11:11 Clocks

The Significance of 11:11

Welcome, fellow See’r! You found us.

Seeing 11:11 and repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333 means that you are a Spiritual Messenger, who’s ready to wake up and find your lifepath. Your higher heart chakra is opening (the Holy Grail point and connection to Soul). It’s time to raise your vibration and become a global teacher of awakening.

11:11 is a hello from the Universe. It’s a sign that you have talents in metaphysics, you’re ready to express. By learning meditation, numerology and healing, you can co-create with the 11:11 Spirit Guides, who will help you become more of your Higher Self. 11:11 is a way of seeing the world as One – it’s the Age of Aquarius.

Here’s a summary of why you see 111, 222, 333, 444 etc.

11:11 and the flip from head to heart-based living

Many 11:11 See’rs ‘flip’ from conventional to alternative lifestyles, occupations and relationships, within 5 to 9 years of seeing the prompts. You’re a Starseed, here to help the sceptics open their minds again. I am a scientist, who’s now a numerologist, so I know that anything’s possible. Everyone is born psychic, it’s just that some of us got shut down.

Don’t worry, you’re not crazy. 

Since 2011, I’ve worked with thousands of 11:11 See’rs and my findings are below. A new life is calling, and if you respond, you’ll catapault yourself into joyful service. Your Soulmates and in many cases, Twin Flame/s are waiting for you. Know that you are capable of miracles. This page contains many free and affordable resources to help you reconnect to Source (aka, ‘re-source’ yourself).

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Recommended steps if you see 11:11 and want to know more

Read through this page and find your lifepath and personal year. Often, you will have Master 11, 22, 33 or 44 numerology
and/ or be at a turning point like a Personal 1, 11/2 or 9 year. You’re probably an 11:11 Starseed.

Learn numerology through my webinars including:

– Your 2023 Numerology Forecast, released Feb 2023 (now $22, was $154)
-11:11 Angels – A Meditation and Healing Class (now $44, was $99)
– Develop Your Intuition a psychic defence and energy healing course (now $33, was $66+)
Why Your Child Chose You, a family numerology webnar (now $33, was $99!) Many 11:11 See’rs have psychic kids.
Change for Good – a Spiritual Money webinar for 11:11 Seer’s (now $49.50, was $99+)

Join my 11:11 Community on Patreon. We hold regular Zoom lessons and events plus have a private
 Facebook group. Membership is from AUD11 a month, no contracts. For higher level support in your spiritual business and career, check out 11:11 World Changers (next round opens 2024).

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YouTube: skea271 I post regular forecasts on social media.

Need extra guidance? Book a reading for a massive acceleration. My husband Kris and
I work with this energy everyday, it’s incredibly exciting.

In summary, seeing 11:11 indicates that:

Feedback from clients

“Common feelings of walking this number 29/11 life path have been confusion, pain, desperation and loneliness…sometimes all consuming. After the reading with Sarah I feel at peace with my life and where I am today, I feel in a state of awe at myself as a divine piece of this glorious Universal puzzle that is life. Thanks Sarah, blessings.” Kristie

“I’ve been seeing 11:11 for over 3 years. Started in fall 2011. Also other repeating numbers 111, 44, 444…they are EVERYWHERE! Guess what? (I’m a 29/11 Lifepath). In the beginning I thought I was losing my mind, (until) I decided to Google it. WOW!…I thought I had read it all until finding your site. It’s amazing…I can relate to so much of it. I can’t believe how many people this is happening to. You are the first person I’ve run across that has made a Lifepath connection with this.” Sharon
Thank you Sharon!

11:11 Means It’s the 11th Hour, Rise Up and Be Love

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