Danish Royals – I Predicted Mary Would Be Queen in 2024!

Danish Royal predictions! As per my post on 30 December, 2024 is the big year for 8 life paths like Crown Princess Mary. She and her 4 children all have turning points next year – it’s clear as day in their numbers. Expect some changes for the highest good…Find your life path

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Update 1 Jan: Mary will be now be Queen as of this month! That explains why I saw the huge change in all her family’s charts. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Royals use numerology behind the scenes.

I hope this post inspires you to explore your life path and family history too, at this sacred time of forgiveness and yearly endings.

It’s still Mercury retrograde, when tempers flare and dreams are more intense. I had a vision of talking to Mary and Frederik at a formal dinner 2 nights ago. Was explaining numerology and Mary said she’d not had it done before.

Woke up and for a moment, I thought I’d been to Denmark. Heat stroke, perhaps 😃

Take care and let me know if you enjoy this holistic look at a special public family. My next post is about the UK Royals – see my 2024 predictions for them here

Thank you Deniz Akan from Dimensional-Healing for protecting my energy with crystal grids and sound healings as I researched these posts.

Cheers, Sarah

P.s Huge thinks to Kris Tarbert and April Glover and the 9Honey team for this opportunity to share the numerology fun and caring.

P.p.s Find your life path, personal year and many helpful tips on my site.

P.p.p.s. Not many psychics do Royal forecasts because it takes SO much energy (plus some ppl think they are reptilians?! As you do…)

Truth be told, there are spells everywhere at that level of society and you will get zapped without preparation and a dedicated team.

Creating these forecasts is like spiritual rockclimbing, I guess I enjoy the challenge. Thanks for supporting me as well xx

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