October 2020 Numerology Forecast – The Towers of Power are Toppling

October 2020 Numerology! We are now in a 5 Universal month in a 4 Universal year. This is a preview of 2021. We’re moving from Heart to Throat Chakra activation as a society. It’s time to get feelings off your chest while recovering your balance.

5 looks like a running athlete or propeller because it’s about persistence and motion. 5 lifepaths are rebels, who teach us to look both ways (and inside ourselves) before judging others. All those with strong 5 numerology are in the spotlight from now until 2021.

The towers of power are toppling. From now on the minority will start becoming the majority. They say, all wars are started by people who can’t sit still in a room. 2020 has taught us to have peace with the process. Let’s make sure this is a turning point in human consciousness. We have liftoff!

Tip: October is the 10th month of the year and 10 is about completion. It’s time to birth your original plans from early 2020, with joy and confidence for the second chances coming in.

We’re on the same page, now more than ever. Developed countries now know the anxiety that those in developing countries face every day. As someone from Chinese heritage, being around face masks and hoarding is nothing new. I grew up in a mild version of lockdown, with migrant parents who were focused on financial security, hygiene and wary of guests.

The isolation gave me a chance to develop a rich interior world of telepathy with nature plus a love of writing, books and film. They say more people are praying and meditating worldwide than ever. This is a blessing.

Listening intently to our hearts is the first ingredient for inner peace. Then comes the courage to act on the spiritual breadcrumbs and ideas we’ve been given.

That’s what the rest of 2020 is about, bringing your Soul-level desires into the light, free of the need to conform any longer. Believing in magic will become normal again this decade, as the new children rise and bring us with them. I am excited. Are you?

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Thank you. Love, Sarah and Ziggy Starbump.

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