reading

“Very interesting reading Sarah, and for a cynical journalist … astonishingly accurate I must admit.”

Danielle Neale, Entrepreneur (27/9 Lifepath)

“Sarah has provided me with valuable coaching and advice from both a personal and business perspective. Drawing on her intimate knowledge and love of numerology and natural psychic abilities, Sarah is a key person to have at hand. She is very accurate, very reliable and such an admirable person to know. I am very grateful to work with her and I look forward to the coaching sessions very much.”

J. (27/9 Lifepath)
“Thank you so much for your help. It was like talking to an old friend.

I have named my inner critic ‘fly’ like an annoying fly bugging me that won’t go away! I look forward to reading all the information you have sent me.”

Victoria (26/8 Lifepath)
“I have been feeling wonderful since our reading. I have an inner calm and happiness that was missing for a while. Thank you so much x”

Wendy (24/6 Lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading

“As I am at the biggest crossroads of my life, your compassion, clarity and humour were amazing and appreciated. I started to feel a sense of peace in my heart during my reading and this has increased to a sense of grace and purpose. I now look forward to the New Year and what it holds. I had heard many amazing comments about you and now I too highly recommend you to anyone who is ready to embrace life. I loved the combination of the numerology, palmistry and your clear psychic abilities, which were 100 % accurate.”

Robyn Torre (Master 11 Lifepath) Skype Psychic Reading
“I loved it. I got so excited about the reading that I forgot to pay her (sorry Sarah) we laughed and talked and laughed some more, but I found out a lot about me and my past and future – just amazing – I am a 29/11 but with a twist, it seems I’m unique even for an 11 and that’s really cool considering I’ve only recently found out I was an 11 but always thought I was different and always saw 1111, 111, 11 now I know why. Sarah was very kind and caring and very thorough and knows what she’s on about and that’s what I wanted. Thanks Sarah – you rock xx”

Norelle (30/3 Lifepath), Your Remedy Naturopathy Skype Psychic Reading
“Thank you for another detailed and on point reading.  I always feel very grounded and connected back to myself after having one of your sessions. You have a very special skill of helping me bring forth what’s inside my heart and soul.” Also – “Thanks Sarah for your amazing work in shining a light on my path (and helping me create bubbles!!) Another insightful reading.  You’ve really helped me articulate a lot of things to help me make some choices in my higher interest. As I was walking to work I saw 11:11 3 times! As I mentioned, I’ve gotten more value out of your sessions than some of the business/life coaches I have tried. What you do is so, so far removed from fortune telling it’s like it’s not even related.”


“My reading was amazing, beautiful, insightful, powerful and healing. Sarah was able to awaken my soul, to help me realise what my heart and soul have been trying to tell me for a long time. I had been feeling more and more lost and confused but after your reading I feel rejuvenated and able to trust myself again. If you are a sceptic I implore you to have a reading with Sarah and wake up to what your body and soul are telling you. Thank you Sarah, truly light-filled.”

Jade Joddle, Speaking Skills Specialist
“Sarah drew out a lot of themes happening in my life and brought together a healing narrative. I speak to a lot of psychics/coaches etc online and say that Sarah tops them all. Speak to her while you can before she is world famous! The real magic happened after the session, however. I experienced a heightened state and received downloads regarding my life purpose. I am now all fired up to get out there an co-create the future of my choosing.”

Tess Godfrey, Naturopath/ Healer (after a reading and energy clearing)
“Thank you for your generosity. I can’t recall feeling so hot and sweaty in a long time. I had to have a cold shower when I got home. My whole body and particularly my hands have been tingling since and I have just facilitated a very special reconnective healing (felt an amazing connection) with a client. We shall ask for guidance, scream some more and enjoy the ride…your gift and guidance is awesome! I am excited to start 2015 with a sense of centredness, patience and knowing that I am meant to do what I am (doing). You are exceptional and I feel incredibly blessed to have experienced more than just a reading with you. Much love.”

Dan Millman, International Author and Spiritual Teacher – see his psychic reading
“Hi Sarah, Thanks for your care, discernment, and research in this detailed reading for your blog. You’ve certainly done your homework, utilizing both intuition and analysis. Wishing you love, clarity, and good times in the coming years.”

“Sarah, your Numerology Demo Day was fantastic. I was blown away by your  teachings and you made knowing numbers easy to understand. You love to share your knowledge and I love how you gave each person in the room your time. I had so much fun at your  Demo Day and it was great meeting awesome ladies. Sarah, you are a blessing. So glad I know you!”

