Your March 2022 Numerology Forecast and Video

March 2022 Numerology. Comment 999 on Facebook or Instagram if you like this post! We are in a 6 Universal year, 9 month. A time for things to come to a head, conclusions and the rewriting of history. A pinnacle in consciousness. Watch this forecast on YouTubeFacebook or Instagram (22min). The video has lots of extra tips.

Tarot: 6 is the Lovers while 9 is The Hermit. This month brings opportunities to clear prejudice, bring opposites together and go inwards to find answers.

Chakras: The 9th or Soul Blueprint chakra holds our Universal, cosmic connections. It’s where we recall our promise to help all races, not just our current one. See a diagram of the chakras

Who’s in the spotlight? Those with 9 numerology or who see 999 and 911 (the codes for finish lines and global healers) will be busy in March.

Many Old Souls have 9 in their charts, showing authority and stubbornness. 9 looks like a fern or a big head. They are motivated by growth.

As in demand big brother and sister figures (e.g. Grace Tame), they need extra help to heal their hearts.

I joke that if a 9 asks for advice, drop everything to answer them, as it might be years before they open up again. Find your life path

9 energy words: Divine, Failure, Fortune, Mountain, Waterfall, Love, Leader, Grow, Witch (woman. in. total. connection with. herself), Empath, Child, Money and School.

Invitation: The calmest person in the room is energetically in charge. How can you cultivate peace now?

Tip: Increase your meditation, yoga & self-healings asap. The world needs more Souls who say no to energy draining doom and gloom prophets (profits).

Meditation is a skill that can be taught, like cooking or driving. It’s best learned in a group with an ongoing mentor. See my Intro Meditation webinar on 2 April, earlybird bookings are now open!

Dates: 2nd/ 3rd New moon, 18th Full moon, Equinox 20th/ 21st.

P.s. I’ve restarted forecasts after taking time off due to deaths and illness. Thanks for your patience.

P.p.s Our 4yo just typed repeating 6s and 9s in the calculator! Kids know.

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