September 2021 Numerology Forecast – New Traditions

September 2021 Numerology Forecast. Comment 555 on Facebook or Instagram if you like this post! We are in a 5 Universal year and 14/5 month. A time for truth-telling and public feelings that lead us to kinder mentors and spiritual groups.

5 is the Hierophant (Pope/ tradition/ religion) in Tarot, while 14 is Temperance (moderation). September is a peak season for throat (5th) chakra healing and being the middle way.

Those with 14 or 5 numerology or who see 555 will be busy. Find your life path

‘Raise your vibration and you will be tested’. In numerology, this month doubles the energy of your personal year, so expect huge surprises. Find your personal year

Be a voice of reason. Turn heads with your intuition. Strengthen your neck and nerves. Filter out the lies that keep you stuck. Call in help from all realms.

The days of being chosen by God/ Santa/Mr Right are over. It’s now about meeting happiness halfway and asking it or them out!

As the 9th month, September highlights conclusions and compassion (community passion). Seek out those who achieved your dreams 5 years ago. They can give you courage.


-Where is capitalism (head over heart, man over nature, science over art) hurting you? Look up Karōshi and presenteeism. Lack of sleep can leads to accidents, breakups, heart attacks, even diabetes.

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-The throat chakra impacts our metabolism – how much patience/ wait/ weight we carry. What if you practiced ‘opposites therapy’? Slowing down when you feel rushed and staying in motion when you feel stuck? Miracles might happen next.

Can you aim for rest/ life balance instead of work/ life balance? This promotes positive ageing. Consider a walk upon waking. Also, siestas. Listen to harps and singing bowls.

With Mercury retrograde from 27 Sept to 18 Oct, get car, computer and health checks done asap. Take trips to fave places and catch up with friends.

Dates: 6th/7th New moon, 20th/21st Full moon.

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P.s. Posting late because Ziggy is teething. Throat chakra, alright!

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