Sarah (Master 33 Lifepath) Blog Reader/ Fan
“After we spoke about my numbers (33/6, 11:11 etc) so many things made sense. Now I can look forward to things hopefully becoming easier and clearer as I enter my 33rd year on the 29th November.”

Rose (Email Reading)
“Thank you so much! I feel you have held my heart, touched my soul and watched me grow. You are astonishingly accurate… Again thank you for your insights, you have given me a lot to contemplate and a load of good advice that I hope I follow 🙂 I will book a full in person reading in the near future.”


“I have listened to the recording again. So many things ring true and listening again some things really clicked that didn’t quite click last night. You have given me a lot to think about and act on and I will work on my breathing :).”

Becky (a Master 11 lifepath)
“Thanks so much for the amazing reading Sarah. I had vivid dreams last night about levitating so I think you awoke something in my spirit!”

Robynne (a Master 11 lifepath)
“Many thanks to you gorgeous girl! You’ve got me into my true feeling space and for this my heart is grateful! xxx”

Haiyin (a 25/7 lifepath), Skype Reading, Shanghai/ Munich
“Just want to say again to you a big thank you. I feel very energized after your chat, and I’ve got so much clarity also. You are really someone very special – don’t be humble about that! I did feel your healing power during and after our session. The value you provide is priceless. Please don’t have any doubt on this.”

Rebekah (28/10/1 Lifepath. Readings and Past Life Regression Client)
“I’ve recently seen Sarah for a past life regression as a way of understanding certain recurring cycles in my life and using the information that was brought up as a way to break those cycles and move forward. I found the experience positive and gained great insight into me. Sarah is professional, practices in a very safe manner and I felt completely at ease. I would recommend a past life regression to anyone who is spiritually ready. I have found it invaluable.”

Patrick (Business Coach, Phone Reading)
“I haven’t had a chance to really thank you for the session. It was amazing and I got some massive insights that feel true for me. Already moving on some of the areas we talked about…”

Bec (41/5 lifepath) – Elizabeth Gilbert is also a 41/5, see my psychic reading for her
“Hi Sarah, thanks for being so generous with your time today. One thing I really took from our talk today was ‘voicing’ my requests to Spirit. When our talk finished I popped down to the shops to finish some errands. I put this action into practice and specifically asked spirit for two things – items of clothing for the boys for under $10, and Elizabeth Gilbert’s book. Would you believe I got both at the one shop, the clothing for $10 each and the ‘Eat Pray Love’ book, and hardly an effort to find them. Some might think nothing of this, but meant so much to me. Thanks so much. Best wishes.”

“I would like to say the moment I met you I felt quite at ease. I was quite 
uptight when I first arrived as you may well remember but it didn’t take long for you to calm me down. I felt really great and at ease during the reading and was truly amazed at what things you told me. You knew things about me that I thought (only I) knew and things that I knew deep down that you confirmed and things that I should now be aware of. Your reading was spot on. I certainly will recommend this type of reading to my friends and already have. Palmistry and numerology are really amazing. I can’t think of any suggestions that could possibly improve what you do. You certainly have a wonderful gift.”

Mei (40/4 Lifepath)
“I thoroughly enjoyed your reading and it was scarily spot-on including the choices of words used. Thank you for making time for me. Stay amazing.”

Sally Hudson/ Sippel from Going Within

One question to ask yourself when looking at training with Sarah Yip is …. are you ready for a life changing experience?! Workshops with Sarah are beyond FUN. Sarah has so much energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and practical, usable information to share that you wonder if there is anymore to give, yet Sarah keeps pulling out more and more goodies. Sarah ran an Intro Palmistry workshop in Gatton Qld, Jan 2014 with great success. Once a Sarah Yip training/workshop has been to your town or you have been to her, there is always great demand to get Sarah back and run more training/workshops. The information provided allowed us to go deeper and deeper into who we really are, using our Hand Map (palmistry) and Mathematical makeup (numerology). Sarah is so passionate about the tools she shares that nothing is held back. What Sarah knows, Sarah shares. These are very practical tools on the lines, shape, formation of the hands plus much more. This information is able to be used by anyone wanting to know or enquire about who they are, their character, their life in all its joyfulness. These workshops become so much more than just a little fun couple of hours. Sarah leaves a permanent memory of love on your Soul.”


