Your March 2024 Numerology Forecast – Justice is Coming

March 2024 forecast. Comment 1111ANGELS on Facebook or Instagram for luck! We are in an 8 Universal year of Soul Star/ karmic chakra healing and an 11/2 month. Expect extreme changes and lightning fast wake up calls for the highest good. A video with bonus tips is on YouTube.

Tarot: 8 is Strength while 11 is (Lady) Justice. It’s time to receive your dues, stand up for the truth, ditch stereotypes and embrace fresh world views.

Clean up issues with the law, finances, sexuality, relationships (especially with women), anywhere there’s been inequality and secrets. 11 looks like legs so walk your talk and move on this month. Leaders create while others wait.

In older decks, 8 was Justice and 11 was Strength. There’s a positive correlation. What 8 forgets, 11 recalls and vice versa. 8s consolidate and follow through, while 11s open impossible doors. My mum is an 8 and I’m an 11, we’re a great team.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 8 life paths, 8 numerology or who see 888, 808 etc. are in demand this year. Find your life path and personal year

In March, those with 11 or 2 life paths, numerology or who see 1111 or 222, go to the next level. If you know an 11 or 2, send them this post!

11s are messengers who link Heaven and Earth. They need to beware of trolls and living a double life.

2s are peacemakers who heal conflict and create balance. They need to avoid codependence and servitude.

Dates: 10th New Moon (rest and reset), 19th/ 20th Equinox, 25th Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse (bring projects to a head).

A heads up that Mercury goes retrograde on 1 April (not a joke!)

P.S. My business is on hold, so I can focus on family. My office at Mudgereeba is closed. The Patreon group and bookings are paused, however 11:11 World Changers is running.

Sorry for the inconvenience. For a reading soon, see Vicki Haspels – The Conscious Mystic. She is my mentor and an excellent psychic.

For those of you who pray, I’d love if you could send healing. Picture roses. Thank you in advance.

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