Your July 2022 Numerology Forecast and Video

July 2022 Numerology. Comment 444 on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube if you like this post! We are in a 6 Universal year of third eye healing and a 13/4 month. A time for safety in sharing, word magic, new kindness, heart sovereignty. As Kahlil Gibran said, ‘only love and death will change all things’. This is a shift point for humanity. A 23 minute video is below with extra info.

Tarot: 6 is the Lovers while 13 is Death and Transformation. This month will help us to end cycles of fear and overthinking, heal illusions like ‘when you die there’s nothing’ and redefine ourselves as Soul magicians.

Chakras: The 4th or heart chakra activates unconditional love that’s fully protected (e.g. the ribs), calm after chaos and the return of innocence. Look up Adam and the Sumerian Goddess Ninti for the backstory to Genesis. For more on that myth, see Why You Chose Your Mother – on sale from today for $33, save $66. This is a prime time for forgiving our family and freeing yourself from pain.

‘Anahata’ means unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten and this chakra includes our heart, lungs, chest, breasts, arms and hands (palmistry is therefore a diary of the heart’s journey). Element is fresh air, especially from nature.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 13/4 and 4 numerology plus anyone who sees 444 (heart chakra healing code), 13 or 1313 will be busy in July. 2022 is a huge shift point for 33s and 6s as well.

4 life paths are heart healers, empire builders and centres of secure compassion. 4 looks like a flag on a castle and 4s love a place of their own. Many are in property, business, bodywork and trades. ‘4s know the score’.

13/4 energy words include: Safe, Soul, Car, Yes and Blue (chakras can have more than one colour, Green has a 31/4 vibration).

Koala is a great 4 life path totem. See Your 2022 Forecast webinar for many life path, chakra and animal healing meditations. The koala track I’ve channelled in that class invites you to release toxic secrets and grief for the growth of others. Now $22, save $66!

Tip: 13 is the Lunar power and Goddess number. It’s great for counsellors, therapists, speakers and writers. Call out those who say it’s unlucky! Let them know that all numbers (and people) hold the potential for greatness. See Numbers Are Neutral! Clearing The Myths Of Friday The 13th (Aka Goddess Day)

The drive to find and blame scapegoats for our failures comes top-down leadership, the opposite paradigm to 11:11 awakening, which values body knowing and education over enslavement.

13 is called a ‘karmic debt number’ by numerologists. It is thought to show a tendency to scatter one’s words and energy such that that you give away personal power. Healing comes from discipline and focusing on success.

To me, the ‘debt’ concept sounds like another way to get people feeling bad. I suggest confirming karmic issues through meditation, past life work and personal reflection. Find practitioners who see you as more than a set of numbers. Free will is as important as your Soul contract.

My birth name has a 13/4 Destiny, which could be why I have learned to say no to critics, fearmongers and bullies. See: Numerology Special – Karmic Debt Numbers 13, 14, 16 And 19 – The Kind Truth!

Words are a ‘sword’ (anagram) and you can use them to hurt or to help. Wield them wisely in July.

No joke, I’m taking the family to a medieval joust at the Abbey Festival soon! Take care.

Dates: Full moon 13th/ 14th, Chiron Ret. in Aries 19th/ 20th (healing identity crises), Jupiter Ret. and New Moon 28th/ 29th (take time to smell the roses, also start projects at or after this time).

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