What a Man with a Knife, Taught Me About Life! (Includes Bianca Girven and Rosie Batty’s Numerology)

This is the post you almost didn’t see. I posted it on my birthday, 27 Jan, then took it down. Why? Because I was ashamed about my past.

Then I saw Ellie Burscough’s post on Facebook, about facing down her ex-boyfriend while he was holding a knife. Exactly what I had blogged about. I commented, and she responded at 11:11!

I knew this was a sign to repost the story, especially as Ellie is an 11 lifepath like me. 11:11 is the code of awakening for Starseeds who have come to Earth to teach higher love. Not an easy task, but an exciting one.

February 2021 updatessee my interview with Ellie, she’s now my coach. Also see this interview with Jane Sleight-Leach (also an 11 lifepath), about domestic violence – she’s been seeing 555 (the 2021 numerology code I discuss in my forecast) – this is also in the title image of this post!

I’ve also had many clients come for psychic readings, with blocked Throat Chakras, who were swallowing their words, plus I’ve been seeing 555, i.e. ‘there’s more to life/ it’s time to thrive’.

This is the code for moderation and finding alternative pathways to success, perfect timing as I’ve been seeing a homoeopath in Brisbane for adrenal fatigue and am helping Kris launch his video production company.

For example, after a Vision Board workshop, where three x 32/5 lifepath students sat in a row, I parked behind a car with 555 IWI as the licence plate (see photo). Not only does IWI mean ‘tribe’ in Maori, it adds to 23/5 in numerology – more 5s!

Please be aware: This post contains references to domestic violence and traumatic relationships. If you or someone close to you needs help, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 (in Australia)

Happy Birthday to Me! Today, I turned 37 years old in this body and lifepath. A long time ago, a fellow psychic told me I had until this age to set my life up before everything would change. I can feel it. In the last few hours of my 11 Personal Year of numerology, I had a massive spiritual upgrade. Find your personal year I was able to see not only my past lives instantly, but those of my children and Kris. More on past lives

As I cover in this post on breakups, 2018 is a Master 11 Year of Spiritual Growth and Equal Relationships. It’s a time for healing division and balancing your male and female sides. As a Master 11 lifepath, I’m already being flooded with inquiries, to the point I’ve put new clients on hold.

How a Man with a Knife, Taught Me About Life
As someone with a Peacock’s Eye Whorl on her Apollo/ ring finger, I’ve had many near-death experiences yet always felt protected. No wonder my ex used to say, ‘some people need help, you need a team’.

I still recall meeting my Spirit Guides in meditation, and there was a stadium-full. I often feel like the room is crowded, even when alone. I say this with humility and gratitude. Goosebumps (a confirmation of Spirit’s presence) are a daily occurrence.

Today, I want to share a story with you, which I’ve never told on this blog. It totally changed my being, but I was didn’t want to admit it. Now that I’m a mum-of-two, I guess I’m much better at embracing my wobble.

The Quest That Became A Spiritual Test

I was at the night markets in Bangkok. As a volunteer at the UN, I had been working on protecting turtles. So when I saw a stall of reptile products, my antennae went up. The stall owner, mistaking my intrigue for buyer’s interest, asked me how I was going. Then he said, ‘I have more stuff at the back, do you want to see it?’ Part of me thought ‘Good, I can find his lair and report him to the authorities’, and before I knew it, I was following him down the alley. Big mistake.

Not only was it dark, but there was no one else. As we went into the soi (lane), I remembered that, I hadn’t told anyone where I was going, not to mention I was visiting a country where I had no family or close friends. Nevertheless, it was too late to back out (plus I’m a nosy parker), so I kept going.

He took me to a shipping container, and unlocked the door. We walked in. I looked around at the dead creatures and thought ‘oh boy, better leave now.’ Unfortunately, he must have read my mind, because he locked the door and stood in front of me. I made more small talk about his creations (snake head wallets, crocodile handbags and so on – gross). The smell of formalin was overpowering, especially for a sensitive person like me.