“Sarah’s was the most powerful and informed reading I have ever had.  I walked away feeling everything made so much more sense, and it gave me the clarity about so many things. I felt lighter, more confident and wiser. Sarah goes beyond the surface to uncover your real life’s purpose, your ingredients that make you the person you are… everything that Sarah brought up was so unbelievably accurate, with her guidance I will be able to apply this information to my strengths, weaknesses and when new opportunities arise. Sarah helped me with big life altering decisions, and helped me channel answers to distill the real truth…I was able to look at things from a different perspective. I left feeling back in the driver’s seat. The entire experience was totally genuine, truthful and carefully explored. She is so responsible, caring and unassuming….The answers are from within and Sarah has the processes to extract and reveal (them). I feel so thrilled to have had this life changing information delivered to me from a real deal guide.”

Mira, Bayside Red Tent Event (Tarot Workshop)

“Sarah is empowering and intuitive. Her energy excited every woman in our circle. Definitively a woman that can be listened for hours, she is in tune with energy around her, extremely perceptive and connected…the 3 hour tarot introduction lesson was extremely fun. “

Carmen Low, Leadership & Lifestyle Coach – Carmen represented Australia at the Auckland World Triathlon Championship.
“I am sceptical by nature.  I don’t do fads.  I’ve never been on a ‘diet’. Even if I’m pulled towards something, I still need evidence and to experience things for myself before I am convinced it is for me. I’m a leader, not a follower. This may make me stubborn and hard to please, but it also makes me solid and loyal to what I truly believe in. This is true with my workings with Sarah. I first met Sarah at the MBS Festival in 2008.  She is unlike any other psychics I have encountered.  She is practical, compassionate, diplomatic, light hearted and a real person (not just flouncing about rubbing her crystal ball)!

Where she won me over and why I continue to work with her on a regular basis 7 years later, is Sarah’s unique ability to help me move through blocks I encounter during the reading, as well as giving me practical strategies to take home.  It is like a counselling/coaching/psychic reading all in one. The variety and combination of tools Sarah uses in her sessions marry beautifully to give clear, concise, practical and extremely useful information.  I personally have learnt much from her explanations of numerology, and counselling/coaching strategies, which I have taken into my own clinic practice as a Kinesiologist. However, what I really love about every reading I have with Sarah is that she makes it fun, light and entertaining.  I always come away with a smile on my face and some big belly laughs under my belt. Love your work Sarah Yip!!! P.S.  Her accuracy is spot on too!”


“I have been replaying my reading often, cos I am always picking up new things. Below is what stood out the most. I had my first reading with Sarah on 4 August 2013. Sarah, said that I would have a relationship then my career would take off in November. I had totally forgotten about this until I was anxious about going for a job interview. I replayed Sarah’s reading and OMG, it had all happened…Sarah had advised me to go for a job that was 2 levels above my current position.  At the time of the reading, there were no jobs being advertised in fact, they were letting go of people. I also hadn’t had a relationship for a long time. So, I was a bit skeptical of this. But true to her words, I met someone in November – her description of his personality was exact and I was told a job was going to be advertised in January.  The job was for a position 2 levels higher than mine (and yes, I did get the job)!

Sarah also advised that I had met this person before one and a half years ago and I said no, I didn’t meet anyone. She said, never mind, have a think about it…this person might come back into your life. I was scratching my head. Then when I replayed the reading in March I realised that yes I met him then but nothing came of it until November. Sarah was right! I love her work! Sarah gives great advice. I am looking forward to seeing the fruition of her other predictions…I will definitely be back to see Sarah in 6 months time. I have referred friends to Sarah and they too will refer their friends. Sarah is honest and sincere with her readings. They are well worth the money spent.”

“I have had much pleasure listening to my reading again, and looking closely over my chart. I am finding myself thinking about decisions that I’ve made throughout my life, and am so happy to now have guidance from the numbers you’ve provided.Ha….. I just looked at the time of writing, and it’s 11:11. 
Being an 11/11 baby, with a life path number of 22/4, makes me somewhat of a numbers geek – like you…I love the fact that you are so into the 11 numbers as (they have) been a huge part of who I am and have been for my entire life! I was hesitant about having the reading in my home, but so many messages were received, that I’m glad I did. There were quite a few “signs”, and for the sceptics, this situation would be perfect! E.g. when I asked about my kids, the wind blew “the son” card over, and you casually said, “ok let’s start with him” and funny how (Snow White and the) Seven Dwarves came up  quite a few times, and prior to your arrival, I’d just knocked my “Dopey” dwarf off a shelf…I found my palm reading was personal and well interpreted, and your overall reading very insightful and enthusiastic. It is blatantly obvious you love what you do Sarah, and your energy is magnificent. I can honestly say you have made me look forward to 2014 with an even greater personal energy and enthusiasm, and I look forward to our next meeting.”

