July 2020 Numerology Forecast

Here’s your July 2020 Numerology forecast, as posted on my Facebook page The Numbers Queen! I’m also on Instagram @ SarahYip1111

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We are in a 4 Universal year of Heart chakra healing (compassion) & 11/2 Universal month of Sacral chakra healing (partnerships, feminine sensitivity and emotional balance).⁣ ⁣

It’s clear the Old Way (top down, elitist censorship) is collapsing. Open the doors to roundtable sharing and make gentle choices which give you pleasure.

The way we treat our mothers, sisters, women and children reflects our respect for nature and intuition. July will bring messages that are hard to hear but will also clear your fear of being unwanted and unloved.

So many people care about you, if you would only let them in the door (11 is both an entry point and pause symbol). ⁣ ⁣

At the same time, 11 is about black and white boundaries (unbroken lines on a highway). If someone is not treating you with respect (11 is an equals sign), you have a chance to lift out of their energetic stormclouds this month. Life is too short to be permanently rained upon and broke.⁣ See my Podcast with Leanne Barefoot Medium on boundaries, money & resilience

Make wise financial choices now and you will see results by Sept-Nov. A lack of money (my one) shows where you are giving others too much credit and sway. ⁣

When you acknowledge your power to create social change and overcome any odds with enough support, prosperity will follow as new connections and work.⁣ ⁣

Outer climate change begins with inner climate change (an 11 vibration word). Those who can keep their cool when others are energetically flooding or firing them are the next generation of leaders. See my recent interview with Kaye Vlachos⁣ ⁣on fitness, abundance and leadership

11 is the mischief maker and comedian (wisdom, comedy, movies, enlightenment and light have 11 numerology). Nothing gets them on track faster than being told they’re crazy.⁣ ⁣See my SBS interview about doing stand up comedy to announce my pregnancy

Tip: Making a list or photo stream of all the things people said you couldn’t do that you did anyway is recommended.⁣ ⁣Stay tuned for my list soon!

Enjoy this special month of double new beginnings and electrifying wake up calls. Be open to the spotlight and take the chance to shine your love on causes you care about.

11:11 blessings & remember, You are a Spiritual Messenger.⁣ ⁣

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