Palmistry and Numerology Reading for Anna Bligh, Former Queensland Premier – 28/10/1 Lifepath

Success isn’t winning or losing. It’s leaving a legacy for others. This was the message I took home from Anna Bligh recently, as she launched her autobiography, Through the Wall, at The Brisbane Writer’s Festival.

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Sarah Yip Anna BlighAnna (see photo) was Queensland’s first female premier from 2007-2012.

Through the Wall is a cracking read – it’s packed with anecdotes, behind the scenes revelations and Anna’s trademark honesty. It also has touches of defensiveness and vulnerability, as you’d expect from a memoir written within three years of a political defeat and a cancer diagnosis.

Anna’s book has made headlines for its portrayal of alcoholism (her father is an ex-drinker), and the struggles she faced in the macho world of politics. Hearing Anna speak, I was impressed by her warmth and authenticity. She’s someone who grows on you. Although I don’t agree with all her views (e.g. fluoridating water), I was moved by her actions during the 2011 Queensland floods. She’s certainly got spark.

It was easy to cry while reading about Anna’s harsh upbringing, her handling of the floods and how she confronted the Catholic Church about institutional child abuse. Among her many achievements, I was also inspired by her overhaul of domestic violence protection legislation to cover same-sex couples. She writes that members of the Queensland National Party and One Nation Party accused her of being an agent of Satan at the time.

I can relate to Anna’s story. I’ve lived with alcoholics and once de-armed my partner to prevent him from stabbing someone. I’m also a survivor of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, who lost much in the Queensland floods. Like Anna, I left formal religion after being disenchanted by its hypocrisy. So I know what it feels like to be a pariah.

Just last Christmas, my family accountant (a born-again Christian) came to lunch and, in front of my parents, declared that all psychics are possessed by demons. I looked at him and chirped ‘I’m not’, before taking a phone call. Turning back, I said “I prayed yesterday for a chance to speak on radio about the Lindt Café Siege and hope. A few hours later my wish has come true. If I’m so evil they why does the Universe keep helping me?” He was stumped. For me the proof is in the pudding – I know I’m on track because the opportunities keep coming. When they stop, then I’ll change.

Anna could have stayed in her ‘feel-good’ positions in childcare and social work but she followed her heart’s desire to become a political pioneer. That’s what makes her legendary.

As she said at her book launch “You don’t become Premier by accident – certainly, women don’t. You gotta burn for it.” I left a relationship, family approval and a career in fundraising to set up my psychic practice. So I absolutely admire Anna’s guts. Hopefully I can do her reading justice! See my findings below.

Palmistry for Anna Bligh

Palmistry is an unbeatable way to read someone’s current personality and energy levels in seconds. The photos below were taken with Anna’s approval. She has a great sense of humour. When I asked if I could see her hands, she quipped “Please don’t tell me I’m an axe murderer”. She sounded partly serious. This sensitivity to feedback is a great character trait. It gives her natural empathy (something you’ll see in her Numerology further down).

1) Let’s get something straight. Anna Bligh is not an axe murderer. Literally. She does not have Murderer’s Thumbs. I should know – I’ve seen thousands of thumbs (read more about the Murderer’s Thumbs in Palmistry).

On the contrary, the smooth cuAnna Bligh Palmistryrve of her thumb tip shows a robust, almost cheerful approach to conflict and someone who’s very persuasive.

2) Anna’s square palms reflect a practical nature – someone who likes to clean up their problems and feel/ touch/ see the results of their hard work. This fits perfectly with her Line of Practicality in Numerology (discussed later). Many tradespeople (tradies) have similar traits. Anna is someone who’s happy to get her hands dirty (as evidenced by her approach to natural disaster clean-ups during her time as Premier).

She’s quite pragmatic. The overall shape of Anna’s hands and fingers shows an Air/ Earth nature – a good balance of thinking and action. Her average to long fingers denote a gift for understanding detail without getting too bogged down.