Then he took out a long knife. He said ‘this is what I use to skin the snakes’. He walked towards me and said, ‘You know, my job is very lonely, at which point I wanted to back away, but didn’t. Let’s just say, I’ve had to stand my ground more than once with people threatening me. I’ve also talked people out of self-harm before. At this point, I was glad I had learned Thai, because it helped me keep him chatting while I prayed.

As I finished a quick ‘HELP!’, I saw his face change (which is often a sign of Spirit intervention – it was like he’d been struck by lightning). He went from looking scary to sorry. Keep in mind, that at 24, I had no idea I was psychic etc. I was simply a bureaucrat and scientist, who had a habit of wandering into plotholes.

He stopped and said, in broken English ‘Could you give me a hug?’

I was like, ‘Ummm, okay’, and we had the world’s most awkward hug. Not only was he shorter than me, he stood on my foot. Plus, I wasn’t good at hugging, since I’d only had my first proper hug as a teenager. (No wonder I’m obsessed with food and had an eating issue – in the book Touching by Ashley Montagu, he talks about studies, which show that we often substitute food for love).

After this peculiar embrace, he sighed and then opened the door and walked me back to the markets. Phew!

What did I learn from this experience? Not much, until years later, when I realised how close I had come to extinction myself (similar to when my family escaped the 2004 tsunami, also in Thailand). In the years that followed, I hiked around Pokhara, Nepal alone, and got into a similar situation with a guide, who kept talking about sex with tourists.

I then dated a number of controlling partners, including one who kept a hunting knife by the bed, which he would take out when he was drunk and angry. I still remember grabbing the knife out of his hand to stop him stabbing someone.

You could say, when it comes to choosing wisely in love, I’m a slow student, but when I get the lesson, it goes DNA-deep. To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of mental illness. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I learned to ‘read’ people intuitively so well, and also why I am a late-bloomer. Where other people seem to publish books with ease, I have dozens of manuscripts half-finished, because I’m still finding my true voice. We’ll get there.

Who knows what would have happened if I refused to hug King Cobra, as his business card read? Perhaps, my gesture saved my life. Perhaps, I’m reading too much into the story and he was just showing off?

Who knows? All I can say is, I’m glad to be here. Which reminds me of this quote: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

How many of us live in a box, hurting the planet or people for money when all we seek is kindness?
How many of us, get energy by intimidating others with our big knives/ egos/ shows of force?
Isn’t is amazing the lengths people go to, to connect with others? And how twisted that reaching out can become?
How many of us just need a hug? A reminder that we belong?
Maybe that’s why the Free Hugs video has almost 78 million views and makes me cry? See this article on Juan Mann, the Australian founder.

When I mentioned this post to Kris (who is a black belt), he said:
1) “If it was me, I would have done Aikido on him, taken the knife and cut his Achilles tendon before escaping. But that’s cos I’m a guy. Hugging him was a safer option for you.”
2) Did you hear about Christina Grimmie, that singer from The Voice who was shot by a man at her meet-and-greet last year?

Wow, is Kris a good psychic or what…when I looked up Christina, not only was she a 29/11 Lifepath and Spiritual Messenger like me (her death resulted in gun control protests), she died when she opened her arms to give her killer a hug, not realising he was obsessed with her. RIP beautiful messenger.

In numerology, HUG adds to 8+3+7 = 18/9, the same vibration as LOVE. If you are reading this post, please put your arms around yourself now, and give yourself compassion. Kiss your hands and tell yourself you’re doing well. Pat yourself on the back. This World will never change until we fill ourselves up first, instead of chasing energy from others.

Parents – if your psychic babies cry, it’s because they trust you can show them the path. It scares them when you are running on empty. Don’t see them as the enemy, take back your time, energy and money so you can be with them more often. I’m writing this to myself as well.

If I had to sum up my life’s motto, it would be ‘please, cuddle your babies’. Keep your children, partners, supporters and ideas close. Our time together is short. Stop giving your sacred creations to people who don’t care about them as much as you do. That’s a recipe for inner and outer conflict and divorce.

