April 2021 Numerology Forecast

April 2021 Numerology Forecast. Comment 555 on Facebook or Instagram if you like this post! We are in a 5 Universal year, 9 Universal month. 2021 is about Radical Truth and Freedom. Healing our Throat chakra and inner rebel.

The combo of 5 and 9 inspires unexpected happy endings, rewards and adventure (9 is the Hermit in Tarot – a wizard searching). Be the kinder person this month and May will bring blessed beginnings. Everything you want is on the other side of forgiveness. Stop waiting for a sorry that may never come!

9 represents the thinker/ big headed genius and Old Soul. It’s the vibration of Child, Money, School, Witch, Empath, Anger, Failure, Fortune and Divine in numerology. Many sensitives, especially women, plough themselves into improving others’ lives, but that’s not sustainable unless you give back to you. It just feeds capitalism and keeps you stuck at the bottom of the ladder.

Why are you feeding a stranger’s child (or business) before your own child? Before yourself? Who taught you that was noble?

Money represents protection and future choices. You deserve more of both, and it starts with assessing where your thoughts go. Whenever you picture someone, you donate them energy, esp. if they make you angry. Why not imagine your future self thriving instead? Grow that image.

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Where do you need to be more generous? Rest is the best reward we can give ourselves (Workaholics anonymous quote).

Where do you need to update your spiritual beliefs because they are holding you back?

See my Develop Your Intuition webinar for a class on busting superstition, healing your inner critic and opening up to 11:11 miracles.

Cult leaders can’t take a joke whereas true leaders love all feedback. Who makes you ROTFL? Go see them again soon.

Key dates: New moon 11/12th April, Full moon 26/27th April

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Happy Easter special beings!


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