Weekly Tarot and 11:11 Numerology Forecast – 22 April 2021

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We discuss sexuality, ‘dirtiness’, and why, in this year of throat chakra healing, a stiff neck or sore throat may be a sign you’re looking down too much – at your phone, ideas, even other people’s initiative.

Are you concealing your ideas instead of encouraging them to run and play? If so, it’s time to find community again. Why not join my Patreon and come out of spiritual hiding?

We have a call tomorrow (24 April) to discuss spiritual money and fundraising and a Gold Coast catch up coming soon. You can join from AUD5/ USD 7 a month, which includes many gifts and discounts. The subscription is taken on sign up, then the 1st.

Thanks for your support! Kris and I will post details of future forecast calls at Facebook: The Numbers Queen As Ziggy is still a newborn we are spacing out these evening events for now.

Competition: Please note this week’s competition is now closed and the 2 winners have been notified (the answer was I donated 550ml of breastmilk).

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