Your August 2023 Numerology Forecast – Love your Body

August 2023 Numerology. Comment 666Love on Facebook or Instagram for luck! We are in a 7 Universal year of Crown chakra opening and a 15/6 month. A time to clear the mind, regain your clairvoyance and heal your self image. Your body is a cosmos. Please, embrace it. Video further down with our weekly tips for the August new moon.

The 6th chakra is the Third eye and inner vision. My advice is ‘you see what you look for, so study synchronicity from now on.’ They say the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. Visit loved ones and seek life-work balance, esp. during Mercury retrograde.

We are approaching September, a 7 Universal month. Great energy for spiritual study and retreats. A jump off point for consciousness and a test of our selflessness.

Those who live from the heart are launching fast into new timelines, while those obsessed with control are being sidelined.

This is the year to build chambers of light, instead of propping up dying towers of corruption.

Church has a 34/7 vibration, the same as Flower, Mother and Miracle. Honour nature, restore hope. Thinking of the late Sinéad O’Conner, she was a 33/6 life path Master Healer – will blog on her soon.

Tarot: 7 is the Chariot while 15/6 is the ‘Devil’ (that’s ‘lived’ backwards). So often, leaders are called crazy by those afraid to dream. Yet both words have the same 28/10/1 vibration in numerology. Angel humour.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 7 life paths or who see 777 are in demand this year. In August, those with 6 or Master 33/6 life paths, numerology or who see 666 or 888 etc. go to the next level.

They will further what began in September 2022. I note that 2022 was a HUGE year for 6 and Master 33/6 life paths – they are needing rest and healing in 2023. Find your life path

Interestingly – all my clients were 8 life paths last week! 8s have a big year coming in 2024. I am also in a personal 8 year which creates more magnetism for 8 energy. Find your personal year.

Dates: 1st/ 2nd Full Moon (bring projects to a head), 8th Lion’s Gate, 16th New Moon (rest and reset), 23rd Mercury retrograde, 30th/ 31st Full Moon.

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P.S. 666 represents the Goddess, not a curse. 6+6+6 = 18/9 the vibration of Love.

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P.S. We just recorded our weekly energy forecast below (16 August 2023) Enjoy!!

Note: Here’s a song to sum up August 2023 – Have a Little Faith (I feel this is a message from Spirit to humanity right now!)

“There’s no ghost from the past, that we can’t shake
Have a little faith in us (have a little faith in us)
There’s no history that we can’t remake
Have a little faith in us
For all we know the best is yet to come”

John Farnham is a 31/4 life path Heart and Earth healer from Australia. At his life path turning point age of 31, he changed his stage name to John Farnham and released his hit album Uncovered. Numerology is an incredible accurate predictor of our breakthroughs!

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