Your February 2024 Numerology Forecast – Feel the Lead to Need?

February 2024 forecast. Comment 111GO on Facebook or Instagram for luck! We are in an 8 Universal year of Soul Star/ karmic chakra healing and a 1 month. A time to break patterns at the highest levels. (Sorry, no video or podcast this month).

2024 energetically starts now. You’ll feel the need to lead from 10 Feb, i.e. Chinese New Year.

The Wood Dragon brings charity, luck and growth. Expect recognition for activists who have revealed all. The legal tables are turning.

February’s 1 energy is no holds barred, brave and direct, especially with Pluto in Aquarius (from 20 Jan). The 11:11 Age of Aquarius is here and no Soul will be left unrattled!

Plan your year, it will go quickly. Check out Your 2024 Forecast (now half price, $88) for life path predictions, chakra and healing meditations and monthly insights.

Tarot: 8 is Strength while 10 is The Wheel of Fortune i.e. Divine Intervention. The first card shows a woman with her hand in a lion’s mouth.

What do you most fear? Is it time to get support and beat the darkness? In February, forces bigger than us, turn Earth in new directions.

Expect more lies AND more truths depending on who you invest in. 8 brings extremes and recovery so get ready for well-deserved opportunities. Think big while staying humble.

People are the way, not in your way!

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 8 life paths, 8 numerology or who see 888, 808 etc. are in demand this year.

In February, those with 1 life paths, 1 numerology or who see 111 or 811, go to the next level. If you know a 1, send them this post!

1s get it done (even the word is all one). They are loyal and hard to beat. Their gifts are decisiveness and efficiency. Often the black sheep…

Downfalls can be addictions, impatience and a one track mind.

Dates: 9th/ 10th New Moon (rest and reset), 14th Valentine’s, 24th Full Moon (bring projects to a head).

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