Your June 2024 Numerology Forecast – In a World of Pigeons, Be a Flamingo!

Hello June. Comment 555SAVELIVES on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for luck! After May’s heart opening vibes, we have a month of risk-taking and change. Video above. Apologies, there was no May forecast video as I am going through a separation – read An Update For My 11:11 Community

We are in an 8 Universal year of karmic chakra healing and a 14/5 month. 8 loves power while 5 wants freedom, so expect opportunities to reclaim the credit and speak up with authority. Use daily rituals like prayer and journalling to ‘end the war within’. More on karmic 13, 14, 16 and 19

Tarot: 8 is Strength while 14 is Temperance. Time to ditch the addiction to ‘living fast and dying young’. They say self-care is the greatest act of rebellion in a capitalist society. Give your ideas, money and kids a chance to rest and grow, instead of forcing them to go go go.

I had laryngitis last month. Parenting 3 boys mute was an exercise, literally. I got stronger as all we could do was play. There’s nothing like interpretative dance to make school runs fun. I learned to save my words for those who listen.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 8 life paths, 8 numerology or who see 888, 808 etc. are in demand this year. Find your life path and personal year

In June, those with 5 life paths, numerology or who see 555, go to the next level. If you know a 5, please tag them 🙂

5 life paths are rebels and freedom-seekers. They teach us to evolve or go extinct! My Dad is a 5, who got me into tech, travel and music early on. 5 looks like a star. These people shine in harsh situations. They fear persecution (often a past life issue) and have sensitive necks, throats and hearing. More on 5 life paths (directory page with videos and blogs)

Gifts include objectivity, honesty, passion and unique voices. Challenges are escapism and extremist thinking.

Some of my fave 5’s are: Caroline Byrd from Soulbyrds, Dr Toni Reilly and Dr Mahdi Mason, check them out!

Dates: 6th New Moon, 20th/ 21st Solstice, 21st/ 22nd Full Moon, 29th Saturn retrograde. I also note Jupiter went into Gemini 25th May, so protect your head space! Learn more

P.S. Seeing 555 shows you have 5 numerology, need throat healing and a reminder there’s ‘more to life’ than just surviving (life adds to 5).

P.P.S. For a reading soon, see Dr Vicki Haspels – The Conscious Mystic She is my mentor and an incredibly accurate psychic. I’m still working reduced hours due to family changes.

Fun fact – lots of 5’s have a ‘doctor like’ energy…

For those of you who pray, please send me love and I’ll do the same – social media links are at the start of this post. Thank you.

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Cheers, Sarah

Photo by Grace Chon, a 5 life path from my World Changers women’s leadership group. She is an incredible animal photographer and Akashic Record reader.

Flamingo and Pink have a 5 energy as well xx

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