“Just a quick text to say how grateful I was for your reading…You are very blessed to be using your gift in blessing and honouring others. Namaste.”

“After someone passed away suddenly in our office, their ghost kept banging doors open and turning the lights off (they came back on when you called his name)…after Sarah talked to his spirit we had no more incidents, which was a great outcome for everyone involved.”


“I very much enjoyed the reading on Saturday and it’s given me a lot to think about. I am glad that I have been following my path although I didn’t realise it and now I need to get back on track. The picture with the fish in the small tank has been the most profound for me as it demonstrates beautifully how I was feeling, how I am now feeling and what I need to do. The tears were flowing during my alone times over the weekend but they were tears of realisation and healing. I now feel more centred and confident with my path forward…”

“It was lovely to meet you last night and be in your energy for a while…It was a different kind of reading than I have had before and yet you were spot on with my past and with where I am currently, so I look forward to the future that is unfolding. I really enjoyed the reading and will definitely book another…”Ashish
“Hi Sarah, sincere thanks for uplifting my soul…listening back (to the recording) things are more clear. I’m hopeful and determined to find answers in coming months with the directions you’ve shown me. I greatly appreciate your heartfelt effort and patience. I look forward to seeing you in the near future. It was a pleasure meeting you and indeed a great reading.”
“The reading Sarah gave me was insightful. Very accurate with my personality characteristics and what is happening in my life right now. Sarah showed unwavering professionalism and excellent communication…I felt very comfortable during the reading…I have had other readings in the past but this one had a nurturing and gentle approach. I was fascinated with the combined palm, numerology/ Tarot reading. It was so accurate with my circumstances…I feel motivated after the reading and know everything will just be fine. I have recommended Sarah to friends and family and I am sure to have another reading with her again in the near future. Thanks Sarah.”

“This was my first psychic reading ever. Sarah gave me a great reading and I instantly felt at ease with her. She gave me advice which confirmed the thoughts and feelings I already had. Sarah was even able to describe my favourite pair of undies – Bridget Jones knickers! I feel stronger and more aware after my session and am looking forward to my bright future. Thank you Sarah!”
“Wonderful reading. Spot on with many things. Very positive lovely lady.”Debbie

“I had a reading with Sarah today, it was fun, vibrant and filled me with lots of energy and positivity…(as well as) the will to go for it. It would have to have been the best reading ever. She made me feel that anything was possible and probable and will be. I feel so empowered, watch out world, the flower is blossoming. Thank you Sarah.”

Gordon S, Kinesiologist
“Having a reading with Sarah was absolutely the highlight of my visit to the MBS festival. I choose palmistry as my preferred style of reading. 
Unlike so many readings this one focused on me and not Sarah’s ego. It was a pleasure to work with someone who was so professional and clearly understood, accepted and was completely tuned into me and who I really am. Sarah is like a breath of fresh air and I look forward to another reading at the next Melbourne MBS festival in November.”

“You were spot on! Amazing! Thank you so much for clearing up my mind!”


“Thank you so much for my reading today. I didn’t expect it to be such an emotional experience but I feel so much more peaceful and hopeful as a result. Thank you!”

“It was such a pleasure to have a reading with Sarah Yip at this year’s Mind Body Spirit Festival. I picked Sarah out of curiosity after finding out about her palmistry and numerology skills, and she was spot on about everything. She has a very straightforward down-to-earth approach in her style of reading, which kept me intrigued the entire time. It was fun, interactive and also very insightful for myself as I started to look at myself from a different perspective once she pinpointed certain gifts and abilities I always knew I had on some level, but never really acknowledged. As humans, we tend to overlook certain things, especially when it comes to ourselves. After the reading, I walked away with so much clarity and empowerment. I would definitely be interested in attending any workshops that she may have in future. I highly recommend her.”


“Hi Sarah, I went to see u twice this year and u predicted we would move to Melb and guess what we are heading down tomorrow see some agents to look for a place to sign rent and lease and we will be moving in late dec or early jan to Melb. Hehehe thanks for the reading….”

“I was surprised at how accurate the reading was about myself!”

