11:11 Clocks

Welcome, fellow See’r! You found us! Seeing 11:11 and repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444 means that you are a Messenger, who’s ready to ‘wake up’ and find your lifepath. You’ve come to Earth to be a Spiritual teacher. Yes, really. Spirit is talking to you, and it’s time to get moving so we can all complete our healing.

Essentially, 11:11 is a hello in Universal language. Once you learn numerology (through courses, my blog posts etc) you can then converse with higher dimension Spirit Guides quickly and easily. They will show you new pathways to acceleration and mass healing. 11:11 See’rs often change lifestyles within 5 to 9 years of seeing the prompts, taking many sceptics with them into their new businesses and communities etc.  I’ve worked with thousands of 11:11 See’rs and promise, you’re not going crazy. Your new life is ready and waiting for you. I speak to Spirit daily, and repeating numbers are my bread and butter.

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I’ve seen numbers like 29, 11, and 1111 since the global shift on 11.11.11. That was the day my heart broke open and I embraced psychic work, the perfect fit for my 29/11 Spiritual Messenger lifepathAfter reading for countless clients with 11, 22 and 33 numerology, I’ve discovered a link between 11:11 clocks and Master Numbers. Find your lifepath

11:11 is a reminder that we are all equal (11 is an equals sign on its side). It’s Angel code for ‘every one counts’. Words like WHITE, LIGHT, ABUNDANCE & ENLIGHTENMENT* add to 11, so this energy is very positive. *I read this as ‘In Light You’re Meant To Be’. Your Soul wants to open your Third Eye Chakra, i.e. your mind and pineal gland/ intuition. When our Third Eye, or Sixth Sense, is open, we see the good in ourselves, other people and the world. We understand the concepts of past lives and ‘Earth as a school’.

Seeing 11:11 indicates that:
-You have Master Numbers (11/ 22/ 33) in your numerology, or around you.
 This gives you double leadership potential (as well as double insecurity to integrate). It’s a big journey and you’ll need support especially in 2018, a Master 11 Year!! Find your lifepath If you’re not a Master Number lifepath, you’re carrying these numbers in your name, pinnacles or family/ friends circle – a reading  or self-study will reveal these.
-You have past life or present life skills in numerology and healing – now is the time to apply them!
-You are here to help the Lightworkers. People see 11:11 as part of a suite of Ascension symptoms and DNA upgrades.
-You’re at a turning point, e.g. the start or end of a 9 year cycle – find your personal year.
-You have met, or will soon be meeting, a Soulmate, Twin Flame or member of your Soul tribe.
-You have past life/ family trauma waiting to be healed, e.g. through past life regression, or personal growth.
-You have Star Energy. As a  29/11 Spiritual Messenger lifepath, I know what it’s like to feel alien. People call us ‘Starseeds‘, from other dimensions.  The day after I was told I was a Star Person, I sat in my car and the radio turned on by itself. Guess what song it played? ‘You’re The Star’. If you love staring at the night sky, are soft spoken, and fascinated by spirituality, welcome to the tribe…More on Starseeds
-You’re here to make a big splash/ create global healing. Actors like Ellen Degeneres see 11:11, which is no surprise. In numerology, RADIO and MOVIES add to 29/11. These numbers rule the media. I got my break on 97.3FM (see interviews), which adds to 29/11.

Want to know more? Book a reading with me, my husband Kris or a numerology course.

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“Before we can forgive one another, we have to understand one another” Emma Goldman

Feedback from Kristie (a 29/11 Lifepath) on her Skype reading

“Common feelings of walking this number 11 life path have been confusion, pain, desperation and loneliness…sometimes all consuming. After the reading with Sarah I feel at peace with my life and where I am today, I feel in a state of awe at myself as a divine piece of this glorious Universal puzzle that is life. Thanks Sarah, blessings.”

My blog attracts fans like Sharon, who kindly said “I’ve been seeing 11:11 for over 3 years. Started in fall 2011. Also other repeating numbers 111, 44, 444…they are EVERYWHERE! Guess what? (I’m a 29/11 Lifepath). In the beginning I thought I was losing my mind, (until) I decided to Google it. WOW!…I thought I had read it all until finding your site. It’s amazing…I can relate to so much of it. I can’t believe how many people this is happening to. You are the first person I’ve run across that has made a Lifepath connection with this.” Thank you Sharon! I’m glad to be of service. If only everyone knew their numbers, we’d be at peace with our progress again.