Your February 2023 Numerology Forecast

February 2023 Numerology. Comment 999Love on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for good luck. We are in a 7 Universal Year of Crown chakra healing and a 9 month. A time for conclusions, surrender, big trips, rewriting history and claiming rewards.

The year energetically starts in March, in numerology and astrology. Don’t stress if you are still recovering from 2022. I can totally relate!

7 energy brings miracles and mayhem. Expect exciting career detours, changes in social circles and leaps of faith. For incredible clarity, self-healing and confidence, check out Your 2023 Numerology Forecast replay, now $77 (was $154) or $55 for Patreon members.

I’ve included 6 hrs of global + life path predictions, energetic upgrades and 12 new guided meditations. This is the perfect class if you want to learn numerology and/ or see 11:11! Also amazing for 7 life paths. Find your life path using your DOB

Tarot: 7 is the Chariot while 9 is The Hermit. Great energies for succeeding through action AND introspection. Love Tarot? Kris Anderson Tarot and I have just recorded a 2.5 hour class on the Tarot and Numerology in Patreon, a community study group you can join from $22/ month, no contracts.

Tips: Time is parallel, not just linear. You can access and heal your past, current and future selves through meditation and prayer. These aspects are always available to guide you. You just need to ask for signs (and perhaps try some of my tracks).

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 7 life paths, numerology or who see 777 or codes like 717 are in demand throughout 2023 for their wisdom and leadership. In February, those with 9 life paths (Old Souls), 9 numerology or who see 999, 909, 911 etc. have chances to go to the next level.

9 life paths find it hard to relax and receive as they tend to be givers. If they do ask for help, please, drop everything to assist, as it could be years before they open up again!

Dates: 5th/ 6th Full Moon (bring projects to a head), 14th Valentine’s Day, 19th/ 20th New Moon (rest and reset)

Enjoyed this? Join us on Patreon to learn numerology, meditation, Tarot etc. You can also buy a replay or book a reading with me and/ or Kris Anderson Tarot. We’d love to meet you!

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Thanks and best wishes, Sarah and the 11:11 Angels

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