“Sarah was able to see things about me that I guess I knew but didn’t really want to see myself. I really liked her humour and gentle but assertive manner. Sarah you have helped me to think more…I mean really think! Thank you.”


“I found Sarah’s reading very insightful. She is warm and engaging and used a number of modes, including palmistry, tarot cards, and numerology. The combination was very powerful. Using these tools and her intuition she was able to give me accurate insights into myself, my past and my present, with some tantalising insights into the future. I recommend Sarah to you.”

“The reading you gave me was very insightful and looked at many broad issues in my life. You were completely accurate in defining many aspects of my life and personality, which I found amazing…During the reading you told me many inspiring messages and I came away from it feeling peaceful about the future. Thanks again.”

“So far I have had a palm reading and a numerology chart with Sarah and I am thoroughly satisfied. The reading is always so connected and accurate. I feel like Sarah has always had a positive influence and through her reading she not only connects with you on a personal level but also helps you see the open doors and windows that doubt and grief have blurred. I have am very glad to have come across Sarah and look forward to seeing her for a reading again. Thank you for the wonderful messages and positive outlook you gave me in my reading.”


“I really enjoyed the reading and took a lot away from it. I could really relate to you and felt comfortable unlike other readers I have had in the past. The last year has been crazy for myself with making decisions for my future and it was good to hear that this year will be a lot more simpler. Leaving from that reading was like taking a weight off my shoulders. It gave me the belief that I was doing all the right things in life and there was no need to worry so much.  I will definitely keep your details handy for the future and recommend you to anyone needing a little guidance or motivation.”

“I found your reading to be very helpful. You gave me a lot of guidance and good insight into getting the best out of life. Thank you.”

“Unbelievably accurate. (The reading) was done in an enjoyable way.”

“I really enjoyed my reading yesterday, I think it’s the best one I’ve had, very natural and real. Thank you.”

“I wasn’t sure why I had sought a reading until I came today. Sarah has helped me to understand and be confident with the changes coming up in my life. Sarah was also able to help me understand why issues are occurring with my children. I felt much comfort from the reading. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed my reading with Sarah. I wasn’t too sure of what was before me in the near future but Sarah has assured me (that what I was thinking was correct)…thanks Sarah for your help and understanding.”


“Thanks again for the session on Saturday. You definitely gave me greater insight into my personality and the potential I have to create a better future for myself and for others. You also helped to reinforce some old concepts I had let fade away…I do like to help others, and may endeavour to pursue a career where I can use this energy more effectively.”

“Thank you, the reading was very helpful and insightful. You have a real gift of putting my mind at ease and to see (my life) clearly.”


“Sarah is open, friendly and the reading was very comfortable, easy to understand and extremely accurate. Often guarded in these avenues I left the reading a reformed cynic and am contemplating attending her palmistry workshops. The reading flowed well because of the instant camaraderie and the communication lines opened up. Much of my confusion was erased and I left feeling confident and focused and trusting. She is humble in her delivery but with many skills that she has mastered.”


“I found my reading to be very helpful. Sarah gave me a lot of guidance and a good inside into getting the best out of life. Thank you :).”


“I am amazed how you can look at dates and names and instantly reduce them to a number.  I am in awe of your ability.”

“Sarah was very accurate in explaining what my life path is…it confirmed I’m in the right place at this time. The reading was great fun and Sarah has the best laugh. I had to force myself to leave. Sarah it was fabulous to cross your path.”

“I met with Sarah for a numerology, palm, and Tarot reading. I found it to be incredibly enlightening. Sarah is certainly gifted in these areas, but also in her caring approach.  In particular, the numerology reading was fascinating. It confirmed for me what is happening for me presently in my life, and helped me to relax, and to see where I am on my journey.  With insights into my future, I feel able to be much more at peace in the moment. I also feel much more patient in my relations with others, knowing that they are on their own journeys. I would definitely recommend Sarah.”

“I felt nervous to begin as I really didn’t know what to expect. During the reading I felt the information was pretty accurate, I felt comfortable, loved your humour and energy and honesty.”


“Thank you so much for the amazingly accurate palm, numerology and tarot reading you gave me on Sunday at the MBS Festival. I really benefitted from the insightful reading, and walked away feeling comforted with the practical advice provided. You confirmed my current focuses in life and reminded me of the areas I had neglected. I loved the detail and the explanations you were able to provide to support your readings, the sceptic that I am. Your ability to use all of those tools to come up with a consistent reading and theme was fascinating. It was a mind-opening and uplifting experience, nipped the internal issues that I’d had for a long time with my partner, and definitely exceeded any expectations that I had. You really have a gift, and I am thankful.”

