August 2021 Numerology Forecast – A 13/4 Month of Heart Healing

August 2021 Numerology Forecast. Comment 555 on Facebook or Instagram if you like this post! We are in a 5 Universal year and 13/4 Universal month. A time for healing hearts, ending gossip and refocusing on loving (vs shoving/ violent) expression.

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5 is the Hierophant (Priest/ Pope/ ritual) in Tarot, while 13 is Death (ego surrender). August is about choosing your biggest life yet, despite some painful conclusions.

It brings hard-won maturity after July’s inner child revelations. We know now, which scars are raw, and who keeps those wounds open.

Yet it’s not just about cutting ties and standing up for yourself. You need to stand up TO yourself, by catching the mental joy burglars before they strike.
I’m talking about cultivating clarity (saying ‘I kNOw that’s a no.’) Read 33 Ways to Say No (and Stay in Your Spiritual Power)

Breathwork. Meditation. Self-hypnosis. Relaxation. Strengthening your posture. Early nights. Preparing for the freedom fight ahead.

Connect daily with Divine design – colours, flowers, trees, animals, children, music, whole foods and sacred geometry. After all, the heart is 60% ‘art’.
Ignore this step and you may catch the panic.

Anxiety constricts the heart chakra (our portal to Soul wisdom) and is linked to muscle tension and making poor long-term decisions.

-How can I summit the mountain of doubt instead of staring at it? What if I celebrated peak consciousness, instead of fearing truth?

-If (God forbid), I was going to die soon, who do I still need to forgive, in order to enter my next life with full power? See You Can’t Not Belong – Four Ways to Forgive Your Family (Especially Your Parents) Also Why You Chose Your Mother (a class recorded August 2021)

-Do I use my words (anagram of sword) to free or enslave? What jewels can I share? Our mind contains what we’ve ‘mined’. 2021 is a year to find value in opposing views.

August shows how far we’ve come since 2020, a 4 Universal year. It prepares us for September, a global flash point. As the 8th month, August highlights karma and balance. What goes around, comes around.

Those with 13 or 4 numerology or who see 444, 555, 13:13 etc. will be busy! Find your life path

Dates: 8th New moon (Lion’s Gate), Friday 13th Lunar Goddess day (13 is lucky), 20th Uranus retrograde (Future is here), 22nd Full moon

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P.S. We are all Aliens! (See song in the forecast video)

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