Weekly Tarot & 11:11 Numerology Forecast for 23 Dec (Dreams and Ghosts focus)

My weekly Tarot & 11:11 numerology forecast is up (42min)! Watch it now on Facebook (I reply to all comments), or YouTube

What we covered:
0:00 Alien has the same numerology as Life (23/5) Maybe some of us are just more recent arrivals?

2:16 Stay tuned for my interview with Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith on the creative process (birthing a business, new career, baby or book etc.) Try connecting with the Soul of the idea as ‘a colleague’ rather than trying to be its ‘boss’. It’s much easier!

3:22 My latest blog is 33 Ways to Say No. Important skill to have in 2021, when people will be rushing to make up for ‘lost time’. Be aware of FOMO vs JOMO (fear of missing out vs joy of missing out).

5:12 My 2021 forecast is 3 Jan, if you’re a life path 5 or work in education, communication, technology etc. don’t miss out. Technology has consciousness – if you often have technical issues it’s time to talk to your computer/ phone etc. and clear your throat chakra (trust in Spirit). Find your life path and read more about Spirit messages

6:58 My Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds webinar with Deniz Akan is 16 Jan, 11:11 energy is about a roundtable approach to sharing – let’s topple the pyramid approach to leadership.

8:06 Christmas is an emotional time. Due to a tragedy at 8, I lived in a state of suspended animation until I had my son at 35. The good news is, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. I mention Yarraka Bayles and Quaden Bayles (1 life paths) – see our interview

10:39 I’m giving away 3 spots in my forecast (worth $77 each) – just comment on the Facebook video by 12pm AEST on 24 Dec to enter. Pick a number between 1 and 50. If you guess my house number when I was growing up I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

12:21 Oracle Card forecast for the next 7 days for everyone watching this video. Introducing The Modern Oracle by Katy-K, an Australian psychic from Hervey Bay. She is a 26/8 life path Boss.

Cards picked: 1) Communication (high spirit activity now – see this post on ghosts and mediumship) 2) Patience (good doctors need patience, pun intended. Say ‘I’m Patience’, when you are filled with impatience). Also 3) Birth (2020 was the year we realised the mother must come before the child, otherwise the system fails. Inner work and holding space for others is as valuable, if not more important than outer work and being the hero ).

19:30 Question time: How to stop yourself and your kids having bad dreams using physical and spiritual clearing (think of energetic debris like dandruff – easy to remove!)

23:45 The fear of letting go is linked to a fear of dying – please, educate yourself on the afterlife so you can rest and teach others to relax as well.

24:33 Heart line in palmistry – straight ones are common in Asians (they take time to trust), curved ones are common in Australian and Americans (they connect much quicker). I share advice on fundraising using the 80/20 rule. Study your top donors and replicate them.

26:57 Why only some people see ghosts. It depends on how you naturally take in information. See my Develop Your Intuition webinar ($66) for more.

29:00 Animal totems and a prayer to help connect with yours. See this post on butterfly totems as an example.

30:54 Do you have to give birth to be a mother? No – we all have mother, father, son and daughter energies – 2021 is about androgyny and male/ female integration.

31:33 Water quality and clairvoyance/ your third eye chakra. See: I also discuss the 21.12.2020 Solstice.

33:33 Can life path 11, 22, 33’s ‘miss’ their potential and live as life path 2, 4 or 6’s? I don’t think so – as a human you can’t block your Soul’s work. Be aware of ‘number envy’. Many tips are on my pages at find your life path.

38:42 Happy Christmas!! Special hello from our cheeky kids and my husband Kris Anderson (also a Tarot reader).

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