Your November 2022 Numerology and Tarot Forecast – Have your fruit and eat it!

November 2022 Numerology. We are in a 6 Universal year of third eye healing and a 17/8 month. A time for fresh thinking, money miracles and paying it forwards. Comment 888Higher on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube if you like this post! This is the first time in months my 11:11 Twin Flame husband Kris Anderson has been able to join us 🙂 What fun we had.

Tarot: 6 is the Lovers while 17 is the Star (optimism/ revealing your spirituality). In the Rider-Waite deck, the Star is a woman pouring water – a balanced giver, who has married feelings and logic.

As the 11th month, November brings Spiritual (don’t shoot the) Messenger (Master 11) themes into play. This month asks us to find the forbidden fruit – the truth about fertility and success.

Fruit has a 29/11 vibration, the same as Wisdom, Light and Duality. Just one juicy moment, can bring us back to the Tree of Life.

You continue, even if the world tells you otherwise. 11:11 literally means we are forever Souls. Why not have your fruit and eat it?!

Happiness is lifelong learning, not perfection. Be an imperfectionist CEO and win.

You were once a Spirit baby and psychic child. It’s time to reclaim those gifts and be a change agent of love in this mad, judgey world.

Get out of your comfort zone now and the answers will arrive with bells on. Be willing to embrace your sensuality, it’s a manifestation rocket, as is humour.

Chakras: Third eye and karmic pattern/ Star chakras are activated, so go cloud and star watching. It will remind you that only constant is your observant Soul.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 8 and 17 numerology plus anyone who sees 888 will be busy. Find your life path and/ or see my Life Path 8 numerology page for helpful posts and videos.

FYI, 2022 is a huge year for 33s and 6s while 2023 is the year of the 7s!

Dates: 8th Full Moon Eclipse (bring projects to a head), 11th 11:11 Portal 23rd/ 24th New Moon Eclipse (rest and reset) and Jupiter dir., 29th Starseeds Day (my idea!)

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P.s. EVE adds to 14/5, the same as SNAKE and JOY. All are healers xx

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My relationship compatibility with my daughter is the same as mine with my mother, and my mother and sister’s is the same as my daughter and her father (as a child I used to jokingly call my protective, younger sister my Dad). My sister, daughter and myself all share a similar chart and we’re like 3 peas in a pod.

Your course taught me information I wouldn’t find anywhere else and made me feel confident in where I’m at and the direction I’m heading. It also made me feel more connected to my family, I’m usually the odd one out. Thank you Sarah!! It was an invaluable experience <3.”  Sophie F., Oct 2022

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