Weekly 11:11 Numerology Forecast (and Readings Demo) – 20 May 2021

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Includes tips on: 
-how crying babies can jam phones and computers
Mercury retrograde season and turning the tables on sceptics
-how May is a 1 Universal Month that invites us to start again in an area we are completely stuck
-how intention is as important as action – why I dyed my hair for the first time in 3 years (I went grey after Ziggy’s dramatic birth).
-why people who have just started 11:11 awakening can be brittle and still prone to judging things as good and bad
-fussy eaters and the need to have joy involved in mealtimes
-how hyperactive people do better in outdoor classrooms
meeting a human Angel called Jill in an op shop with Ziggy
-intuition as a survival instinct that connects you with your purpose

Hint: Go to 13:00 for my numerology reading demo for Natalie and her son. Her Facebook feedback was: “Thanks so much Sarah. Great to hear and also yes my son is ADHD and ASD and uses a gym ball in morning and at night for energy release. I’ve also being practicing meditation these past few months and also have been considering taking up reiki”

Quote for the week: ‘People who are very clear can easily affect and impact technology. Those who don’t doubt themselves influence all around them, including electronics.”

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