Welcome to the light! If you’re looking for the real deal, you’ve found it. As a professional psychic, I’ve helped over 3,000 Souls to find their purpose and bust their fears since 2007. Here are hundreds of testimonials. Despite being born shy, I’ve reached over 300, 000 listeners through radio and millions more through this site – see interviews. It’s amazing how far love can take you. Let me help you find your voice too, so you can reclaim your Go(o)d again.

This is no ordinary reading. Knowing your Soul’s goal for returning gives you massive clarity. As a scientist by training, I’m practical, honest and thorough. I’ll take you through your Soul Contract and numerology, all questions welcome. I start preparing as soon as you book in, to ensure your session is breathtakingly accurate. Plus, there’s a money back guarantee if you don’t love it (and tell me on the call). Sound good? Book below and let’s kickstart your life!

We can meet by Zoom call, phone call or in person (Brisbane and Gold Coast). Prices are in AUD and include G.S.T – I will send a tax invoice by Paypal if you are an Australian client.

Here’s how we can work together:

Psychic Readings (New Clients) – A breakthrough series of 2 or 3 x 1 hour calls with me to reveal your lifepathpersonal year, palmistry and a 12 month Tarot forecast. These calls will open your mind, restore your confidence and supercharge your ability to manifest joy. Read more (starting from $671 for 2 x 1 hour calls plus a handwritten chart and 60min prep). Zoom or Phone.

Note: I do one-off readings in person at the Quantum Healing Centre in Wavell Heights, Brisbane on Mondays – these are $290/ 1 hour or $150/ 30mins – book below).

360 Degree Psychic Readings (All Clients) – Want an incredibly accurate and practical reading with myself and Kris, at a $150+ discount? It’s time to book in! As 11:11 Twin Flames and Soulmates. , we offer numerology, palmistry, Tarot and clairvoyance readings that will help you to upgrade your thinking and open your heart to 11:11 Awakening. Read more and book ($385 for 1.5 hours with two readers, plus 30min prep). No need to have seen us before. Saturdays only. Zoom/ Phone/ Gold Coast in person.

Followup Readings (Current Clients) – Once you know your lifepath, I recommend a followup every 6 to 12 months. The best time for an update is around your birthday, as you enter a new Personal Year. We’ll answer deeper questions, go through your career, relationship and health and update your forecast. Palmistry is included as needed. Book below ($297 for 1 hour). Zoom/ Phone/ in person on request.

Past Life Regressions (All) – A regression differs to a psychic reading in that you experience the memory directly, rather than being told the information. There’s no ‘middleman’, although I will guide you through the process. This is one of the most permanent and cathartic tools for clearing fear that I’ve ever come across. Read more and book ($297 for 1.5 hours) No need to have seen me before booking this session. Zoom/ Phone/ Gold Coast or Brisbane in person on request.

I also offer workshops and events plus affordable DIY numerology videos and meditations.

Once you book through Acuity, you’ll receive email confirmation immediately, 1 week and 72 hours before we talk. Still have questions? Please contact me by email or text +61 408 898 028 (allow a week or two for replies). Prefer not to use Paypal? You can do a bank transfer, email for details.

As mentioned in my FAQs and post on refunds, I am experienced and you will receive value for money. The confidence you receive from a genuine reading is priceless. I can help you pinpoint where you’re on, or off track in your career, relationships and purpose. This can save you days, months, years, even decades searching for answers.

If you need help to pay, here are 8 ways to create cashflow – remember, ‘if you think it’s expensive to see a professional, wait until you hire an amateur’. Your future is too important to leave to chance.

Please note: Some people get nervous or manifest obstacles before meeting me and want to cancel last-minute. It’s best to read 14 Reasons Clients Cancel Bookings before you give in to your fears!

Praise from clients:
Leanne O’Neill (37/10/1 Lifepath), see The Barefoot Medium and our 11:11 video from 2018
“As a fellow Psychic and Medium, I have not only worked with Sarah on a professional basis, she is one of the only people I will go to when I am wanting guidance, support and a check-in on my path and purpose. Sarah’s readings are amazing as she brings a combination of palmistry, numerology and humor to her sessions to support you in understanding purpose and supporting you in walking your path. I highly recommend Sarah!”

Shauna (35/8 Lifepath), long-term client, find your lifepath using your DOB
“It was such an honour to meet and have a reading with Sarah. I was blown away from the moment I saw her observations on paper and when we spoke I immediately realised she is one very special, genuine and gifted person. All of her observations were spot on and she has given me a new lease on life. Thank you for bringing so much light, love and clarity to my life, you truly are amazing.”

Deepa (31/4 Lifepath), long-term client
“I’ve been seeing Sarah regularly for the last few years. Sarah has offered me amazing clarity in understanding all facets of my life. I feel every time I see her an area of my life improves dramatically. I’m still not sure how that happens. Sarah is able to perceive things that I hadn’t been able to. Sarah has been invaluable to me and I look forward to seeing her for many more years. ”

Kristi (33/6 Lifepath)
“Having the 3 calls provided a very unique experience for me with each call being vastly different and unique. My intuition let me straight to you and I trust that things are no accident but still I can be a bit of a skeptic at times. I am so pleased with the outcome. Your gifts absolutely blew me away. The amount of information I took…is astounding. With the mix of numerology, palm reading, tarot and clairvoyance things really stayed fun and interesting. I would describe the energy during the calls like chatting with a close and wise friend, very comfortable.

Each of my calls had an underlining message I clearly understood …lots of fun sprinkles in between too! Kinda like having a beautiful 3 course meal customized just for you. Separately all delicious but when put together – magical. After each one, I felt myself revisiting the previous call and just thinking “WOW. How cool was THAT?!” then looking forward to what was in store for the next. The meditations we did throughout the calls were customized and original and I still practice them often. The metaphors shared when talking STILL have me cracking up!

For me a one-off consultation would have felt rushed, especially for those interested in opportunity to really grow and heal. The new client series provides a more comfortable and relaxing space to just allow things to flow which felt so natural. No feeling pressured or focused on time. That made all the difference for me.

I have so much gratitude to you, Sarah. You are a wonderful guide with bright and calming energy. Even at times when I was unsure and feeling a bit overwhelmed, your patience and understanding was a key component in allowing myself to fully be present and open to the experience. YOU are worth every penny. I cannot thank you enough. With Love & Appreciation.” See 99+ testimonials

Psychic Reading Policies: As I receive hundreds of inquiries a year, I ask for a 50% deposit. The balance is due 1-2 weeks before we meet. Credit is valid for 12 months after purchase, if you give me 72 hours notice of any time or date changes. Cancellations or postponement within 72 hours attract a $100 fee. I reserve the right to change your time or date with 72 hours notice if needed (this is rare). If I give less than 72 hours notice, we can discuss a partial credit. Deposits are non-refundable, however exceptions can be made for genuine emergencies. In these cases please allow 3-4 weeks for the transfer. Thanks for your understanding.

Disclaimer: All readings and regressions are provided for personal entertainment purposes only. For all matters that require professional help please seek the advice of a fully qualified expert. Want to know more? Click here for testimonials.