Your April 2022 Numerology Forecast and Video

April 2022 Numerology. Comment 111 on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube if you like this post! We are in a 6 Universal year, 10/1 month. A time for beginnings, full circle understandings and rewards for bravery.

Tarot: 6 is the Lovers while 10/1 is The Wheel of Fortune. This month invites us to harness spiritual luck, close big deals and reset our relationship with fate. You are as powerful as Spirit. They need your help to create in 3D.

Chakras: The 1st or root/ base chakra is our feet, legs and lower back. Our fight, flight, freeze or flow systems. Survival instincts. The inner athlete.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with strong 1 numerology and/ or people who see 111 (the codes for physical healing, action and independence) will be busy in April. 2022 is also a big year for all 6 life paths, including 33/6 Master Healers. Find your life path and 2022 forecast (focuses in 6 energy).

Cosmic travellers have lots of 1’s in their DOB and charts, they are curious, restless and will stand instead of sitting to avoid missing out. More on 11:11 Starseeds

1s get it done. They can have one track minds and a fear of branching out. They need encouragement to take the first step but are great in a crisis and born to be on the frontline.

1 energy words include: Starseed, New Age, Spirit, Sexuality, Chocolate, Beach, Patience, Writing, Man and Bank. Totems are Phoenix, Turkey and Frog (rebirth).

Tip: Make a conscious mess this month and enjoy cleaning it up. Whether it’s a cake smash, mud wrestle or body painting session, we’re in a time for sensual reconnection.

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Dates: 1st New moon, 16/17th Full moon

Codes you’ll see: 111, 444 and 666. Also other codes, depending on your personal energetic needs and numerology cycles.

P.s. As I typed chocolate, the TV said ‘let’s have a hot chocolate’ (watching Home Alone 2)! Spirit is everywhere.

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11:11 double peace signs always.

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