January 2021 Numerology

Belated January numerology. Comment 555 on Facebook if you like this post! Welcome to 2021, A Year of Radical Truth and Freedom. We are in a 6 Universal month in a 5 Universal year. This inspires vivid long-term visions (third eye chakra opening) and the release of truths & misunderstandings (throat chakra healing).

6 looks like a pregnancy and is about nourishing your dreams into reality. Nov 2020 was also a 6 month as we’re all needing extra self care, family time and healthier nutrition (mental and physical) to get up to speed for a fast-paced year ahead.

Tip: Jan is the 1st month and just after the new moon on the 12/ 13th is a good time to start new habits. With Mercury retrograde from the end of the month, give yourself small goals at first. We’re switching from a society of head-first reactivity to heart-first creativity. The transition will take at least until May 2021.

This year, it’s going to feel like the aliens have landed. You’ll be upgrading so many beliefs and structures. Embrace being forever young and free at the inner level, no matter what captivity your ego perceives.

Want to know more? See Your 2021 Numerology Forecast (video + notes + charts + 11 meditation tracks). I explain the numbers, astrology (Chinese and Western) and energies in an easy to follow webinar that includes a monthly planner and life path healings.

We also cover Tarot and palmistry tips. You won’t find this combo on the web anywhere else. Use coupon code 1111TRUTH for $11 off the $66 package until Chinese New Year (12 Feb).

Some feedback:

“Thank you Sarah. very informative. I feel much more optimistic and hopeful for 2021. Your genuine joy and peacefulness come through in every video.” Irene

“I thoroughly recommend this seminar! It has put me so much more at ease with the coming year and how I can prepare myself to come through as a stronger person.” Michelle

“Thank you so much for everything, Sarah. I am looking forwards to going over it again. I really liked the chakra meditations when doing the Life Paths. Will definitely be using them in the future.” Sean


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