Weekly Tarot & 11:11 Numerology Forecast for 25 Nov (Spiritual Money focus)

My weekly Tarot & 11:11 numerology forecast is up (29min)! Watch it now on Facebook (I reply to all comments), or YouTube. Special focus – healing from financial abuse and restoring your money confidence. I discuss my ‘body fail’ after teaching the Change for Good – Spiritual Money webinar and quick recovery with the help of a constellation of helpers. Stay tuned for the replay of this class, on sale next week from my classes page.

What we cover:
6:58 Your goodwill account is as important as your financial one
9:50 How numerology can heal your money phobias
10:35 Tarot for the next 7 days: 2 Cups, The Magician, 6 Wands – love and sweetness are rising, it’s the perfect time to achieve lifetime dreams, know that humanity is at a positive turning point in consciousness
15:00 Q&A – how to delete poverty vows (from past lives), dealing with a drop in income, energy vs frequency when it comes to self-promotion and public healing (e.g. being a chicken sing-a-gram vs circulating a video clip)
22:38 Handling a zero bank balance – energy tips for crises
23:32 Fear of out-earning your siblings – those who matter don’t mind, those who mind don’t matter
24:42 15/6 Visionary lifepath and how our first job is to be alive, not to make money…and more, including my views on Qantas and the COVID-19 vax.
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Weekly forecast from Sarah Yip, The Numbers Queen 11:11.

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