Hi, I’m Sarah Yip from Brisbane, Australia. I offer psychic numerology, palmistry, clairvoyance and Tarot readings in Brisbane and via Skype.

August 2017 News & Special Offers
Due to maternity leave, my next spots are in Jan/ Feb 2018. Book now or call my husband Kris on 0428 626 727 for a numerology and Tarot reading within 2-3 weeks. I also recommend my mentors.

Looking for your life purpose?

Ready to find your soulmate?
About to change careers?
Want to conquer your greatest fears?
Seeing numbers like 11:11, 111, 222, 333?
Then come see me. You can trust me, because this is my calling. I’m a professional psychic who reads for a living. See over 99 testimonials.I’ll reveal your soul’s journey, based on your name/s and DOB. My accuracy and clarity will give you goosebumps. Book in now 

Five reasons to see Sarah Yip (The Numbers Queen):
1) You’ll be seeing a one-of-a-kind specialist. I’ve read for 2500+ people and have a year-round waiting list. I also do commercial radio and teach everything I do. See interviews

2) You’ll get the truth. I have a charity, science and government background which makes my advice practical and focused. All readings are recorded for reference.

3) You’re in safe hands. As a Holistic counsellor I can help you clear physical and energetic blocks on-the-spot.4) I have a money back guarantee. You can request a full refund within the first 10 minutes if you are not satisfied with the reading. More on my refund approach

5) I’m an 11:11 clocks expert, who researches Master 1122 and 33 numerology and has a Master 29/11 lifepath. Find your lifepath

Ready to know your truth? Book in now

“My reading with Sarah was nothing less than amazing. I know that word can sound superficial but it is the only word that can describe it. I have had many readings throughout my life but nothing like the one I received from Sarah.  Sarah was personable, real and gave me the energy to feel I was heading toward my heartfelt path. I can’t wait to have another in the years to come!” Caroline

“Sarah has been a regular contributor to our breakfast radio show for a number of years and she has given us readings on and off during this time however a year ago I suffered a family tragedy and Sarah stepped in with some specific readings for me which were mind blowing. She was able to accurately tell me practical timings for things in my life like when I would sell my house (and she was right) as well as advice on how to show my children a different way of thinking and feeling, which have also been invaluable. Sarah knows her stuff and has a lovely caring way and getting that message across. Love and Light.” Robin Bailey ex-97.3FM/ Triple M Brisbane

“Thank you so much for the reading. I am so touched you would take the time to dive so deeply into my life situation!” Deva Premal, see her reading

“Thank you for such an insightful look into my hands. The level of detail and accuracy was awesome!” Natalie Cook, 5 time Olympian, see her reading

“Sarah is an amazing young woman on a mission and is an incredible reader! Thanks Sarah! xo” Toni Reilly, Australia’s Leading Past Life Regression therapist

“I found Sarah’s palmistry and numerology reading very enlightening and recommend it to anyone searching to understand themselves, and their life’s purpose, more.” Alexis Cartwright, founder of Transference Healing


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