3) A red tint to her hands shows reasonable health and circulation. Leaders often have red hands – they’re always ready to fight the next fire. In Palmistry, the patch of redness on her Luna Mount (the base of her palm furthest from the thumb) could suggest a family history of alcoholism or blood sugar issues and/ or a tendency for acidity/ inflammation.

They tend to run hot rather than cold, temperature wise. An alkalising diet, plenty of fresh water and rest (even moon-bathing or stargazing) can help to balance this out. Liver remedies and Chinese Medicine could also assist.

4) Anna’s Jupiter (fore) finger in a smidgeon longer than her Apollo (ring) finger. This is typical in women as it’s thought to indicate higher oestrogen levels. My experience is that women with long, strong Jupiter fingers like Anna are often eldest children (true in Anna’s case), and are early achievers. They often have demanding careers and responsibilities by their 20’s. People tend to see them as natural parents and counsellors. I have this formation too.

5) Her Life Line has a difficult start (many criss-crosses), suggesting a childhood where nothing was certain. These crises peaked between 5 to 8 years old, when she was witnessing a lot of drama at home. This may have left Anna with a tendency not to eat or speak much when she is feeling overwhelmed – the gap in her Life Line suggests that she stores tension in her neck and jaw (Throat Chakra). Fortunately, things ease by 21 in Anna’s hands (and numerology). By this stage, she feels safe in her physical body and able to make it in the world.

I believe that we choose our family of origin. Many Souls pick a tough upbringing to teach themselves resilience. This does not mean that I condone violence or abuse. I see it like entering a restaurant – it’s a service agreement. You’re free to leave, especially if you keep getting food poisoning…

Some people prefer to learn how to swim in rough seas, rather than a wading pool. Why? Because of they survive, they’ll never fear anything again. In Anna’s case, her father’s conduct bonded her to her mother and also influenced her feminist views. She realised early on that women were just as competent as men.

6) Anna has double Life Lines from about 10 years old. Double lines are common on people who carry Master Numbers (see Anna’s Numerology). It means she has two fuel tanks of life force compared to most people’s one. She can run on adrenalin for ages, but then needs extra time to recharge. She also has huge amounts of spiritual assistance on call to help her live ‘two lifetimes in one’.

Many sportspeople and high performers have double Life Lines. I once read the hands of Samantha Gash, who made history after completing the 4 Deserts Grand Slam (4 x 250 km ultra-marathons across Chile, China, the Sahara and Antarctica) in her 20’s. She had only done one marathon before and was the first woman and youngest person to ever complete the Grand Slam. She has three Life Lines! Anna has been a jogger for many years.

7) Her long, straight Head Line reveals a good memory, willpower and logical mentality. She thinks in a fairly black and white way (from A to B), which makes her technically brilliant at executing complicated tasks. The big gap between her Head and Life Lines shows someone who makes her own decisions and can appear impulsive at certain times. I’ll often see this in entrepreneurs’ hands. Interestingly, Anna’s Head Line is longer in her left hand of potential, so I suspect she’ll do more study and writing into the future. She’s got plenty of ideas left.

8) Anna’s Heart Line is deeply set in her hand, and mainly straight with a slight curve. It shows that she feels things deeply and tends to hold her feelings in. People with straight heart lines know who they love. They are intrinsically loyal and sacrificing, and don’t let someone into their inner circle until they’ve known them for years.

It can be hard to ‘read them’. In some ways Anna has the Heart Line of someone who’s quite Asian or Indian – she looks at relationships as a long-term commitment (marry me, marry my family). She only has one obvious marriage line in her hand. Anna met her husband Greg almost 30 years ago and they are still together.

Anna has a partial Girdle of Venus, which is a second Heart Line above her original one. I feel this formed between 2-4 years of age. It’s seen in people who lost their trust in authority figures early, and it leaves the bearer with an intense desire to stop suffering in others. They tend to take criticism personally and love arts, music and healing pursuits. Anna is currently on the Board of Bangarra Dance Theatre and was instrumental in setting up the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) in Brisbane.

