11:11 Clocks

Seeing 11:11 and repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444 means that you are a spiritual messenger, who’s ready to ‘wake up’ to your lifepath. You’ve come to Earth for a reason! It’s time to embrace metaphysics, such as numerology, so that you can return to a state of freedom. I also recommend meditation to connect with your Soul – see this post on 6 Meditation Myths and my latest Angel Meditation MP3.

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Like countless souls worldwide, I’ve seen numbers like 29, 11, and 1111 constantly since the global shift on 11.11.11. That was the day my heart broke open and I embraced psychic work, the perfect fit for my 29/11 Spiritual Messenger lifepathAfter reading for thousands of clients with 11, 22 and 33 numerology, I’ve discovered a link between 11:11 clocks and Master Number 11 lifepaths (among other coincidences).

11:11 is a reminder that we are all equal (11 is like an equals sign on its side). It’s Angel code for ‘every moment is a new beginning’. Words like WHITE, LIGHT & ENLIGHTENMENT* add to 11, so this energy is very healing. *I read this as ‘In Light You’re Meant To Be’. Your Soul wants to expand your Third Eye Chakra, i.e. your mind and pineal gland – the seat of intuition and inter-dimensional awareness. When our Third Eye, or Sixth Sense, is open, we see the good in ourselves, other people and the world. We understand the concepts of reincarnation and ‘Earth as a school’.

Seeing 11 indicates that you may have Master Numbers (11/ 22/ 33) in your numerology, or around you. This gives you double leadership potential (as well as double insecurity to overcome). It’s a big journey and you’ll need supportFind your lifepath here.

If you’re not an 11, 22 or 33 lifepath, you’re probably carrying 11’s in your name or pinnacles – in these cases, a reading could be helpful. You could be here to help the Lightworkers, e.g. as a mentor. Most people see 11:11 as part of a suite of Ascension symptoms and DNA upgrades. See my post and video on Why Do I See 11:11 When I’m Not A Master 11/22/33

The numbers appear once you hit a critical turning point such as the start or end of a 9 year cycle – find your personal year in this post. The number 1 is about rebirth and healing your Root Chakra, so 1111 signals a fresh start. Seeing 11:11 can also indicate that you have met a soulmate, twin flame or member of your soul tribe. Often, you have past or parallel life trauma waiting to be healed, which can be achieved through past life regression or hypnosis. We change lifepaths each incarnation so you may have chosen a master 11, 22 or 33 journey to make up for lost time or to speed up your evolution. I recommend Kundalini yogachanting and meditation to manage your increasing sensitivity. You can also join a course or book a reading to discover more about your chosen path.

As a  29/11 Spiritual Messenger lifepath I know what it’s like to feel different and alienated. Some people call us ‘Starseeds‘ or Star People, from other dimensions.  The day after I was told I was a Star Person, I sat in my car and the radio turned on without me touching it. Guess what song it played? ‘You’re The Star’. Spooky, huh? If you love staring at the night sky, are softly spoken, and fascinated by spiritual topics, welcome to the tribe.

TV stars like Ellen Degeneres see 11:11, which is no surprise. The words RADIO and MOVIES add to 29/11, and these numbers rule the media. I got my big media break on 97.3FM (see videos), which adds to 29/11. Please, write to me with your stories via The Numbers Queen on facebook (on my timeline).  I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. The photo of the doors was taken in Brisbane, where I see 11’s constantly. Even the scientist part of me believes this is Divine intervention, not coincidence.

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“Before we can forgive one another, we have to understand one another” 
Emma Goldman

Feedback from Kristie (a 29/11 Lifepath) on her Skype reading

“Common feelings of walking this number 11 life path have been confusion, pain, desperation and loneliness…sometimes all consuming. After the reading with Sarah I feel at peace with my life and where I am today, I feel in a state of awe at myself as a divine piece of this glorious Universal puzzle that is life. Thanks Sarah, blessings.”

My blog attracts many people like Sharon, who said “I’ve been seeing 11:11 for over 3 years. Started in fall 2011. Also other repeating numbers 111, 44, 444…they are EVERYWHERE! Guess what? (I’m a 29/11 Lifepath). In the beginning I thought I was losing my mind, (until) I decided to Google it. WOW!…I thought I had read it all until finding your site. It’s amazing…I can relate to so much of it. I can’t believe how many people this is happening to. You are the first person I’ve run across that has made a Lifepath connection with this.” Thank you Sharon!