Your December 2023 Numerology Forecast – Take Baby Steps for Success

Welcome to December! Comment 1212NEW on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for luck! It’s time for fresh starts, baby steps and returning to your roots. Be the rookie again. It will pay off in 2024.

We are in a 7 Universal year of Crown chakra opening and a 1 month. November 2023 (a 9 month) brought conclusions. In Dec, we resolve old dilemmas. Rest, deepen your meditations and give back to your team (including your body).

When you operate from Soul, you benefit from perfect timing and greater intimacy. Life is sacred* and delicious, instead of scared (*anagram) and malicious.

During Mercury retreograde, follow through with plans rather than entering new waters. Reduce tech use and late nights. Our best ideas come when we are rested, not congested. The energies of 2024 will not launch until Feb, so there is time to heal from overwhelm.

Tarot: 7 is the Chariot while 19/10/1 is the Sun. The Chariot is about victory after struggle while The Sun is joy and creativity.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 7 life paths, numerology or who see 777 are in demand this year. In Dec, those with 1 life paths or who see 111 etc. go to the next level. If you know a 1, send them this post. Find your life path

1 life paths get it done, but resist other’s views. They need to embrace being multi vs one dimensional. See Deniz Akan at Dimensional Healing for support, I love her distance healings and property clearings. She is a 28/10/1 life path Pioneer and we teach together often.

Dates: 12th/ 13th New Moon, 13th Mercury retreograde, 22nd Solstice, 25th Christmas, 26th/ 27th Full Moon, 31st New Year’s Eve

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P.s. Current clients, Patreon and Forecast members can have a 30min reading for $330. Book soon for Feb! Kris, my Tarot reader husband has spots earlier, check his dates. Thank you always x

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