March 2021 Numerology

March 2021 Numerology. Comment 555 on Facebook or Instagram if you like this forecast! We are in a 5 Universal year, 8 Universal month. 2021 is about Radical Truth and Freedom. I call it the Year of Alien landings (when space-age, magical concepts become accepted and progressive thinkers finally get recognised for their courage).

The combination of 5 and 8 creates a global urgency for action, justice (8 is the strength card in Tarot – a woman taming a lion) and restoring our belief in a higher order. This month and next, you can finally solve big life problems using physical effort and creativity. 8 represents the infinity loop and Moebius strip – the mystery of life.

It’s the vibration of God, Karma, Faith, Hope and Boobs* in numerology. *Couldn’t help myself given our new baby!

Where do you need to be the boss again, and a creator vs a reactor (anagram)?

Where have you been waiting for rescue when the key is within arms’ reach?

Are you connecting with your Higher Self? Even short meditations help during messy transitions (see my Meditation Triple Pack and Develop Your Intuition webinar under Products)

How can you add harmony? With music, dancing, massage, stretching? 8 is what goes around, comes around. Move that lymph. Drink more (fresh) water.

What health issues can you let go of (or learn from)? Everything you want is on the other side of forgiveness. Your parents made you once but every 10 years you remake your skeleton. Believe in your power.

8 looks like an hourglass, goggles or racetrack. It heals us at the 8th (karmic / aura/ human race) levels. Have patience. See the patterns. Compete only with yourself.

March-April 2021 is preparing us for new starts from May. Instead of giving up, surf the terror barrier. Get support and faith it until you make it!

Key Dates: New moon 13th (great time for writing your romance wishlist or manifesting a new property), Full moon 28th/ 29th (best to follow-through then rest during this period, especially on the waning moon).

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“Thank you Sarah. Very informative. I feel much more optimistic and hopeful for 2021. Your genuine joy and peacefulness come through in every video making it a pure joy to listen and learn from you.” Irene

“Thank you Sarah and Kris for sharing your beautiful energy, knowledge and time. Very grateful and enjoyed it so much.” Melanie

“I thoroughly recommend this seminar! It has put me so much more at ease with the coming year and how I can prepare myself to come through as a stronger person.” Michelle

“Thank you so much for everything, Sarah. I am looking forwards to going over it again. I really liked the chakra meditations when doing the Life Paths. Will definitely be using them in the future.” Sean

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