“Thanks again for the reading, it was really accurate, I was surprised how accurate (it was) for my brothers too. Very helpful, I am excited to see what my 30’s have in store for me. Take care, may see you again in the not so distant future.”


I had a very nice and enjoyable reading. Everything was explained to me with detail and the books referenced were very interesting to read too. I am very happy with the reading as it gives me an assurance that what ever I have done is not going disregarded… I wish you all the best for your future endeavours and I have recommended you to my friends too. 🙂


“Thank you Sarah for the wonderful reading! You’re very good at explaining the meanings of the cards and also very knowledgeable with palmistry. It was so good to meet you. Please keep up the GREAT work!”I chose a reading with Sarah at a White Light Expo recently. She was actually recommended by the receptionist who had a reading the previous day. Sarah worked with my palms and with numbers. I found her to be extremely accurate, pinpointing the exact year/ age I was when significant events happened to me. She also was able to describe my personality and my childrens’ personalities with numerology. Amazing!!! Being a trained counsellor she is adept at offering sensible ideas to assist movement forward through life’s difficulties. I would absolutely see Sarah for another reading and recommend her to others. She has a bubbly, friendly, relaxed nature so I immediately felt at ease.”

“Your reading was very complete and thoroughly prepared. There is so much information that has to sink in that I’m still processing parts of it. I liked it that you put it all on paper as it does provide me the tool to remember all that was said. What you told me was very accurate.”


“Sarah thank you for my fabulous reading yesterday, everything seems so much clearer now.”

Veronica Rose
“I was fortunate to be guided to Sarah Yip as my psychic reader during the 2010 Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane. Using a combination of numerology and palmistry, her reading was the most accurate and in-depth I’ve experienced. She not only validated and confirmed guidance from previous readings and healings, she took that guidance further to give me better direction towards my life path. She then used oracle cards and direct messages from Spirit to enhance and clarify what she had already given me. The whole experience was motivating, rewarding and magyckal. A truly uplifting, positive, fun and meaningful experience. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who requires an accurate, empathetic reading.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for the reading today on stage. You said I don’t like to do housework. I don’t do house work anymore as I had to retire 2 years ago because of an illness. I’m getting myself better. My husband and my youngest boy do all the heavy stuff now and I do enjoy not having to do it…I did use to clean houses for a living though and would be very glad to be able to afford someone to do mine now.”

Anonymous – Psychic Reading at the Brisbane MBS Expo 

“I picked Sarah by feeling and was so right. She understood a lot about me & picked everything about my children. I would love to have her read again! Thanks :-)”


“It was very nice to meet you…your reading helped me to be more positive of myself and it gave me a clear idea of what should I do NOW. Thanks very much for your time.”

“My session with Sarah was both informative and insightful, exactly what I was looking for. Sarah directed me in ways of dealing with emotional issues that I found both enlightening and interesting. Guided by these techniques ,I feel confident that I can be a healthier, happier person within myself and just as importantly with friends and family. I felt totally relaxed and at ease throughout my time with Sarah and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is seeking a peaceful, happy heart and soul. Sarah, On behalf of my children and from myself, A big Thank you.”


“Thank you for your reading today, I really found it inspiring and enlivening (if that is a word) like a deep breath of fresh air, I walked out with a huge smile on my face and am really looking forward to the future, thanks also for making it so fun.”

“Thank you very much for this.  I used the (soul/ inner child) visualisation a couple of times from memory after the reading and I must say I have been feeling much more up-beat. I really think it is a very helpful technique for all those people who were unlucky enough to be sent to a bully school as children.  It was a great reading – and I was very pleased to have so many positive messages from the Universe coming through then and I am still getting them. I had been meaning to look into The 5 People You Meet in Heaven so I will definitely check it out along with the others.”

“Thanks for the reading – it was fun, friendly and full of fascinating insights!”

“There is something special about Sarah’s readings. Truth and answers come through clearly with her cards. She helped me create a space in which I could feel the subtle (but major) differences in the situations of my life we talked about. A gentle soul. She has a great understanding of numerology and along with many surprises, confirmed some things that I were struggling with in my heart. Sarah seems endless with her helpful information! She has an admirable knowing and strength. Thank you Sarah, it is great to have met you :)”

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