Healing with Humour, the 7th Sense! Interview with Fiona McGary (a 23/5 Lifepath Rebel)

Fiona McGary taught me stand up comedy in 2015, so I could announce my pregnancy on Youtube and silence the critics. I love her to bits. She’s also made over 250, 000 people laugh as a comedian. Now she is healing with humour! See my interview with her below:

We cover:
-How humour is the hallmark of the greatest teachers
-Her 23/5 Rebel lifepath. At 23, her lifepath age turning point, she was travelling the world and loving it!
-How 5 lifepaths in numerology are here to stick their necks out, without losing their heads (!) and more on the Throat Chakra
-Keeping it real in a world of spiritual bypassing.
-And much, much more.

As Fiona says, “if you are being totally self-expressed and authentic, then you don’t need to tell people that’s the case. You just are.”

December 2020 Update – See my second comedy set after I repeated the course with Fiona!

Connect with Fiona McGary (Healing with Humour, Comedy and Public Speaking Workshops)
Website – Fiona McGary – Healing with Humour
Facebook – Fiona McGary Official
Instagram @ feehmcgee

Partial Transcript (edited):

Sarah: Hi, this is Sarah from sarahyip.com and Facebook The Numbers Queen, with the super amazing Fiona McGary. Fiona has done over 3200 shows to over 250, 000 people. Whoa. And she’s the creator of the hugely successful Stand Up Comedy Course which has run for 10 years – monumental.

Fiona now has a passion to use her experience and understanding of humour to bring about positive change in people’s lives and businesses. So welcome Fiona.

Fiona: Hello.

Sarah: That is quite an epic introduction can I say.

Fiona: Just when you read that, I went, no wonder I feel so tired.

Sarah: Well, some of us have read a few books, watched a few podcasts, complained a bit about the world and you’ve worked with quarter of a million people and how many students to help them understand the power of the word and overcome their worst fears. Just putting us to shame Fiona. Please have a lie down. [laughter]

Fiona: I’ve using corona for some lie-down time.

Sarah: Yeah. Tell me that you sleep.

Fiona: I sleep at night. I wish, I’m not someone who can nap, I don’t know why. I’ve got this system that’s just, when the sun’s up, that’s it.

Sarah: You’re just geared for efficiency.

Fiona: Yeah, yeah.

Sarah: It’s funny you know, because they say when people are laughing they learn much faster. So perhaps you’re here as a teacher and because humour gets it across slicker, that’s what you’ve gone for.

It’s maximum effect in one lifetime. We know from your DOB, that you’re a 5 lifepath, a 23/5 lifepath in numerology. Find your lifepath

This is about the Throat Chakra. It’s a lifetime devoted to:
– sticking your neck out without losing your head,
-finding your voice,
-balancing listening and speaking in that perfect ratio,
-getting people to see different points of view,
-to look around at the world,
-find their own truth. Connect with their intuition, their inner teacher, which has a 50/5 energy. So, it’s this incredibly sensitive and magical lifepath, which could go either way.

It could be really obsessive or it could be super hippy easygoing. Where are you with that lifepath now?

Fiona: Am I super easy going or am I more driven, is that what you mean?

Sarah: At the moment yeah. Your screen is freezing a little bit. Maybe that’s because you thought so hard, the computer picked it up.

Fiona: I broke the internet, was my thought.

Sarah: Are you more on the easy going side or more on the worky work side?

Fiona: At the moment I’m trying to be on the easy going side, but I can’t seem to stop that worky work. A couple of days ago I went, ‘that’s it, I’m taking a couple of weeks off. I’m not doing anything. I’m not putting any courses online. I’m resting and repairing. And then today, I was like, ‘you know, I could get the Grow with Humour’ on there. I’m trying to be one, but the other one keeps going, ‘are you sure you don’t want to work?’

Sarah: Yes, there’s a bit of a committee with you. And maybe it’s about taking turns with the different voices, keeping it democratic. How do you feel when you hear yourself these days? That’s a lot of the journey of the 5 lifepath. How do you feel when you experience your voice and you see it has an impact in the world?

Fiona: I think it depends in what regard we are talking about. That twenty years of doing standup, that voice, if I even watch any old footage, I’m like, urgh, I hate it. Hate, not hate, that’s a bit harsh. It’s very old me. A lot of that material is just not an accurate representation of who I am anymore. I feel that the new work I’m stepping into is a greater representation of me and giving myself a lot more self-expression.

Sarah: I’ve watched your videos, they’re still funny. Like, obviously you outgrew it faster than the rest of us. I often find with the 5 lifepaths, they never slow down long enough to be seen with the naked eye, unless there is a pandemic or there’s a Mercury retrograde, it really takes something that makes them hover. You’re obviously in transition which is very exciting.

Do you remember anything happening around your lifepath turning point ages? The childhood one was 5 and the adult one was 23. What was that like? Note: this question happens at 5 minutes 55 seconds (!)