KNIFE adds to 27/9, the same as LEADER, WITCH, SCHOOL and MONEY. All things we are frightened of because they have the power to kill and/ or free us spiritually. As I wrote in my article about 9 Lifepaths (The Old Souls), 9 is about rewriting history by crossing a finish line and letting go of fear.

A man with a knife taught me that, love can literally, open the doors to our self-created jails. Maybe that’s why they say,

Two men looked through the prison bars;
One saw mud, 
The other, stars.

11:11 It’s Time to Stand Up and Be Counted.

April 2018 update: Just heard back from Bianca’s facebook (Sonia Anderson) – she said “Thank you Sarah, this is lovely. Bianca Faith Girven was born at 11.11am. 21/12/2012 was to be her 25th birthday and the Mayan Calendar had the world ending that day – amazingly at 11.11am.”

This is quite extraordinary, as I study the 11:11 clock prompts, and wrote a post about 21.12.2012. I must have picked up that Bianca was an 11:11 See’r and Starseed – bless. She was a 31/4 Heart Healer lifepath. 

Feb 2018 afterword about Bianca Girven and Rosie Batty:
I had a conversation with my friend Reuben, about ‘first loves’. After our chat, I realised it was time to donate my spare bed, which I bought when I came to Brisbane in 2006 (I flew from Thailand, knowing only one person!). This bed is special because it was my first real piece of furniture.

I had to wait six weeks for them to make it and it was over $700, a fortune at the time. It was also the place I first saw my son Forrest in a vision. However it also reminds me of sad times, like the breakup on 11.11.11 which kickstarted this blog.

When I posted an ad for the bed on Facebook, my Aunty-in-law Kathy suggested I help Friends With Dignity Australia. Then I saw a link about Bianca Girven’s memorial possibly being moved in Brisbane. This brought chills, as I used to do psychic readings down the road from Bianca’s tree. I remember stopping there when I first saw all the statues, not knowing she had been murdered there, simply feeling a strong spiritual presence.

In numerology, your name reflects your career and mindset. See the system I use

291531    61928   799455 = 86/14/5
A Karmic 14/5 can be a ‘live fast, die young’ energy (depending on free will) – as I mention in the linked post, this is best channelled into ‘constructive activities that help humanity.’ Bianca did this in a big way! She helped many people through charity work, including domestic violence- affected and homeless women. 14/5 is called the media number by numerologists like Tania Gabrielle, because its bearers attract attention wherever they go.

THE MEANING OF LIFE also adds to 86/14/5. People like Bianca teach us that, life is not about what we receive but what we give. Bianca may only have been 22 when she died, but she had done so much to elevate humanity, including having a son Ziggy Indrawan. I cried when I read that he was 21 months when she passed, as my son Forrest is close to that age.

ZIGGY INDRAWAN adds to 77/14/5 (note the same 14/5 energy as Bianca’s name), the vibration of SPIRITUAL TEACHER. What a beautiful duo.
2021 Update – Kris and I are calling our next son Ziggy, due 28 Feb 2021!

While reading up on Bianca and Ziggy, I saw a link to Rosie Batty, an Australian domestic violence campaigner who was born on 9 February 1962. That’s right, it’s her birthday today. That means she enters a (9+2+(2+0+1+8)) or Master 22 Personal Year of Heart Healing in Numerology now. Find your personal year.

Rosie is a 29/11 Lifepath too. As I’ve written many times, 29/11’s are Spiritual Messengers who often bring light to dark situations and cover-ups. Rosie’s story was instrumental in the establishment in 2015 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence in her home state of Victoria. Just after her lifepath turning point age of 29, she entered a relationship with Greg Anderson, the man who would murder their son Luke. Luke was born 20 June 2002, making him a 12/3 Artist and Communicator lifepath (my son Charlie is also a 3). He was killed on a Personal 11 day, months short of his lifepath turning point age of 12.

It’s strange that the surname Anderson is linked to Rosie’s story, as well as Bianca’s (her mother is Sonia Anderson), because that’s what I’m changing my name to – Sarah Anderson (which adds to 11).

There are no coincidences. Once you see the patterns to life (like 11:11, 111, 222, 333), you understand that we are all one.

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