Your January 2023 Numerology Forecast

January 2023 Numerology. Comment 888Lucky on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram if you like this post! Happy New Year. You made it! We are now in a 7 Universal year of Crown Chakra healing. A time to reclaim your halo, crown and sovereignty.

January is an 8 month, which invites us to give ourselves a break, join causes, invest in education and prepare for the global beginnings in March.

Reflect on what you started in 2017. It’s harvest time for those dreams in 2023-2025. I got married then and have just started teaching with Kris.

7 energy brings miracles and mayhem. Expect exciting career detours, changes in social circles and leaps of faith. For more tips, see Your 2023 Numerology Forecast (2nd call on 28 Jan). A preview co-created with Tiarnie Vidler is below.

Tarot: 7 is the Chariot while 8 is Strength. January brings a wild ride of energies, testing our nerves while bringing us closer to our domains of expertise.

With Mercury retrograde until 18 Jan, expect flashbacks, communication delays and turbo psychic powers. This is a time to rest, esp. before the new moon on 22 Jan. Watch 3 Key Astrology Tips for 2023 with Vanessa Montgomery and myself on YouTube and below.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 7 numerology or who see 777 are in hot demand all of 2023 for their wisdom (more on this in my forecast).

In January, those with 8 numerology or who see 888 also have chances to go to the next level. Find your life path using your DOB

Dates: 6th/ 7th Full Moon, 18th Mercury direct, 21st/ 22nd New Moon and Chinese New Year. Check out my detailed post about Year of the Water Rabbit. It is a lucky year in Chinese astrology.

Tips: When you worship nature and Soul expansion, you keep growing. When you worship people or success, you keep attracting loneliness, exploitation and stress.

Does your money come from suffering or self-expression? How we make a living is as important as our salary. See my class replay Change for Good

My 11:11 World Changers group is in beta testing. Stay tuned for more on this spiritual business accelerator program.

Love this? Join my Patreon (next call and Brisbane event is 14 Jan then there’s a Tarot class 11 Feb), buy a replay or book a reading.

Photo: Pyramids, because 7 is about receiving help from above to achieve incredible feats. Angels exist!

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