Tarot & Numerology by Kris

My husband and 11:11 Twin Flame, Kris Anderson is a gifted Tarot reader, Numerologist and Reiki Healer on the Gold Coast. 

Where: He reads by Zoom, phone and from Highland Park
When: By appointment, generally 1-2 week waitlist
Investment: $200/ 75 min reading, which you are welcome to record

Get accurate answers now by booking a reading or healing with Kris

What to expect: Kris’s sessions are very thorough and use multiple Tarot decks. He reveals exactly what you’re going through and what’s ahead. He is a 28/10/1 lifepath Pioneer. As a black belt in Aikido with a background in film and TV, Kris knows how to motivate you to achieve your every dream.

Kris has studied Dan Millman’s system from The Life You Were Born to Live, and is well versed in numerology. He attracts many 34/7 Lifepath Spiritual Teachers, as well as Master Number 11/22/33’s like me, which is interesting as they  have high standards! Find your lifepath

As he is married to me, he is amazing at helping people to thrive in partnership with a highly sensitive person. As the father of our two (soon to be three) sons, he also knows all about raising psychic kids.

Get accurate answers now by booking a reading or healing with Kris

Why choose him? Kris and I have read side-by-side for years now doing 360 Degree Readings. He receives rave reviews and is highly intuitive and accurate. I’ve never met a psychic like him. He combines incredible sensitivity with masculine energy to give you confidence again.

Watch our video on 11:11 Twin Flames and our first meeting on TV – I did his palmistry and knew he was the one! Fast forward to 3mins 41s. See 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kris, my 11:11 Soulmate.

Testimonials for Kris Anderson – Tarot and Numerology reader

A Master 11 client said, “that was the best reading I’ve ever had.”
Note from Sarah: She’s not only one, I hear this all the time!

“Kris’ reading was valuable in that it reminded me that my intuition is absolutely on track and my urges to get myself physically moving again are callings from my soul. My biggest challenge in this life has been to integrate my spiritual into the physical and I can be a little obsessive with the internal workings and forget to tend to the physical. Thank you once again for sharing your energies with me.” Kristine

“Kris is amazing and very accurate, I will be a returning customer. He has really helped me with direction and grounding, even writing this makes me a bit teary (happy). I was so impressed, I shouted one of my employees to a session and (now), he also wants to be a regular with Kris!!!! Thank you so much.” – Abby

“What a wonderful, eye-opening reading! I was surprised and delighted at how accurate it was and I also really appreciated Kris’s unique, humorous and very insightful perspective and practical advice to help me along my path. I particularly enjoyed that he used a number of cards during the reading, and I especially liked the Heart of the Faerie Oracle Cards. I won’t hesitate to visit Kris again if I need further guidance, thank you!”  – Terri

“I really appreciated Kris’s down-to-earth approach to Tarot reading and his sense of humour. Even though we’d never met before, I felt like I was chatting to an old friend! His reading was full of helpful insights and offered new ways of thinking about my current life. Thanks Kris!” – Melanie

“My reading with Kris was awesome. His way of reading the Tarot was unique, inspirational and compassionate. The reading went way beyond the (cards), which I loved as he used his deeper intuitive and psychic abilities. He not only helped me understand myself and where I am now (but) where I will be in my future. He clarified some deeper emotional states that I was holding onto, (and) helped me understand how to alleviate them.  I would highly recommend Kris for guidance, present and future.” – Caroline B

Note: Kris is happy to refund if a client is not satisfied with their reading within the first 10 minutes, however refunds will not be given after completion of the reading.

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