Your October 2022 Numerology Forecast And Video

October 2022 Numerology. Comment 777Dare on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram if you like this post! We are in a 6 Universal year of third eye healing and a 16/7 month. A time for opening to Spirit, debating edgy topics and taking leaps of courage.

Tarot: 6 is the Lovers while 16 is the Tower. In the Rider-Waite deck, the latter card shows a crown falling. It’s about clearing illusions. October asks us to marry our dreams rather than others’ worries. To go out on a limb and find the fruits of wisdom waiting for us.

Leaders compete with themselves, while amateurs compete with others. What seems impossible with the mind is easily done by the Soul. The sooner you realise this, the funnier, richer and healthier life gets.

I’ve helped thousands of people regain their confidence through meditation, numerology and prayer. Find your life path and let’s kickstart the fun!

Word magic: They call it charging because it’s leadership. ‘Charge’ adds to 33/6, the same as Wake Up Call. I have raised my fees 100x and it’s allowed me to help more people, not less. If you are reading this, why not lift your prices, even by $5? Almost everyone who works with me does! You’ll attract more Soulmates and less half-rates…

Chakras: Third eye and crown chakras are activated, so watch for paranoia, false prophets and sceptics popping up to test you. Here’s some tips on staying Zen under criticism plus an article on spotting spiritual whitewashing/ frauds!

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 7 and/ or 16 numerology (like Elon Musk) plus anyone who sees 777 will be busy in October. See Life Path 7 – The Spiritual Teacher and Karmic Debt Numbers 13, 14, 16 And 19 – The Kind Truth! FYI, 2022 is a huge year for 33s and 6s while 2023 is the year of the 7s!

Dates: 9th/ 10th Full Moon (bring projects to a head), 25th New Moon Eclipse (rest before starting again).

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Dare now and win. The planet is waiting. ‘The world is a book* and those who do not travel read only a page.’ Saint Augustine

P.S. 11:11 World Changers Round 1 is full. I’m taking 10-11 founders of spiritual businesses global while teaching them psychic protection, business numerology and energetic marketing. Thanks to all who applied!

P.P.S I’m in Karen Jacobsen’s song ‘Better Standard Than This’ – a celebration of Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech. Julia is a 37/10/1 lifepath Pioneer – they are always the ‘first to’ ​bring up important issues and take action. Please share this video with your networks. More on Karen’s numerology

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