9) Her Fate/ Career Line is fascinating. It’s very strong from childhood to 18 years old then fades in her 20’s. There is a resurgence from 37-49 years old and again at 51-58. This line shows Anna’s sense of being on purpose. No wonder she thought about being a nun when she was young – the depth of her Fate line then showed a deep faith in a higher order.

10) Anna’s fingerprints (not shown) were healthy and clear when I saw them, which is why I said to her “you’ve recovered well (from cancer)”. She mainly has Loops, which show a social, adaptable nature that loves people. Her left hand contained some unusual prints (a Radial Loop on her Apollo/ ring finger and unique triangle pattern on her Mercury/ pinky). These fingers are associated with Innovation and Healing.

It’s amazing how much the hands give away, huh? No wonder crooks hide their hands in their pockets! Anna’s hands are definitely those of an optimist. Her Life Line is stronger in her right (writing) hand than her left, suggesting she has taken steps to improve her health this lifetime.

As a University student, I used to serve food at the Sydney Cricket Ground, in a small room with John Howard, Bob Hawke and other VIPs. I then went on to work in Canberra and the United Nations with lots of interesting politicians. I wish I’d known palmistry then! It would have been a blast to take a peek at their hands.

Numerology for Anna Bligh

I’ll be honest with you. I normally consult with clients for 1-2 hours. So I could write a book about Anna’s fascinating numbers, but for the sake of brevity, here are 3 key aspects. Numerology is based on your date of birth (which is added to find your lifepath) and names. It reveals your ‘soul contract’ or spiritual job description.

Your lifepath never changes, but your hands frequently do. That’s why I like to read them together – the map and current coordinates, you could say. Your lifepath is a vehicle for your Soul – it doesn’t guarantee success. That’s up to your free will and how you ‘drive it’. That’s why I love studying people of all backgrounds – I find it fascinating that some people rise, while others go in circles.

1) In some ways, Anna was born to be Premier. Her date of birth 14/7/1960 adds up to 28/10/1. That makes her a Lifepath 1 in Numerology.

1’s naturally suit leadership positions as they are driven, courageous and easy to believe in.  They succeed when they pick something and stick to it. So I laughed when I read that Anna ‘would run straight ahead until (she) hit a wall, then pick (herself) up and start all over again’ while learning to walk at nine months old. That’s typical 1 behaviour. The number does look like a battering ram, after all!

Lifepath 1’s are modern day action heroes or heroines. 1 represents the Root Chakra/ Tailbone, which is all about survival, independence, fighting for your rights and building from the ground up. The colour for the Root Chakra is Red (Anna’s favourite).

Did you know? Since 1991, almost ALL of our Prime Ministers in Australia have been Lifepath 1’s. What are the chances of that? After all, there are 13 Lifepaths with 40+ variations. The scientist in me finds this boggling, but the numerologist loves it. Here are their stats:

Tony Abbott 4/11/1957 = 28/10/1
Julia Gillard 29/9/1961 = 37/10/1
John Howard 26/7/1939 = 37/10/1
Paul Keating 18/1/1944 = 28/10/1

I note that ex-QLD Premier Peter Beattie was born on 18/11/1952, making him a 28/10/1, the same lifepath as Anna. No wonder they clicked so quickly.

Seeing a pattern? Lifepath 1’s dominate! Of course, there have been exceptions – Kevin Rudd was an intellectual 34/7, Bob Hawke a Master Teacher 33/6, and so on. The past two QLD Premiers since Anna have been Lifepath 3’s, which also attract power easily.

Lifepath 1’s dream of being one of a kind. Think of a plant breaking through concrete. No wonder Anna called her autobiographyThrough the Wall. 1’s will often be the first in their family to go to University/ live overseas/ break free of limitations. Their direct, single-minded approach attracts followers and detractors in equal amounts.

