R.I.P. Jaimi Lee Kenny, Beautiful 38/11 Life Path and Spiritual Messenger

R.I.P Jaimi Lee Kenny, a beautiful 38/11 life path* Spiritual Messenger in numerology. Her mother Lisa Curry is a 29/11 life path Spiritual Messenger too. Both came here to bring light to dark topics and to inspire people to heal their views around women. Find your lifepath

Jaimi’s name has strong 7 energy, which shows angelic influence, deep spirituality and a desire for truth and privacy. I wasn’t sure whether to post this until I saw the likes (11, 111) on this pic on @jettkenny’s Instagram account. He is her much loved brother.

As someone who recovered from a long-term eating disorder and has been around alcoholism, child prodigies and highly driven people at times in my life I wish the family so much comfort in this difficult time. It’s not easy being sensitive. It takes a big team to handle the intensity

Picture source: @jettkenny on Instagram

Jaimi was a Star person, and I have a feeling her too-early passing will trigger many people to seek help for hidden struggles. If you need support, please contact The Butterfly Foundation.

I also recommend The Eating Issues Centre Inc (Eating Disorders Queensland) and my long-term counsellor Alison Lee from Heartwork.

See my posts on Orthorexia, anorexia and alcoholism below for thoughts on these complex and often misunderstood illnesses.

*FYI, to calculate Jaimi Kenny’s lifepath, I used her publicly available DOB (date of birth), 25 June 1987, which her mother Lisa has posted before on social media. Jaimi was only 33 years old when she sadly passed away.


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Followup to this Post:

After writing about Jaimi Lee Kenny I Googled ‘anorexia autobiography’ on a hunch. First hit was Marya Hornbacher’s controversial book ‘Wasted’. Turns out Marya is a 29/11 lifepath Spiritual Messenger (whose writing career was blossoming around her lifepath turning point of 29). Lisa Curry is also a 29/11 and Jaimi was a 38/11.

Interesting that Marya talks about her hips, as all 11s are healing their 2nd chakras – hips, fertility, creativity, self worth and mother/ Earth connections.

Marya, Jaimi, myself and other Starseeds all seem to have big turning points at age 14. This is a pattern I talk about. See my Starseeds blog below for more tips. It’s as if, we burst free from any unconsciousness at that age, suddenly feeling all the feels of a human intensely.

As I write my own life story, I can feel the Universe sending breadcrumbs like these to inform my approach. It is emotional and also profoundly healing.

I wish we could mostly leave behind our society’s obsession with figures – weight, money, scoring and otherwise – and start looking at each other like Souls again.

Then the hearts would fly open and we could bring the light in.

Thank you @vanislevoicesforeds on Instagram (Vancouver Island Voices for Eating Disorders) for the quote and best wishes with your important work.

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