Fiona: Um, 5, I don’t recall.

Sarah: You probably started school.

Fiona: Look to be honest, I don’t have a great recollection. 23 was when I started travelling overseas. I loved being away from Australia. I felt a lot more freedom to express who I really was. I’m from a big family, so you know, your voice gets a bit lost in a family of 5 kids.

Sarah: Interesting, you’ve got that number 5 stalking you, haven’t you? You did 3, 200 shows, 3+2 is 5, family of 5, it’s probably all throughout your life. A lot of 5s do find joy in exploring other worlds, other personalities. They’re often the very best actors. Some of them are the very best doctors, because they can kind of morph, they can kind of feel into, like different energy.

You’ve now had an opportunity to go from the world of comedy, where it’s very much live or die by the sword (which is an anagram of words) to the softer and yet more scary world of spiritual new age, self-help stuff, right?

Have you experienced any spiritual by-passing? Have you noticed any of that as you’ve gone into this field, where people say one thing and they do another. Or they wishy-wash around the bigger issues?

Fiona: I feel that the online space at the moment, is full of a large, large majority of that.

Sarah: Interesting. And how does it affect you? Obviously, you are a highly sensitive person. You vibe off people really, really quickly and really accurately. How does it affect you I guess, when you’re around a lot of that spiritual whitewashing or bypassing.

Fiona: I have to try quite hard not to get really frustrated, borderline angry about it.

Sarah: Make a smart remark? Keep your head on right? Keep your head on this lifetime? [Laughter]

Fiona: Zip it and just go, ‘that’s where they’re at, mind your own business’. It only riles me up a bit when I see it involving…preying on vulnerable people. Offering advice and coaching and taking on, you know high end clients…If they’re just on there expressing whatever, I’m like ah, whatever. When it’s about targeting people, um that’s when I’m like {growls}

Sarah: Yeah, the difference between gaslighting and blowtorching.

Fiona: I think the energetic imprint through which we coach, goes to your clients and students. So that’s why I get a bit mmm.

Sarah: When you get emotional, your screen freezes.

Fiona: Does it?

Sarah: Which I actually kind of love. That’s one of the things I love about online technology. It’s so honest and you record it, so you see all the Spirit things that happen. You’re back now. Fierce Fi made an appearance. It’s sort of like Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce. Well, Beyoncé is a 5 so she has a very passionate side.

Fiona: I didn’t know that?

Sarah: So is Jay-Z. So they’re movers and shakers, superpower energy. When 5’s get together, revolutions happen, for sure. So how do you, do people keep it real when there’s a lot of fluffy stuff, or a lot of people garbage-ing their world?

Fiona: Look I think it’s pretty hard, because I’m old enough. Not that age necessarily matters. Someone could be 70 and very sleepy. I have to remember that we all start somewhere on the spiritual path you know. When you read that first book or wherever or however you start to get in touch with your spiritual side. Look I’ve been guilty. We’ve all done that workshop or read this book and then before you know it, you’re out there being a parrot.

Sarah: Proselytising. Totally. It’s one of the hallmarks that it didn’t quite integrate. It’s almost like you’re waiting for someone to cut you down and be like, ‘that’s not you, that’s not you, it doesn’t fit you.’

Fiona: Yeah, so it’s a bit of a dance. There’s probably something in it for me to learn… (at 11min 11 sec), ‘well you were there once’ you know. Just sort of letting it be. Some people I kind of meet and watch what they are doing. You’ve got to not be an arrogant tw*t. Like ‘I’m so much more spiritual than you and I’ve done more work and this and that. Even that, saying that, it’s kind of like ‘have ya?’ You’re being very judgemental of them now…

Note from Sarah: 11:11 means every moment is a new beginning, among other things! It also means, every one is equal. Love the syncs in the call!

Sarah: It’s got to be said that if you’re sexy and you know it, you don’t need to wear a shirt that says ‘sexy’.

Fiona: Yeah, yeah.

Sarah: It’s a bit of a dead giveaway. It’s just a step. It doesn’t have to occupy our consciousness unless we’re still feeling a bit insecure. But it’s also true that sometimes you just have to say something. Because maybe you’re seeing behind the mask that no one else can see the person is wearing. Sometimes the angle at which you’re sitting, you can see the latex peeling off. I think that’s when we have a responsibility to say, that person has got more than one layer, you know.

Fiona: If you are being totally self-expressed and authentic, then you don’t need to tell people that’s the case. You just are…

Sarah: It’s kind of like a duck putting on a bill, but it’s got a bill, but it wants its bill to be bigger. At the same time, sometimes we have to do those things, so we realise it’s not necessary, huh?

Fiona: You’ve got to start somewhere. That’s what I mean.

Sarah: You used that say that to me with comedy remember. You’ve got to start somewhere with the joke, with the set. That’s probably the best advice, right?

Fiona: Yep, just start… 

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