Weekly Tarot & 11:11 Numerology Forecast for 30 Dec (Families focus)

My weekly Tarot & 11:11 numerology forecast is up (46min)! Watch it now on Facebook (I reply to all comments), or YouTube. Don’t miss my 2021 Numerology Forecast (3 Jan) Bookings close 5pm AEST on 1 Jan.

I discuss: why you’re feeling flat, when parents and children share life paths, why doing your own energy clearing is like dental work, how high vibration people bring out the best and worst in people near-instantly, and how the oceans are our next frontier for healing. 

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I’m back from 4.30pm AEST Wednesday 6 Jan with more insights and Q&A at Facebook: The Numbers Queen

Thanks for all your support. 11:11 Peace Signs Always!


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