Tarot & Numerology by Kris

My husband, Kris Anderson is a gifted Tarot, Numerologist and Reiki Healer on the Gold Coast. See testimonials below, and book via his website

Where: He reads by Zoom or phone
When: By appointment
Investment: $200/ 75 min reading, which you are welcome to record

What to expect: Kris’s sessions are very thorough and use multiple Tarot decks. He reveals exactly what you’re going through and what’s ahead. He is a 28/10/1 Pioneer and Action Hero lifepath. As a black belt in Aikido with a history in TV production and documentaries, Kris gets you active and moving again with his incredible passion for life.

Kris has studied Dan Millman’s system from The Life You Were Born to Live, and is well versed in numerology. He attracts many 34/7 Lifepaths, as well as Master Number 11/22/33’s like me, which is interesting as they  have high standards! Find your lifepath

As he is married to me (a Master 11, his 11:11 Twin Flame), he is amazing at helping people to thrive in partnership with a highly sensitive person. He also knows all about conscious parenting from our kids.

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Why choose him? He receives rave reviews and is highly intuitive and accurate. See this post about Kris predicting our third child

I’ve never met a Tarot reader like him. He combines incredible sensitivity with masculine energy to give you confidence again. As an experienced TV actor, producer and director, his knowledge of human nature and what it takes to succeed is unparalleled. When Kris did a reading for me, I can honestly say, I was left speechless – that’s no mean feat considering I’m a fellow psychic and his wife. He not only read my mind, his ability to explain the meaning of my life was phenomenal.

Watch our video on 11:11 Twin Flames and our first meeting on TV – I did his palmistry and knew he was the one! Fast forward to 3mins 41s. See 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kris, my 11:11 Soulmate.

Testimonials for Kris Anderson – Tarot and Numerology reader

A Master 11 client summed him up with “that was the best reading I’ve ever had.”
BTW – She wasn’t the only person who’s said this, I hear it all the time.

“Kris is amazing and very accurate, I will be a returning customer. He has really helped me with direction and grounding, even writing this makes me a bit teary (happy). I was so impressed, I shouted one of my employees to a session and (now), he also wants to be a regular with Kris!!!! Thank you so much.” – Abby

“I really appreciated Kris’s down-to-earth approach to Tarot reading and his sense of humour. Even though we’d never met before, I felt like I was chatting to an old friend! His reading was full of helpful insights and offered new ways of thinking about my current life situation. Thanks Kris!” – Melanie

“What a wonderful, eye-opening reading! I was surprised and delighted at how accurate it was and I also really appreciated Kris’s unique, humorous and very insightful perspective and practical advice to help me along my path. I particularly enjoyed that he used a number of cards during the reading, and I especially liked the Heart of the Faerie Oracle Cards. I won’t hesitate to visit Kris again if I need further guidance, thank you!”  – Terri

“My reading with Kris was awesome. His way of reading the Tarot was unique, inspirational and compassionate. The reading went way beyond the (cards), which I loved as he used his deeper intuitive and psychic abilities. He not only helped me understand myself and where I am now (but) where I will be in my future. He clarified some deeper emotional states that I was holding onto, (and) helped me understand how to alleviate them.  I would highly recommend Kris for guidance, present and future.” – Caroline B

Note: Kris is happy to refund if a client is not satisfied with their reading within the first 10 mins, however refunds will not be given after completion of the reading.

Psychic Reading Policies: As I receive hundreds of inquiries a year, I ask for a 50% deposit. The balance is due 1-2 weeks before we meet. Kris’s sessions require 100% deposit.

Credit is valid for 12 months after purchase, if you give us 72 hours notice of any time or date changes. Cancellations or postponement within 72 hours attract a $100 fee. We reserve the right to change your time or date with 72 hours notice if needed (this is rare). If we give less than 72 hours notice, we can discuss a partial credit. Deposits are non-refundable, however exceptions can be made for genuine emergencies. In these cases please allow 3-4 weeks for the transfer. Thanks for your understanding.