1 energy is very powerful and women with this Lifepath are entrepreneurs or activists (think of Lorna Jane Clarkson or Maya Angelou). Anna didn’t change her surname after marriage or pass it onto her sons. Instead, her husband changed his surname briefly to Francis so their children could carry her mother’s name (Frances). This could be seen as radical. I guess it’s no surprise that she shares a birthday with the great suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.

Successful Lifepath 1’s stand out from the pack. Think Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve Jobs, Napoleon, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, George Lucas, Sean Connery, etc. 28/10/1’s are more hands on and feisty than 37/10/1’s, who tend to be cautious and intellectual. Read more on Lifepath 1s

So – do you have to be a Lifepath 1 to win an election? My answer is no, but it certainly helps. Interestingly, many US Presidents have 11 energy (double action), but that’s a whole other article.

2) Anna is both confident and extremely sensitive. In Shiatsu, there’s a theory that if one area in the body is energised (Kyo), another place lacks energy (Jitsu). This is similar to the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang. Looking at Anna’s numbers and name, I could immediately see her strengths and weaknesses. She’s been good at managing the latter.

Here’s her DOB 14/7/1960 on a numerology grid. I’ve added a 1 in brackets to represent her Lifepath.

0        6     9 Spiritual Plane
0        0     0 Emotional Plane
11(1) 4      7 Physical Plane

Anna has the 1-4-7 Line of Practicality, making her down to Earth and athletic. She can handle working with males and rules. The extra 1’s give her plenty of energy and initiative.

With a row of spaces on the Emotional plane, she has what’s called the Line of Sensitivity or Empathy. This means that she keeps things inside (hence her deep-set, straight Heart Line in Palmistry). It’s a classic feature of a warrior – they put their fears aside until after the battle has been won.

As a result, Anna’s heart takes time to recover from breakups or changes. This is not someone who can be rushed into new relationships, or careers for that matter. People with this formation are great with kids and animals because they are straight talkers. They rarely divulge secrets and you certainly won’t see them on Big Brother or dancing on tables in public.

Sarah Yip 22 Lifepath NumerologyI note that Anna’s name makes up for some of the gaps in her grid. Anna Maria Bligh adds to a 65/11 Destiny in numerology. 11 is a Master Number called the Spiritual Messenger – it suggests someone whose career will attract the spotlight and polarise opinion. 65 is the vibration of the word Enlightenment, which means Anna is destined to bring hope to people.

I feel that Anna’s mother Frances Tancred has 11 energy as well – all the places she chose to live have 11 energy (Toowoomba, Burleigh Heads) and she left her husband at age 29. I am a Lifepath 29/11 and made big changes at that age also.

The vowels in Anna’s name add to a 22/4 Soul Urge (see picture above), another Master Number called the Master Builder. This gives her extremely high standards in, and commitment to, personal relationships – the 22 looks like two swans in eternal love.

With so many master numbers in her numerology, Anna will be drawn to edgy lifestyles where she can change the world. She’s also likely to see number sequences like 11:11, especially now that she’s in her 1 Personal Year of beginnings (more on that below). Find your Personal Year.

3) Anna’s lived up to her potential. I specialise in forecasting people’s turning points (sometimes called quarter or mid-life crises). This system is accurate for both the past and future. Unlike Anna Bligh, most of my clients aren’t on Wikipedia so there’s no way I could know their life history before I meet them. People have excellent bullsh*t detectors these days and know if you’re bluffing them.

Your life can be divided into four seasons (Pinnacles) and a series of 9 Year cycles. Here are Anna’s seasons:

Age 0 – 35: A time for Anna to develop her personal power, intellect and imagination (3 Pinnacle). She accomplished this by overcoming fear (2 Challenge). This lesson was about healthy confrontation and asking for change. As playwright Jonathon Larson said “The opposite of war isn’t peace. It’s creation.” Critical years for growth were 1980-1982, when she was a University student campaigning on feminist issues, such as abortion rights and the banning of pornography at the campus bookshop.

