Weekly Tarot & 11:11 Numerology Forecast for 16 Dec (Cults focus)

My weekly Tarot & 11:11 numerology forecast is up (35min)! Watch it now on Facebook (I reply to all comments), or YouTube. 

December is about a steep learning curve with pleasure at the end of the month. It’s time to think 7 generations ahead.

What I cover:
0:00 A tsunami like flow of opportunity is coming our way. Recap of December’s numerology. Lots of miracles and deaths at the moment with the Eclipses/ New Moon.

2:40 Doctors are the new rockstars and often have a 5 energy. Medicine and science will be a topic in my 2021 Numerology Forecast. 2021 is a Universal 5 year. 5 is about the throat chakra, including equality, intuition and objectivity.

6:50 Rain has the same numerology as Truth. Some people are so afraid of getting wet they lose the plot when rain starts falling. I encourage you to let it seep in – we are walking water bodies and healing comes when we bathe in the truth – that’s the point of forecasts like this.

8:00 We need to be careful of cult thinking, as it’s on the rise again (as happened during the witch hunts). 11:11 is about the Age of Aquarius and there are those who want to crush the revolution. Post on past life witches.

Misquoting people is a sign of spiritual whitewashing – I compare it to mislabelling the country where food is made. Be careful of teachers and healers who ‘suddenly’ received their powers but have not sought out mentors and honest feedback. They attract desperate people looking for quick fixes and their techniques are energetically unstable. See the professional healers and psychics I recommend

Psychic powers – the ability to read others, intuition – the ability to read yourself, and spiritual maturity – the wise use of the above talents, don’t always appear in the same person! See this post

12:16 My second comedy video is out! I’m in a personal 5 year so I’ve had a preview of 2021. The more I stretch myself, the more amazing clients I’m reading for – founders of companies, wellness movements, head coaches and financial planners. Confront your fears and you’ll attract a different level of tribe. Find your personal year

14:33 My waitlist and why I don’t do free readings on the forecasts (because it’s like starting brain surgery in the street).

15:25 Flower Insight Cards by Ian White, Founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences – our numerology chat is below. 21.12.2020 is a massive doorway in numerology, astrology and ancient calendars. Things you never thought were possible will become possible after this date!

Cards for this week: Crowea (need to relieve worry through throat chakra healing/), Black-eyed Susan (learning to slow down) and Red Helmet Orchid (healing father, God and authority issues – over or under-rebelliousness). Time to turn ‘Impatience’ into ‘I’m patience’.

20:07 Stop giving your power away. You created your body from a couple of cells. You have built a civilisation from scratch. No one knows you better than yourself!

21:50 Q&A – Finding your lifepath, how to remember what happened at your lifepath turning point, how to restore emotional flow using (music, water, massage etc.), why I prefer the ‘add across’ lifepath calculation method and chakra numerology, Also, how to protect yourself from negative energy through spiritual immunity. See my Develop Your Intuition webinar

TIP: My 2021 Forecast webinar is coming 3 Jan (bookings open soon)

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