Your July 2023 Numerology Forecast – Free Your Soul

July 2023 Numerology. Comment 555LIFE for luck! We are in a 7 Universal year of Miracles and Mayhem and a 14/5 month. A time for balancing your moods, diet and budget!

The 7th chakra is the crown, while the 5th chakra is the throat and voice. It helps us filter out what is fake vs real. Tip: What’s free is not always cheap. Look behind the marketing. Love gives us choices, fear gives us lectures. Avoid those who spruik one path to Heaven. They rarely walk their talk. See the Old vs 11:11 Way

14 is a karmic number, highlighting emotional extremes, addictions and a need to balance the heart. With every action, we can heal or hurt ourselves. More on Karmic 13, 14, 16 and 19

I urge you to embrace your lessons at Earth school. Running away only doubles the trouble. Find your life path

Right now, study world changers instead of world dangers. The future is in our hands.

(Pic of a dandelion in the cover photo, as baby Ziggy loves them. He’s my wish come true!)

I know people with 14/5 energies, who burn the candle at both ends. They’re learning to shine their light for life, instead of burning out.

Tarot: 7 is the Chariot while 14/5 is the Temperance card (so apt.) We’re preparing for rapid growth in July 2023. This is a year for retraining and study.

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 7 life paths, numerology or who see 777 are in demand all year.

In July, those with 5 life paths, 5 numerology or who see 555, 1414 etc. go to the next level. They will further what began in Aug 2022. Post on Lewis Capaldi coming (he has a 14/5 name/ career).

Dates: 3rd Full Moon (bring projects to a head), 17th/ 18th New Moon (rest and reset), 22nd Venus ret. (be patient with your partner!)

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555 blessings xx

P.s If your love life is struggling, go boost your love of life. It takes energy to connect.

P.p.s Round 2 of 11:11 World Changers – my spiritual business program takes off 6 July. Wish us luck!

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