Make Your Day a Miracle! The 3 Step Process For Manifestation You’ll LOVE

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.” (adapted from John C Maxwell)

Do you want to know how to have a great day, every day? Then this blog post is for you. It contains the 3-step process I use to attract ongoing miracles in life. Used regularly, this process resets your mind for success.

I am often asked the question ‘will I be happy?’ in readings. My answer is ‘that depends, because your attitude will ALWAYS override anything in your palm lines, or Tarot cards”. Some people talk about the glass being half full or empty. I just get excited there’s a glass…!

One thing I know is that happy people view pain differently to others. Instead of trying to ‘get rid’ of their difficult relationships and conflict, they focus on what can be recovered from the situation. They know that we always have problems, as long as we are on Earth – the trick is to choose interesting problems you look forwards to solving. They see the gold ring in the dirt, rather than the dirt on the gold ring.

If life was as simple as avoiding suffering then we could just run away and hide in a cave but that’s not fulfilling for most people. At a deep level we know that are here to learn how to manage our thoughts so that we can use our minds to heal, not destroy ourselves. So here is a sure-fire way to start using your mind for GOOD. Following this process, as well as a healthy diet and exercise program will help you to manifest paradise on earth.

Sarah’s 3-step process to make your day a miracle
(inspired by my studies with The Awakening Group)

1) Before you get out of bed in the morning, set an intention or affirmation for your day (e.g. “today I choose to experience xx…see examples below). Say it out aloud. Better yet, write it down in a journal.

2) Keep repeating your intention to yourself throughout the day, especially when you come across difficulties. Look for the lesson and you will always find it, although it may take time to reveal itself.

3) Record the results of your ‘intention experiment’ in your journal before you go to sleep. Try to find at least 5 ways the experience showed up. You will be surprised at the synchronicities you begin to attract.

The benefits of this process include: a better mood, positive thinking, wonder, more playfulness and a greater sense of humour (see the second example below). You’ll also start believing that Angels truly hear your prayers… Here are a dozen of my affirmations from the past month or so…

“Today I choose to experience 100% gratitude” -I read for a client who kept thanking me. By the end I felt like I should have paid her for moral support.
-I was on a flight with turbulence and was so thankful when it landed
– I chose to love my nausea because it meant I was doing my favourite thing in life – travelling!
-A friend shared some red velvet cupcakes with me – yumm.

“Today I choose to experience unbridled pleasure”
-That morning I go for a walk and hear a couple down the road um…’moving furniture’! And they didn’t care who heard them.

“Today I choose to experience the beautiful truth”
-I decided to leave a job because I knew my time was up.
-A client said ‘thank you teacher’ and it made me emotional.
-I bought a pendant with a Thunderbird on it. I said to my friend, ‘wouldn’t it be funny if it explained my sense of humour?’ That night I found out that the Thunderbird is the symbol of sacred clowns in Native America. Must be a past life.

“Today I choose to experience Divine intervention”
-Be careful what you wish for – that day I had a car accident! It could have been a disaster but luckily only my tyre blew out. I definitely felt protected. The doctor said I needed to reduce my anxiety.

“Today I choose to experience rest”
-While having a massage my therapist said my right shoulder looked ‘as if my wing was broken’. I realised with humility that, “I must rest, so God can do the rest’ 🙂

“Today I experience 100% connection with God”
-I was at a mediumship course with Debbie Mewes and I was able to give a name and description of a deceased loved one to someone.

“Today I experience altruism”
-That day there was a 90% off sale at my local health food shop. The sales assistant said no one had bought anything because they thought it was a joke. I knew that it was Divine intervention, so I bought a shelf of organic cosmetics for $40 (instead of $400) and gave some to my friends. And yes, the products were in perfect condition.
-A client gave me a voice recording USB during a reading because I complimented him on it.

