June 2021 Numerology (and Video Forecast) – A Master 11/2 Universal Month of Spiritual Partnerships!

June 2021 Numerology Forecast. Comment 555 on Facebook or Instagram if you like this post! We are in a 5 Universal year and 11/2 Universal month in numerology. A time for personal development and new partnerships.

Bonus: Watch the 45min video version of this forecast on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube This is my first ever video monthly forecast.
I discuss: the 5 Universal Year, why Master 11/2 life paths and 11:11 See’rs are ‘on fire’ now, the Melbourne lockdowns, why parents need to meditate (‘the reason you can’t is the reason you must’) and how whistle-blowers need a tribe.

2021 is about Radical Truth and Freedom. June brings erratic growth spurts after May’s beginnings. Spiritual puberty is here and people are feeling (Higher) self-conscious. Wondering what (beliefs) to wear. Hoping we won’t judge their painful spots!

The combo of 5 and 11/2 highlights sensuality and power. 5 is the Hierophant (or Pope) in Tarot, while 11 is Lady Justice. Tradition is making way for champions of the new Earth.

I call 11/2’s the Spiritual (don’t shoot the) Messengers, because they speak up for change at personal cost. I should know, I was a whistleblower at the U.N. at 24. It derailed my career but I’m glad I became a psychic as it means I can raise a family in peace. Find your life path

Those with strong Master 11 or 2 numerology and/ or who see 555 (the Angel code for 2021’s energies), 222 or 11:11 will feel ‘on fire’ now. Channel the kundalini wisely. Prioritise self-healing and early bedtimes (see my Peaceful Sleep meditation). Spirit wants to upgrade you, so don’t fight the shutdowns, or eat on the run. One cannot safely refuel a moving car.

Tip: Live and let live. If someone gets under your skin, instead of getting ir-rash-ional, ask Spirit to ‘please, give me the lesson so I can integrate it and move on’. Avoid picking sides. The middle path has less plotholes. See my popular post on the spiritual meaning of eczema

-What stereotypes are stopping me? If I was a different gender, what gifts would I express more?

-How can I balance my Yin and Yang for longevity? (Try Traditional Chinese Medicine – see my interview with Tia Yoong from Pulse Acupuncture)

-What groups and technologies can help me get twice as much done in half the time?

-Where do I need to heal a leaky gut? 11/2 impacts the sacral chakra, so June is a time to heal from emotional, sexual or financial abuse (see my Change for Good – A Spiritual Money webinar).

Key dates: New moon/ Solar eclipse 10th, Jupiter retrograde 20th, Mercury direct 22nd, Full moon 24th/ 25th.

Want more? Buy Your 2021 forecast webinar (now $38.50 – half-price) and book a reading with me for ultimate clarity. Or see Kris for a Tarot reading sooner. He’s not breastfeeding a baby Ziggy like me. Enjoy!

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And here’s a further post on June’s energies: You can be a trailblazer now or spontaneously combust! Direct any anger into creative exercises. Reduce inflammation. Increase education. Show the sceptics what magic can do. Most of all, be an 11:11 flame for change.

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