Your January 2024 Numerology Forecast – Restore Power to the People

January 2024 Numerology. Welcome to 2024! Comment 999Trust on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for luck! We are in an 8 Universal year of Soul Star/ karmic chakra healing and a 9 month. Video with bonus tips.

2024 has a balanced energy (2+2=4), it’s about recovery. In this year of Divine Wealth and Wisdom, you can reach the success and spiritual heights you’ve been working towards since 2017.

Bossy 8 energy wastes no time in clearing delays, to restore power to the people. How poignant, given the storms in Australia (please send prayers). 8 is bold and likes to see proof (the numbers looks like glasses).

January is a 9 month like last November. A conclusions period revealing what holds us back. With Mercury direct, we can solve problems in the blink of a (third) eye.

The energies of 2024 don’t launch until February (see video with Tiarnie Talks below), so there is time to heal. Plan your year, it will go quickly. Join Your 2024 Forecast for monthly tips (6 Jan).

Tarot: 8 is Strength while 9 is The Hermit. The first card shows a woman opening a lion’s month (‘Lion Tamer’ adds to 8 It’s time to be brave and faith it until you make it.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 8 life paths, 8 numerology or who see 888 are in demand this year, e.g. 8 life path Crown Princess Mary. See my 2024 Predictions for the Danish Royals

I predicted her ascent for 9Honey 48 hours before the news she will be Queen. All 4 of her children have shifts atm in numerology – nothing is random.

In January, those with 9 life paths, 9 numerology or who see 999, 909, 911 etc. go to the next level. If you know a 9, tag them. Find your life path

9s are Old Souls others trust. They are always in demand and need to set boundaries to stay clear hearted. More on 9 life paths in numerology

Dates: 11th New Moon (rest and reset), 26th Full Moon (bring projects to a head), 27th My birthday – stay tuned for specials.

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25 Jan 11:11 World Changers restarts, my women’s leadership program. Email

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P.s. Current clients, Patreon and Forecast members can book a 30min reading for $330 from February. My amazing husband Kris Anderson Tarot has spots earlier 🙂

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