Kerry O’Brien, a 36/9 Life Path Old Soul Rejects Australia Day Honour

Notice the 11:11 in this image? Born 27 Aug 1945, Kerry is a 36/9 life path Old Soul and Global Thinker who won his first Walkley around his turning point age of 36.

His name Kerry Michael O’Brien has a 2 Destiny (Peacemaker) and 11 Soul Urge, suggesting his career will be about exploring opposites, diplomacy and conflict. There is a natural intuition too.

Kerry is in the news for following Dr Clara Tuck Meng Soo (a transgender GP who’s returning her Australia Day honour) and rejecting his award in protest at Margaret Court’s Companion to the Order of Australia.

Margaret is a 30/3 life path Artist and Communicator who returned to tennis at her turning point age of 30 after giving birth. She has always been a tough competitor and very outspoken.

Today is her 9 Personal year, 1 Personal month, 1 Personal day. 911 appears in numerology when a high purpose is at play that can possibly (!) heal and conclude destructive patterns on Earth.

When I was 18 years old and Christian, I though homosexuality was a choice too. Then my best friend (a 27/9 life path Old Soul) told me he was gay and had been since boyhood.

I was the first person he ever told. That was 20 years ago and I still remember how shocked I was that the Church had got it wrong. That was also when I decided to find my own spiritual path.

I agree with Kerry and Clara that we should not pedestal those who use their power to isolate and peddle outdated energies like sexism, racism and homo or transphobia.

I hope this post gives you food for thought. 2021 is turning out to be quite an interesting year of throat chakra healing. The truth is coming out – that we are all worthy of breathing space and freedom.

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