Markus Zusak – a 33/6 Life Path Master Healer and Author of Bridge of Clay

Here’s my latest numerology profile, this time for famous Australian author Markus Zusak. Born 23/6/1975, Markus is a 33/6 lifepath Master Healer (aka the big mouth and whistleblower). Find your lifepath

Update: Markus loved this post! See his feedback at the end of the analysis.

He’s here to heal the 6th chakra (6th sense, mental health and open mind) in himself and others. To lift us from the daily grind.

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With a rare mystic cross (1-5-9 and 3-5-7) in his DOB, Markus has a similar grid to his Holiness the Dalai Lama and motivational speaker Bob Proctor. His career is a lifetime calling and his ideas come straight from Source.

Many writers and deep thinkers are 33/6s (e.g. Stephen King, Agatha Christie and Einstein). They struggle with perfectionism and frustration until they learn to respect their inner child (3 energy) and play as much as they work. They flourish with healthy, natural diets and regular meditation or martial arts, to calm their active minds and inner critics.

Words like Teacher, Priest, Rockstar and Wake Up Call add to 33/6. Quirkily, Markus was an English teacher, and many people call him a literary rockstar.

From ages 0-30 and 40-48, Markus is ruled by no. 29/11, the Spiritual Messenger, who brings light to dark topics. 11 draws people into the public eye. Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson (stars of The Book Thief film) are 29/11 lifepaths (as am I). Quite a sync.

From 31-39, Markus was ruled by no. 45/9, the Old Soul who heals through marriage and surrender. This was when he had children (Kitty and Noah) with wife Mika and encountered delays writing Bridge of Clay. I can see why this took 13 years.

His numerology shows his lifepath turning point (peaking at 33) was having a family. Raising kids is a mammoth act of creation. The new generation know their purpose by their teens and require a tribe to raise.

For more tips, see Why Your Child Chose You – A Family Numerology Webinar and my popular post 7 Discoveries About Babies That Blew My Brain – A Psychic’s Tale

Markus finished Bridge of Clay during a success period in his chart. Right on Divine time. I loved this book so much I read it in a day. As a mother of 2 (soon to be 3) boys, I was touched by Markus’s portrayal of Penny Dunbar, the mother of five boys. No wonder he’s an eco-activist. Earth is an anagram of Heart, and he clearly respects strong women.

‘Markus Zusak’ has double 8 numerology – 8 is the comeback kid who succeeds through obsessive planning and grit. Rings true!

To learn more about your name numerology, see Your Life Purpose and Name Gifts Revealed – A Lifepath Numerology Webinar 

BTW, I was inspired to write this blog after passing Dunbar Street the day I read Bridge of Clay (despite being on holiday on Stradbroke Island) AND noting many references to 11 in the book. In numerology, 11 is a bridge between realms (head/ heart, earth/ sky, life/ death). So the title is perfect.

Markus is in a Personal 33/6 year until May 2021 so Sept 2020 was a peak time for better work/ life balance and spiritual awakenings. 2022 will be busy, as are ages 49-50, a time of fresh starts.

Thanks and good luck Markus! So glad to see a fellow Australian (and Sydney-sider) changing the world.

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Note: I am currently writing a book, so profiling authors is one of my favourite ways to spend time right now. Gives me some hope that I am not a lost cause!

Also – Markus is part German (Germany is an 11 numerology country) and his bestselling book The Book Thief was about the Holocaust (a 33 numerology word). The more you look into numbers, the more amazing life becomes. Nothing is an accident. We are all powerful creator Souls, with a destiny mapped from birth and free will to keep changing our realities.

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Markus Zusak: ‘I was just failing and failing, over and over again’
Markus Zusak on how Bridge of Clay left him ‘beaten up and bruised’

I read Bridge of Clay (written by Markus Zusak, a Master 33/6 lifepath, while staying in a holiday home at no. 33! Definitely meant to come across this amazing novel. Click on it to visit the book’s website.
Feedback from Markus Zusak to me at Instagram @sarahyip1111
My feedback back to Markus Zusak on Instagram @sarahyip1111

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