May 2021 Numerology Forecast

May 2021 Forecast for you. Comment 555 on Facebook or Instagram if you like this post!

We are in a 5 Universal year, 10/1 Universal month, the beginning of the year in numerology. 2021 is about Radical Truth and Freedom. Healing our Throat chakra and voice.

The combo of 5 and 1 inspires major resets (1 is the Magician/ alchemist in Tarot, while 10 is the Wheel of Fortune).

5 (and 1) life paths, those with strong 5 numerology and/ or who see 555 will have a huge month. Do one thing at a time and doorways will open. Get those skates on! Find your life path

1 represents the pioneer, catalyst and black (or rainbow) sheep. It’s the vibration of Spirit, Starseed, sexuality, chocolate, patience, and hero. Now’s the time to find your purpose, heal from abuse and upgrade your diet (see my organic food posts and Gold Coast Organic Markets tasting tour).

Tip: Swap ‘body’ for creative power to access more shifts. I nurture my creative power. I’m sick of ignoring my creative power. I’m no longer letting others hurt my creative power.

The ultimate success is reproduction – that’s not always about kids, but a long fulfilling life (cell renewal), and open mind (ideas renewal).

It’s time to to learn* languages (numerology, cooking, music) and explore. 5’s love travel and come across as forever young. Even Peter Pan has a 5 vibration.

Please, meditate with Spirit, talk to your mentors past and present, and take action. The sword is in your hands. Fight for justice.

-Where have I been putting myself /eating last? What if reversing that is the key to success?

-What is the first thing I see, do and say each day? I dance to ‘Fee Ra Huri‘ then ‘Earth Warrior‘ by the pagan folk band Omnia with baby Ziggy.

-Where do I want to be no.1? Who believes in my mission and can support me?

-What is my relationship with my family roots and feet? (1 energy heals the root chakra)

Key dates: New moon 11th/ 12th, Full Supermoon/ Eclipse 26th. Saturn retrograde 23rd (work ethic healing), Mercury ret. 29th. Launch now then consolidate in June.

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And May the 4th be with you.


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