August 2020 Numerology Forecast

New forecast for you! We are in a 4 Universal year of Heart chakra healing (compassion) & 12/3 Universal month of Solar Plexus chakra healing (self-confidence, ego, imagination, inner child and personal power).

3 is the number of love triangles and August asks you to be faithful to YOU now, instead of scattering your favours. 3 also looks like lips or a kiss because it’s cheeky, fun-loving and sensual. Social energy is peaking for the year, so celebrate the small wins with gusto. New friends, Soulmates and colleagues are on the way, so make wishlists and expect the best.

3 is the artist, writer and showoff. Launches will go well now if you balance humour with honesty and service. Maybe it’s time to get that book, blog, album or journal going and clear the clutter from your head? ‘Words’ are a ‘sword’ (anagram). They can bring victory if you flourish them openly, or pain if you keep hiding them in your body. Let your genius shine!

This is a chance to learn new skills and clear up disagreements before September (a 4 Universal month of double love and emotional tests). Things will quicken, as ideas seeded in June start sprouting. Power struggles with parents, bosses and authority figures are likely as you reset your inner circles.

Remember, you can either be a ‘creator’ melting doubt or a ‘reactor’ melting down. It all depends whether you ‘c’ (see) yourself at the forefront of evolution or stuck in the middle.

Tip: August brings the 8.8 Lions Gate of breaking karmic ties and lifelong addictions to playing small. What an exciting time to explore and reconnect to your Soul gifts. Join my Intuition webinar on 9.8 to maximise your healing during this annual portal.

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Enjoy this month of expanding your light and letting go of control. Relax. Digest. Visualise growth. It’s the secret to intuitive living and knowing what comes next.

FYI, my series of articles on Life Path 3 talk about the solar plexus chakra and 3 numerology in more detail. This is the energy throughout Aug 2020.

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