How to Attract a Partner You’ll Love! The Secrets Behind Writing a Soulmate Wishlist

Here’s how to write a romantic wishlist to attract a partner you’ll love! I’ve been in many great relationships over the years. I’ve had the hundred roses, tropical holidays, gifts, serenades and long walks on the beach – but none of those things compare to the contentment of being with someone who loves me for who I am, and who I am becoming.

That’s why I’m sharing what helped me to meet my husband, 11:11 Twin Flame and Soulmate Kris Anderson, so that you too can have a fantastic love life. That’s a photo of us with my baby bump (Ziggy, born 20 Feb 2021) in the title.

FYI, I’ve heard from multiple people who followed the process below and manifested wonderful partners. Post updated Feb 2021

Here’s what helped me to heal my heart and meet my Soulmate:

-Writing a list of what I wanted in a partner and circling what I wasn’t being or doing – then adding those attitudes and activities into my life. We live in a fair world so if you want a sporty mate, you need to be fit enough to keep up with them! Similarly, if you want to meet a music lover, you’ll find them at a concert. It’s Universal logic.

-Throwing out letters and photos from previous partners. This was very cathartic. Until 2012, I held onto almost every postcard, lolly wrapper etc. from my old relationships…No wonder I used to feel emotionally congested – my hoarding was telling the Universe that I thought I was washed up. I had to make room for new love to come in.

-Becoming consciously single (and ‘dating myself’) for three months. On June 12, 2012 I bought white bedsheets, put away my slinky clothes and started attending meditation talks and eating organic food. I also received acupuncture and healing treatments to help me to process built up grief.

-Taking daily walks outside to freshen my perspective and lungs. Just as streetlamps only work when there’s a power supply, affirmations only come true if they have energy behind them. That’s why it’s incredibly important to build your ‘chi’ through laughter, breathwork, sleep, exercise and good food, because action always precedes results.

After two months, I knew that a partner was on the way. So I moved my bed away from the wall and bought another bedside table, because in Feng Shui, both partners should be able to access the bed easily and furniture should match. I also purchased some towels, a pink one for me and a brown one for my boyfriend-to-be…I felt that brown would suit him (it does!)

Apart from that, I wrote a revised list of what I was looking for in a partner (including the ‘faults’ I could put up with, like ‘may be messy’…because it’s better to be specific).

I also attended the Landmark Forum (after a failed fling), which helped me to clear anger. To be honest, after doing further Landmark courses and looking into its founders, I would never go down that path again. I find counselling and energy healing way more effective and compassionate. More about courses that have changed my life

Then, on September 15, 2012 (3 days after my 3 month break finished), I met someone awesome while filming my first TV segment. His name is Kris and we are made for each other. It was Divine intervention meeting Kris at my second big psychic talk and it confirmed for me that I was on track with my life purpose. Kris had just started his role in TV two weeks earlier so really, we hit the jackpot in our careers and love life at the same time.

A few months after this I found the list I made before meeting Kris – almost everything was spot on. The only criteria Kris didn’t meet was ‘being the same height as me’ – while he is tall, Kris has a curved spine which makes him appear shorter. This is a good thing because now I wear flats more often, which I prefer. The Universe always knows what’s best.

So, if you are single, my invitation to you is to light a candle and write a Soulmate wishlist next New Moon, of all the qualities you would like (and some of the ‘faults’ you could live with) in a partner. New Moons are the best time to call in new beginnings. Google moon calendar (your city) to find out when the next one begins.

Then read this list out loud and put it somewhere you can see it. Your Angels will get to work quickly so be prepared for some surprises! This exercise also works if you are in a relationship – just write how you would like the relationship to improve. The more energy you put into visualising the results and taking action, the quicker the Universe will meet you halfway.

Don’t forget to include these things in your romance wishlist:
-columns or sections for: must have (keep this part short!), nice to have, can live with and dealbreakers (e.g. active addictions, still married, not emotionally available)
-A date range when you want to meet your Soulmate, I like to choose timings like ‘by my next birthday’, ‘by Christmas’, ‘by Easter’ etc. rather than exact dates, as that feels too tense.
-Your future partner’s height and age range, whether you’re ok with them already having kids or having been married before, and what kind of love life you’d like (!) Don’t feel bad expressing your truth, just be aware that the more expectations you put on someone, the more they may put on you. So keep some flexibility and a sense of humour.
-‘I ask for this or something better for my highest good’ at the bottom of the page. This gives your Angels a chance to exceed your expectations.

Put your wishlist somewhere visible and read it out loud often. Visualise your first date, first kiss etc. even if it’s only a feeling for now. Keep at least one night free a week so you can enjoy yourself (i.e. date yourself for now, until your partner comes in). Even after you are together, it’s still healthy to keep time for your personal interests.

Bring the vision to life! And remember – you need to ‘be’ a vibrational match for the the person you want to meet or date! Wild birds meet each other flying, not hiding underground. 

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Michelle Brown on Monday, 6 October 2014 3:50 PM
Such great advice Sarah. It has changed my whole perspective today. I haven’t written my wish list yet (except a little bit in my head). Doing those things I want in my partner and becoming consciously single resonate a lot with me. Oh, and I have been looking for a PD course similar to EQ Events (I know of others but they are more geared to putting you into crisis situations to see how you react …. these haven’t really appealed. Thanks for the tip.

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