Anna’s 28 year (1988-9) is significant as it was her Lifepath turning point – a time of increasing independence and success. She’d just become a mum (in November 1987) and was working with her husband Greg in a ‘renewed and enlivened’ Labor Party. This was just before Wayne Goss succeeded Joh-Bjelke-Petersen as QLD Premier.

I noticed that Anna often remarks on ‘feeling 28’ – she said it twice at her book launch and there’s a line in her book “In my head, I’m about twenty-eight, maybe third, years old…When you think you’re twenty-eight, choosing life feels like the easy path (in reference to choosing chemotherapy)”. It’s almost as if she knows she is a Lifepath 28/10/1 here to make a difference.

Age 36-44: Anna was continuing her first lesson (a 3 Pinnacle and 2 Challenge). Souls choose to ‘repeat’ subjects like this when they know it’s going to be a hard one to learn! Throughout her growth years of 1996-1999, Anna was mastering the art of self-expression. I note that she was elected the Labor member for South Brisbane in 1995, and became a minister in 1998. This ties in nicely with her numerology. She followed all the signs for progress.

Anna’s 43 year (2003-2004) is a spectacular year in her chart for achieving inner dreams. At this time, she was working with many stakeholders to introduce a year of Prep to the Queensland school system, something she was passionate about. This was the core promise of Labor’s 2004 election campaign, which they went on to win.

Age 45-53: A new lesson came in. Anna was ready to become a visionary and community guardian (6 Pinnacle). Her challenge from 45 onwards is a ‘0’, indicating that she’s no longer hobbled by shyness and can finally stretch her wings.

Anna’s 50th year (2010-2011) is a positive turning point in her numerology. This period included the January 2011 flood crisis, which Anna oversaw with great steadiness. It was also a time when her political fortunes were at a low after her proposal to sell State assets was opposed by the unions.

Anna’s numerology suggests that she had a chance to ‘think for herself’ and ‘open people’s eyes and minds’ during this period. Spiritually speaking, I think she accomplished her mission. Anna resigned from politics in March 2012, after Labor’s election defeat.

Age 54 onwards: A fresh lesson again, this time in freedom, travel, speaking up and honouring her inner voice (5 Pinnacle). 5 represents the fifth, or Throat chakra i.e. the con-neck-tion between our heads and hearts. Anna was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2013, a cancer of the lymph nodes and immune system. Thankfully it was restricted to her neck and throat and her treatment was successful.

Some healers link cancer to suppressed emotions and ‘something eating away at you on the inside/ a sense of attacking yourself’. There is also information that links salivary gland tumours and mobile phone use. Whatever the reason for Anna’s cancer, she’s said that her journey with it helped her to slow down and smell the roses.

To quote from her book “Having spent so much of my life out front, being the one who helps, the one who makes things happen, cancer forced me to stop, to wait and to let others do things for me.”

So what’s next for Anna?

In his book The Life You Were Born to Live, Dan Millman mentions that 28/10/1’s are hands-on healers who learn about their bodies through physical issues. Anna does have healer markings in her palms. My experience with 28/10/1’s is that they are extremely sceptical of alternative therapies and views, but may turn to them if conventional approaches have failed. It takes a lot for them to ask for help from anyone, especially their Spirit Guides, but once they do, life opens right up.

Of course, I’m not suggesting Anna’s going to become a crystal healer (like my friend Deniz Akan) tomorrow, but do I suspect she will reinvent herself dramatically, particularly at the ages of 58 and 65, to be precise. There will be no boring retirement or fading away.

Between July 2014 and July 2015, Anna is in a 28/10/1 Personal Year of New Beginnings. She could not have chosen a better time to launch a book, as the tides are in her favour right now. In her talk, she mentioned she’d like to ‘write a bodice-ripper’ next time. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Anna is currently reliving themes from July 2005-2006. Last time she went through this cycle, she became Deputy Premier (then Premier in 2007), so she has a lot to look forward to over the next 12-18 months.

Good luck Anna and thanks for letting me have a glimpse of your palms. 


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