“Today I experience miracles”
-While walking on the street I had a vision of monkeys and bananas. Five minutes later a stranger stopped to talk to me about ‘guerrilla gardening’ (guerrilla sounds like gorilla!), which is where you randomly plant fruit trees along the street. I love being clairvoyant. And you know what? I didn’t have this ability till I got myself off fluoridated water (see this post). “Today I experience compassion”
-As I walked behind a fisherman on a beach, he caught a wobbegong (shark). After taking a photo with it, he put it back in the ocean. “Today I experience good luck”
-I couldn’t get out of a parking spot because the person in front had parked me in. Just as I was getting angry, the person parked behind me drove off, allowing me to exit.

“Today I experience massive synchronicity”
-I wanted to attend at event at short notice. When I rang the organiser, she had just gotten off the phone with someone who had cancelled, so I took their place.
-I read for a twin whose parents and grandparents were twins. Amazing.

“Today I experience heaven”
-I went for a bushwalk with my partner Kris and we had handmade dumplings for lunch. Sounds simple but it meant a lot to me – this is the life I used to dream about for 10 years when I worked a 9-5 job.

Of course, your experiences with daily affirmations may be different from mine (unless you are a psychic too…) but I promise – you will still experience magic if you use them. They are a signal to God that you are serious about having a fabulous life.

Try using them every morning for a month to begin with. The worst that can happen is you start noticing how your thoughts create your reality. The best that can happen is that you start manifesting cheap cosmetics, last minute event tickets and free cupcakes (or even better gifts from the Universe). I know you can do it so good luck and most of all…have fun!

I believe that, each moment on earth is like a $100 gift voucher from God…your only job is to spend it wisely.

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Timothy on Tuesday, 26 January 2016 9:45 PM
Hi Sarah – This is an excellent article. Affecting the quantum world uses the same techniques. The thing is, most people use positive thinking as the thin smear of butter on the bread, rather than the bread. A simple experiment in water. On one bottle of water write love, joy, peace, healing whIle feeling those emotions. On another from the case don’t write anything at all. Wait 24 hours, and have a friend blind taste the different bottles and see if they taste a difference. A minor experiment in changing reality.

I was born 15 January 1957 at 0105. My birth year and my date and time both add up to 22. Month, day and time can be written as 115105. From childhood I have known why I am here and what my purpose is. I have been obedient to that calling, since I suffer from instant karma. I am locked onto a strict path, and three times complete strangers have walked up and told me that this is my last time to incarnate here if I stay the course and remain obedient to my calling. Once would have been weird. Three times? I have had complete strangers walk up to me and say that they were told to find me because I had the answer they needed. Again, once would have been weird. My mom, who has seen what happens many times, says I must have an invisible sign over my head that only people in need can see. I’m not looking for anything from you. I think I just needed to tell someone that would understand.

And to say this: for young souls there is freedom. They must learn. For old souls it becomes duty. I don’t mean there isn’t fun and joy and love. Almost 5 months ago I met a woman who told me she knew I was nearly done here, told me about my NDE and that she was the woman I was called back to help. She even knew what was said to me word for word.I was gobsmacked. I knew her almost instantly, from her childhood forward. I know her from a past life, and we say the same thing about it at the same time, the same scene. It’s downright eerie. Nothing fancy. I was a commander of 100 that took her as a slave, and she became more than that. I rode off one day despite her warning because I was ordered to, and was killed in an ambush at a river crossing. No royalty, no riches. Just a slave and a soldier. I have one more thing to say. Hold fast. Hold your ground. Don’t flinch and you’ll be ok.
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Sarah Yip – Hi Timothy, wonderful to meet another 29/11 Lifepath and Spiritual Messenger. I extremely appreciate your sharing and have met many Old Souls during my work as a psychic and numerologist. I also do past life regressions and know how powerful it can be to have someone and/ or Spirit validate your experiences. Thank you for being passionate enough to write in and I wish you all the best with your journey to other Dimensions of healing.

Lily Spencer on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 11:03 PM
Thank You Sarah ! Your writings concerning Manifestation was easy to understand and so I imagine it will be quite helpful to me in life, hope so!
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Sarah Yip – Thanks so much Lily, I wish you many exciting wonders.

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