Professional Numerologist and Psychic

I teach CEOs, founders and spiritual leaders to use numerology and psychic ability for global success, kindness and a healthier planet.

Find Your Life Path

Your life path in numerology reveals your ‘spiritual job description’. It sums up your life purpose,  strengths, challenges, Soul tribe and forecast, including exact ages of success. Discover your life path using your DOB!

Online Classes

Your 2023 Numerology Forecast – now $22! I have classes on money healing,  developing your intuitionwhy your child chose youwhy you chose your mothercrystal healing, relationship palmistry and more.

11:11 See'rs

Seeing 11:11 and repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and 666 means that you are a Spiritual Messenger, who’s ready to wake up and find your tribe – see my Patreon group. Your higher heart  is opening and it’s time to  become a leader for awakening.


Sarah is open for  readings. If you’re looking for the real deal, you’ve found her. As a psychic, I have helped more than 4,900 clients to find their life path and clear their fears since 2007. Learn how you can work with me and make a booking.

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Meet Sarah Yip, The Numbers Queen

Hi, I’m Sarah, Numerologist & 11:11 Expert

As a scientist turned psychic, I help you take major leaps. I offer psychic readings and classes by Zoom and on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. These include numerology, palmistry, Tarot and clairvoyance. As an IICT certified practitioner you are guaranteed a professional experience with me.  

I often speak in the media, including TV, radio and print. With a  background in high-level charity fundraising, government and business, my advice is genuine, breathtakingly accurate and practical. See hundreds of testimonials.

Bookings with me are open, only a few spots left for 2023. For a reading sooner, see Kris, my psychic husband. I also have great colleagues.

Please note, there is a waitlist all year round. I encourage you to book in advance (around your birthday is great as that’s when you change personal years.)

*NEW* September forecast and celebrity readings – 2 Sept

Podcast on 11:11 with Grant and Chezzi Denyer!

A Chat on Numerology, Psychics & Fame...

 The Denyers chat to the Numbers Queen Sarah Yip about seeing the number 11:11 everywhere and asking her what it means for them? What transpires during the chat is so interesting. From evictions of top politicians to predicting what Grant will do next in his career this is one left-field but captivating chat! Also on YouTube

“I’m obsessed with how simple yet how accurate you are using numerology!!! It has opened my eyes to a whole new world and I love it! I’m enjoying reading all your blogs too on your website. X” Chezzi

“My God she’s like sniper, so fast and accurate. The lesson you get from her is that we are all aerials. We receive messages from the ether. All you need to do is be open to the experiences and things will present themselves.” Grant


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